Tarot Card of the Day: 10 of Cups

Tarot Card of the Day: 10 of Cups

The 10 of Cups. The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. Used by permission.Complete love and happiness in the family and home is he theme of the 10 of Cups. There is a happy family and a peaceful, loving family depicted. All the hopes, dreams and wishes for fulfillment and happiness are manifested. The number 10 represents both endings and completion as well as new beginnings (1+0=1). Be emotionally open for the opportunities which come your way now and be be emotionally prepared for a new start.

This card symbolizes family celebrations, family gatherings and peace within the family. There is harmony and balance and a sense that all is right with the world as 10s represent completion. Where the 9 of Cups was the arrival at the final stage of development for a happy emotional bond (i.e. sexual consummation, stabilization etc) the 10 of Cups represents he final completion.

Cups symbolize emotions and what you value that makes you fel happy and content. A reading involving the 10 of Cups reveals that you are emotionally clear and satisfied on some matter. Your family values may be reflected in this card. Your childhood may be coming into play.

On the Ten of Cups we see two women leisurely doing handcrafts outside the comfortable home of one of them, indicating there is a marriage and family behind this. A cat is playing around their feet, hoping for a bit of yarn. In the traditional Rider-Waite deck it shows a loving couple united by the bonds of true, everlasting love and joy. They also have the bonds of parenthood and happy childhood.

They not only have each other but all that they dream of in life as well, symbolized by the two children dancing beside them and the home they have in the distance. Their home and they are under the protection of a rainbow, the biblical symbol of God’s love, abundance and protection.

In the Gilded Tarot, these two women have very content, blissful lives. There is peace and harmony, as well as abundance. They, too, are protected and secure through the family and Divine love, as indicated by the rainbow and the 10 full cups aligned with the rainbow. The 10 cups of the card (cups representing emotions) are full with every positive emotion you can imagine. The honeybees show the sweetness of life and the abundance.


If you are an especially sensitive with strong intuition, this card is telling you to listen to your inner voice, listen to Spirit, and get in alignment with your heart. The 10 of Cups reveals that your best opportunities lie in following your intuition and seeking your bliss. Go with your gut. If you are unhappy and misaligned with your values, get back on track. Now.

The Family

This is a card of emotional fulfillment, particularly when it comes to any kind of relationship and even more specifically, the family. This 10 of Cups week is a week when the family comes more closely into focus and having a family becomes quite important. You may find yourself coming to better understand the importance of family. You may find new healing, peace and love with family members. It is time for bonding. Make pans to visit each other if far away or just drop by and create some family time. Send cards or letters to family members. Make a telephone call to a family member. Plan a family reunion. Set a date and start planning a wedding. If you are quarreling with family members, have shut yourself off form family members or are longing for better relationships within the family, now is the time for you do to everything possible to seek healing and rebuild the love.

The 10 of Cups heralds positive progress in terms of romantic relationships and may indicate you are about to get your wish for a new, joyful and satisfying relationship that involves commitment.  Commitment and love are necessary for the harmonious relationship indicated by this card. Lasting love comes from commitment. In what ever way your family may be configured – the definition of family is diverse – strong family values help create a fulfilling lifestyle that lasts a lifetime.

Complete contentedness, complete joy, and complete familial love make you wealthy and healthy, beyond your dreams.

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