Tarot Card of the Day: 10 of Swords

Tarot Card of the Day: 10 of Swords

10swordsgildedThis card looks heavy, painful and bloody but there is great hope in it.  When it appears you can typically expect that there may be a sudden and shocking betrayal (something you thought, or something intellectual but sometimes something in the emotional or physical realm) or ending to a painful situation that has carried on for a long time.

However, you are the one causing the pain You are the one causing your pain. Earlier in some situation, the 7 of Swords revealed that you stole from someone using your words discouraged them, insulted them or otherwise harmed them and karmically  in turn left yourself open to some negative energy. In your mind you knew what you did was not the best you could have communicated. Your intentions lacked integrity. The 8 of Swords revealed to you that you were refusing to see the light and take off you blindfold. You isolated yourself through your own intellect — your mind, ideas and the things you communicated. The 9 of Swords showed you that the worry you created for yourself was baseless and all in your mind, not in reality. Now in the 10 of Swords, it all comes to a sudden and shocking conclusion You now experience the results of the behavior. Now, with this conclusion, the air can be cleared a fresh wind can blow through and new beginnings are ready

‘The 10 also becomes the 1 in numerology and the Ace in Tarot, so this is an ending in communication and intellect where you can take what you have learned and start afresh. Do not engage in immature negative gossip, lies, backstabbing and attempts to use your mind and words to cause further damage (Page of Swords)  — it will only backfire on you.

Turn to the Ace of Swords and get a new beginning. Analyze the situation and how you drew it to yourself. What was your role? What was not? Gain wisdom from this situation. You now have new knowledge about yourself, how your mind works and ow you communicate. Make changes and repair damage. Get off the ground and put your sword in its sheath. Stat using your words to carve out new agreements and partnerships, not insult others, discourage them  and tell them they cannot succeed in life. That was cutting and low. Now you can start anew with a different and higher mindset. Use your intellect to initiate new and powerful beginnings in communication

The man in the cad is depicted as spread out on green grass The swords are above, not quite touching him. A deer is nearby. There is new life. This is not a death. There is clearly a rebirth and new life. In some decks such as the Rider-Waite, there is blood on the ground, BUT Because it is a 10, it means this too shall pass. Learn your less, embrace the new knowledge and new beginning .Rise up off the ground. There is new life to be lived on a spiritual, intellectual and communicative level.

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