Tarot Card of the Day: Queen of Cups

Tarot Card of the Day: Queen of Cups

queencupsgildedEmotional maturity, emotional security, compassion. intuition, sensitivity and nurturing love is all wrapped up in the Queen of Cups. She is the seat of calm, peace, emotional balance and deep relationship. She knows how ot bind and nurture. She gives and is open to receiving. She is empathetic. The Queen of Cups reveals that emotional healing is present.

The Queen of Cups is a powerful representation of womanhood and intuition. She represents a woman who is deeply nurturing and loving with her husband. She is fertile and a loving mother who gives her children an emotionally stable home base. In the work world she is a healer, counselor, intuitive counselor, psychic, nurse or physician. She reads people well and easily and knows people’s intentions before they speak.

The Court Cards typically mean their is a person in your life who this card represents or who is about to enter your life and bear the characteristics of the Queen of Cups. She is a mature woman. Perhaps it is YOU who is the Queen of Cups in the eyes of  or in relation to someone else involved in your reading.

When this card appear, you MUST honor and listen to your intuition. Trust what you intuitively know and do not allow others to dissuade you. What you know without seeing rational, logical (Swords) proof is absolutely correct. Be empathetic with others and realize that people may be in a sensitive place. Give love. Hug people. Get physical touch such as  a massage. Give love, give love, give love.

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