Tarot Card of the Day: The 9 of Cups

Tarot Card of the Day: The 9 of Cups

9cupsgildedThe 9 of Cups is the “Wish Card” of the Tarot. Count your blessings and you will likely find they are all there! When this card shows up it means the completion of things. A relationship or situation has come to its final stage and there is great emotional happiness about whatever has been a concern. Be it health, finances, love, or work, there is, in the present, joy, happiness and jubilant satisfaction

Where the 7 of Cups held multiple and perhaps difficult and staggering choices and the 8 of Cups held addiction, obsession and loss, the 9 of Cups holds relief and joy. It is time to celebrate because things are nearly complete (the 10 of Cups will bring that). The final stage of things is here however and you can celebrate because now there is something to celebrate.

Nines in the Tarot represent integrity, authenticity, morality and arrival at a mature stage or wisdom. The Hermit is the Major Arcana card representing the number 9 and it is about wisdom and emerging to be a great teacher after being closeted away to learn. Now that the stagnation of the 8 of Cups is finished and wisdom has been gained, there must be action taken in order to completely achieve the goal. It is fine, however, to also celebrate emotionally at this point. The fulfillment of dreams

Be joyful because the 9 of Cups reveals there is now balance and satisfaction to be experienced — emotionally, sensuallyand physically. Examples of this are the consummation of a sexual relationship, the strengthening of a romantic bond and the solidification of a friendship. As the “Wish Card” it often appears when you are getting your heart’s desire and success is imminent.

One thing this card can also indicate is that tehre is alraedy quite a bit of  celebrating and indulgence happening.

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