TAROT: Getting A Reading Is Not Ordering a Burger

TAROT: Getting A Reading Is Not Ordering a Burger

There is an old jingle for a popular fast food restaurant. It is about putting in a special order and having your burger your way. You can ask them to hold the pickle, tomato and lettuce because special orders don’t bother them. It works great there, and at any fast food restaurant, but not with Tarot. The Rolling Stones had it right: you can’t always get what you want, but you can get what you need. Another truism is that you can’t always get things the exact way you want them. It is common to need to be open to getting them with demanding the form in which they come. This was the case in a reading I did for someone. She wants to proceed with  question you asked is about the next steps for you and the man you love within consideration of events of the last two weeks since the Full Moon.

The cards I drew are:

fourwandsHeart of the Matter – 4 of Wands

This is an issue of creating a home and a life together. Whether this is your home together or a home one of you already has separately, there is a home at stake. This is about the wholeness and warmth, love, fullness and joy of being a family together. This reveals your heart and focus.

Challenge – 3 of Pentacles

The challenge you are facing is about having this home and family with this man you love. This card is about working together, careful planning and solid building in creating a home and family. You are being challenged in trying to create this for yourself. You have not given details about this man whether he is married to another/committed to another or not. Nevertheless, building a home and life together is what Spirit sees as the heart of the matter and it is under great challenge.

Distant Past – The Magician

The Magician, like all Tarot cards, presents multiple symbols. My iintuition, which I let reside wit Spirit for a reading, asks me to share with you that it is not only about having gifts, it can represent a man with gifts, as well as a man who is presenting one side of himself and not the other; who is hiding something while revealing something else. The whole has not been communicated in the past of this relationship. The truth has not been communicated in this relationship; rather versions of the truth have been presented.

Recent Past – 2 of Wands

The recent past is reflected in this cards which speaks about balanced actions and the expectations that come after taking such action. Wands are about DOING. They are about ACTION. Twos are about balance. There is also an element here about business and the need to take care of it. I see the man you love has felt the need to balance his life and to handle his affairs. He has taken action to gain control of his world., to master his world, to empower himself in his world. It has not been a necessarily easy thing for him to do. He has had to use great courage, to overcome fear and take matters in hand. Perhaps these are the unfortunate events of which you speak?

threeswordsCurrent Situation/Outcome – 3 of Swords

In the present is a card that reflect pain. There is not way around it. It is about pain, heartbreak and loss. This is serious. With the three reflected, I ask if there is a third person involved in this – if there is a love triangle. The break appears to be of a permanent nature and that is a part of the sorrow. The sorrow, because it is Swords, is on a mental level. It is in the thoughts, reflections, meditations and communication. This can be where things are left standing. Your thoughts manifest as your reality so you must take care about what you are thinking over this relationship. The last two weeks since the Full Moon in Aries has been a period of endings, as Full Moons are, and you must clear away the mental and other debris. Cleanse your heart, spirit and mind around this relationship.

Immediate Future – 5 of Cups

In the immediate future is this man, reflecting on what he has lost and at the same time he is being asked by Spirit to look at what he has remaining in life. His emotions in the near future will be focused on what he has lost and he will find it difficult to emotionally focus on /commit to what he has remaining in his life.

You (Self) – 10 of Wands

In this reading you are reflected in the 10 of Wands. What this means is that your burden about this relationship can be put to rest. 10s bring completion. The hard work, the exhaustion, the unfortunate events – the darkest hour before the dawn of a new beginning is present in you. You are to know that you are about to see a new beginning. Release what is burdening you about this relationship.

Environment/Outside Influences – 7 of Cups

Around you are many distractions, many choices to be made, perhaps even many temptations. Choose your focus and put it where it best serves you. Is it this relationship? Is it something else? Get focused so you can take charge of your life in regards to this relationship and despite this relationship.

Hopes/Fear – Queen of Swords

This card signals danger. The queen of Swords is SO very intelligent, rational, analytical and has had some rough things happen to her. This card indicates there is a danger offourswords becoming bitter because of this relationship and the caution is to not allow that to happen. Do not allow your mind to dwell negatively on things; rather, use your brilliant mind to learn lessons and think about how you can grow and transform. Act more from your hear than from your heart if that is the more positive path.

Final Outcome – The Empress

Your outcome is related to the Hope/Fear. The outcome is you as a woman in charge of all that is her life. She is positive, strong, feminine, creative, loving, intelligent, caring, experienced, gentle, strong and abundant.

Clarification of the Final Outcome – 4 of Swords.

I asked for a clarification of the outcome, of The Empress. Woman, dear, please take a mental break and stop running this relationship around in your head. Retreat, relax and let your mind free. Rest your body, too.

Overcoming the events of the last two weeks can only be done by retreating and relaxing and taking a break from analyzing about things. Focus on what is truly important in YOUR life and release the distractions that are taking away form it. You are losing control of your life and you need to do something about it. Once you focus on being The Empress of your life, things will transform in your life. The home and family you desire will manifest. I cannot guarantee it is with him, no one can guarantee that. What Spirit wants you to do is take care of yourself and your life and then when you do, the home and family you desire will manifest. If it is to be this man, it will naturally happen. If it is not mean to be this man, it will be someone you love you loves you just as much. Are you ready for this transformation?

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