Tarot Reading: Future Plans

Tarot Reading: Future Plans


The client came to me with a question concerning her professional life. She wants to change direction and create streams of passive income for herself. This is a great goal. She also wanted to know how things are manifesting  and what, if any changes she needs to make.

For her reading I decided to use a GROW Model spread. This spread breaks down into:





The four cards I pulled were 6 of Cups, Death, Ace of Cups, Knight of Pentacles.

The 6 of Cups is a card of nostalgia, yourh, perhaps immaturity. It is about things past, the joy of youth, innocent love, friendship. Life is good and all I’d well. This is what the client is seeking. Her goal is the emotional satisfaction that comes from security. She wants to relax emotionally and be in harmony.

The Reality card, the Death trump, reveals she is undergoing transformation. She has ended one direction in her life and is clearly  seeking another one. She wants to rebirth herself and her financial life.

The Ace of Cups shows a very positive outlook for her plans. Aces are new beginnings. Cups represent compassion love and emotions in general. She needs to continue to maintain a positive perspective and love herself and others. She is rebirthing into a new and emotionally full place in life.

Finally, the Knight of Pentacles  Finally, the Knight of Pentacles is representing the forward path, the willpower she must show. It also hints at her outcome. This is a deliverer, rather than a messenger (Pages). The Knight of Pentacles is about deliverance of security, reliability, good finances and profit. There is no indication in this reading that she are lacking anything. The only precaution is that she should not revert to past courses of action or stay stuck in the past.

It appears her actions, if she stays on this path, will result in her achieving your financial and emotional goals of security and gain. According to this Tarot reading, hercurrent plans for the future will pay off handsomely (manifest as she desires)

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