Tarot Reading: Proceeding After A Broken Partnership

Tarot Reading: Proceeding After A Broken Partnership

Doing a Tarot reading for a client often teaches me a new thing or two about myself and about the Tarot. It it snot unusual for me to learn that what I have learned through the Tarot on behalf of a client is so much more than they have told me and hits home in a very deep manner.

tlvmxpA Tarot reading should always be a guide and a clarification in life so that you can made wise decisions. This reading for a client in The Oceania region of the world opened my eyes quite a bit and empowered the person to make some positive career and life decisions. Here is what I wrote to her for her Tarot reading:

The question was “How can I best proceed with a broken business and personal partnership?”

Core Issue – Ace of Wands: This card reveals that at the heart of your question about leaving your partner in Mexico and where things might go from here is about get a new start. You have fire in the soul and you want a new beginning in life. You also want life to be fertile, passionate and productive. This is what you felt you could not have in Mexico.

Challenge/Obstacle – Temperance: The obstacle that faced you in Mexico had in some part or underlying it to do with having to wait to be able to do the things you desired and be the person you are. You are always facing the issue of having to practice temperance or patience in looking to where things might go. You are having to balance things and weigh them, which is part of practicing temperance. You must live a balanced life, a temperate life. How can you do this and achieve your passionate, productive new beginning?

Distant Past – 10 of Cups: You had a relationship that seemed to be going well and was happy. But there can be a façade of happiness. Things are not always on the inside what the outside seems to be. This is also the past, in this reading.

Recent Past – 5 of Wands: A conflict arose about being able to take all your energy and utilize it. You life became conflicted because you would not invest all your passion into your life and live out your whole self.

Crowning Position/Alternative Outcome  – 6 of Wands: After fighting internally and perhaps also with your former partner you emerged victorious and moved forth. You moved on and left the struggle behind. It is also still energy that is in the present – the energy of you leaving the conflicted binding environment and moving to a new place of success. You actions are reaping rewards.

Immediate Future – Page of Wands: Within two weeks (11 days?) you will receive a message…some form of communication that is about this relationship you have left behind and guidance for the future of the relationship and the business partnership. It will be positive, supportive and a message encouraging you in the energy you want to use in life.

Querent/You – 7 of Cups: Although you made the move you are tossing questions in your head, feling tempted by many different things and looking at many possible options. Some of the options you are pondering are not viable or not the best paths you could take. Some of them are.

Environment/How Others View You – 6 of Cups: You partner wants things to return to the way they were when it was good, even if your partner does not admit it. You partner has very loving and fond thoughts and thinks about the good times, the core of loving friendship.

Hope & Wishes – Queen of Wands: You are on fire woman and you will not be held back. You want attention, adoration, and all the things that come from being a leader. You are a high maintenance woman, and that is not a negative thing. You bring great quantities of creativity and passion to your life and work. You want to experience this in your life. Your desire is to be this well-known, respected, dignified, creative businesswoman

Outcome – Death: Death in Tarot is about rebirth, transformation and new beginnings that come from endings. The rider on the horse is moving forward, just as in the 6 of Wands.

Examining the Crown Position and Outcome Position, I see you moving on, moving forth. You have already made a physical move and now you must internally move on. Your truth is that you want to be living a juicy life and running your business. You could not and cannot do that where you were, even though you wanted to be with your partner. You have be holding on, waiting, trying to be temperate. Look for your message to come before the end of the month and then make a decision. However whatever happens in your future, your future appears to be where you are, not where you were.

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  1. Great reading Specialwoman,

    Thank you. Yes, were right. I am letting go of the old and facing a new beginning. Good luck with your readings. You definitely have the ability to help people gain clarity.



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