Tarot Reading: The Devil In The Details

Tarot Reading: The Devil In The Details

While doing a reading for a client I realized that sometimes the Devil is actually in the details! It can be a devil or demon of our own making.


The client told me of multiple things she is doing to create income streams for herself. Writing, teaching online, public speaking and product creation. It was exhausting simply getting the question. She admitted she is spreading herself too thin. She wanted to know what her best direction is out of all the things she is doing.
When I began the reading, The Devil was the outcome in a Celtic Cross spread. The words I got intuitively were bondage, confusion and chaos. When I did a reading with a few number of cards – 3 or Past/Present/Future after shuffling multiple times. I still got The Devil as outcome. I pulled one more card to clarify and got King of Pentacles.
So, the question was boiled down to one question: What is your best professional path as you seek to fulfill your intentions?
The three cards are 10 of Cups, The Empress, The Devil. The additional card is King of Pentacles.
The 10 of Cups in the Past Position symbolizes happiness, happy home and family, wholeness and completion. The Present position portrays The Empress and that is her as a businesswoman doing all you are doing. She was trying to create an empire. Yet, the Future position show The Devil. She is putting herself in bondage. That was clear when this card showed in two different spreads. There is nothing Spirit has to say about what topics she covered  or business products she created cover. But it is speaking to her pace. Is is not what she is working with it is how much she is working with — too much at one time. She is knowingly creating chaotic negative energy for her life by being too busy. She is heading to burnout. She can do the things she is doing but she needs a better pace, better organization, better time management.
I also asked her: Who is the King of Pentacles? A man in your life? Or your attempt to be financially abundant, like a king? Whoever or whatever it represents, it is attainable, but not if you burn out from the chaotic imbalance you are creating. How much is too much? You already know the answer.
I advised her: Get yourself organized and break things down into a more reasonable schedule. Balance your work and play. Start taking better care of yourself. You are creating an empire but Rome was not built in a day. You need to build a solid foundation and maybe even figure out who can help you. Delegating work is not a bad thing.

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  1. Wow! This was my tarot reading and I cannot believe how accurate it feels. Since asking the question, it has seemed as if just putting the question out there has helped me to see some of the answers inside myself and this reading just reinforced what I know to be true intuitively. I am in awe of the wisdom and guidance provided in this amazing reading and I will absolutely take it to heart. I have actually erased everything off my summer to do list and instead am focusing on a more well rounded idea of wellness to help bring myself back into balance. Thank you so much!

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