Tarot Readings for Breast Cancer Awareness

Tarot Readings for Breast Cancer Awareness

Tarot For Breast Cancer Awareness

Tarot readings are a clear and concise way to access the insight, information and counsel you need to make the best decisions  you can for your life.

The signs and symbols of the Tarot can reveal the shadow truth in your life situations as well as point towards the best path for you to choose. Tarot readings provide strong insight about past, present and current situations, as well as how you can best proceed in a situation.

Undergoing major life changes? Get a Smooth Transitions Reading. Do you need support connecting with your purpose in life? I can do a Soul Purpose Reading for you. Do you feel confused and frustrated by a relationship? I can do a special Love Reading for you.

Use Tarot to give you insight about the choices that would be best for you.

And speaking of choices that a best for you, I hope you are making the choice to get an annual mammogram. Breast health is important as breast cancer is the #1 killer of women. I have had people in my family and among my friend die of cancer all my life since I was 10. My father, sister and brother died of it. This year I want to do something about it, as family members deal with breast cancer and other cancers. So here is my offer:

October 24-26, the payment for all readings ordered will be DONATED. Funds will go to the Susan G. Koman Foundation and Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

48 Hours to Wisdom

You can also order either a 10-Card Celtic Cross or a 3-card Past/Present/Future  Tarot spread by clicking on one of the purchase buttons on this page. Get your reading in 48 hours or less.

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