Tarot Spread for Moving/Relocation

Tarot Spread for Moving/Relocation

Ready to Make A Move?

At one time or another people find it necessary to make a move, a physical move. Here is a Tarot spread you can use to discern what you need to know about your intended move or relocation.

Card 1: Subconscious or Conscious Reason for the Move/Relocation

Card 2: Benefits or Positive Influences Related to Moving/Relocating

Card 3: What You Must Release Before Going/What You No Longer Need

Card 4: Outcome or Direction of the Move

Card 5: Final Result After Moving Relocation


Directional Guidance from Tarot

If you are undecided about where to move, you can use some guidance from the Tarot. The Aces and Pages of
the four suits each rule quadrants of the Earth and sky, corresponding to the 4 cardinal points. The four sections of Earth are ascribed to the Tetragrammaton. Lon Milo Duquette in “The Chicken Qabala (Weiser Books, 2001) Lon Milo Duquette writes that the Aces and Pages have the following correspondences:

Ace/Page of Swords            East       Americas
Ace/Page of Wands             South     Asia
Ace/Page of Cups                West      Pacific
Ace/Page of Pentacles         North    Africa/Europe

So, if you draw a Major Arcana card for Card 4 (direction ) use whatever suit is dominant in the spread.

The final card tells you what you will achieve overall after making the move.


A Transatlantic Move

Susie felt that after several years it was time to make a change. SHe has been unable to secure work in anything that interested her and her finances became very unstable due to lack of work. Her intimate life was non-existent after  more than 10 years of failed relationships and relationships that never got off the ground due to attracting narcissistic men who were afraid of commitment and men married to their mothers. Now, she was ready for a change. She has also endured unjust situations in which she was owed compensation but could get no justice in those situations.  She was more than ready for a change and decided it was time to make a transatlantic move.  This is the spread:

Position 1: 4 of Pentacles

Position 2: 3 of Swords

Position 3: The Hanged Man

Position 4: Knight of Wands

Position 5: Justice

Tarot Spread Interpretation

The first card was greatly accurate, reflecting her need for financial and overall stability as the reason for making the move. The second card reveals that making the move will give her a clear break with the energy that she has been experiencing where she is. There will be a change. The third card reveals that she must leave behind the attitude that she is stuck. SHe must take responsibility for getting and keeping herself She must take action to release all that holds her to where she is now. She is the one who can get herself unstuck. The fourth card is not an Ace or Page and there is no dominant suit in the spread. It happens to be the card in the deck that indicates a sudden move to a new house/place of residence. It means the move happens quickly and there is a lot of positive energy behind it. Because it is a Court Card, it can also signify a person. There can be a young (approx. 20-35) Fire sign male involved in the move. He could be going with Susie on the move or in some way is supporting the move, yet not saying goodbye to her. The Knight iof Wands is about movement, change and transition. It is an excellent card for this reading! FInally, after the move, fortuitously, Susie can expect balance and Justice. A Major Arcana card is always a powerful card to get as a final word for a situation of relationship. SUsie will see her life regain its balance and she may possibly get the money/compensation she has been owed for such a long time. I would say it is very wise for her to make this transatlantic move.


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