Tarot Today – Imaginative Ideas: Air Element

Tarot Today – Imaginative Ideas: Air Element

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Our minds are precious. Our mind are where imagination and ideas live. We think and that is the seed of something great. The Air element symbolizes the mind the intellect, the imagination and the intangible resource we have that eventually results in a tangible Tarot business which brings results.

It is in the Air element that we find all our mental processes, our ability to speak (language), communication, reason, and the networking that occurs in human relationships and social communities.

This is the place where ideas are birthed that later Fire and Water make happen and finally Earth manifests into something tangible.

How is your mental health? What thoughts do you allow to repeatedly fill your mind each day?

Is it something positive, affirming, strusctured (form beginning to conclusion), rational etc.

How are your social connections in the communities in which you circulate?

What activity do you engage in on social media? How are you using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other sites to improve your life? Or do you use them to fill you mind with cat photographs, gossip and garbage?

Are you taking online learning courses and downloading ebooks you can read? Are you predominantly wathcing music videos on YouTube and other such sites or are you mostly watching videos with educational and beneficial information or entertainment that helps you create positive outcomes?

airelementThe Air element, when it appears in a reading, prescribes that you stay grounded, avoid becoming mentally scattered and that you let your intellect gyuide you. Let ideas flow.

Remeber that no one can tell you waht to think. As Viktor Frankl taught us, no one but you has trhe power to deide what you believe. Be of strong mind and stay focused. Let ideas form and be strengthened in your mind. Think through your processes and communicate your ideas. Network with others. Socialize.

There is a field of gold in your mind. It would be a terrible thing to waste so guard it.

See how the Air element shows up in YOUR Tarot reading. Order one day and gain insight about how rationality, ideas, imagination and communication are affecting your life.

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