Teaching, Learning and Rising Above – The Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2015

Teaching, Learning and Rising Above – The Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2015

wisdomgreatnessWe are in the first month of a powerful lunar eclipse effect. The energy we are living under concerns leadership, wisdom and knowledge.

The Sabian Symbol for Aries 5 (the Moon) —  A Triangle With Wings

and The Sabian Symbol for Libra 5 (the Sun and Juno) is A Man Teaching The True Inner Knowledge

We are living in a time when we need true leaders. We need leaders with wisdom. They must not be selfish and out for their own gain. They must be truly interested in the welfare of the people they want to lead. This is a time when people will grow tired of the selfish and petty non-leadership of people who simply want attention and power.

This Symbol shows the ability to rise above the mediocre and ordinary and be excellent and extraordinary. Avoid those who are so stuck in their petty selfishness that they lash out at you because they are exposed as a weak and ineffectual non-leader. If you have leadership responsibilities, fulfill your duties and start exercising genuine leadership. Be an authentic fake, not a person gritting her or his teeth at having to handle leadership responsibilities.

Part of being a leader is being a teacher. You need to have purity of thought and insight to do this. People look to leaders for inspiration and vision as well as to expand their world. Being a leader means having a wide perspective, a solid goal and the ability to strategize. It means taking care of everyone in the tribe, not only a few. It means inspiring people, not toying with people’s lives. People do not need dogmatic or cultic “leaders” who expect subservience.

To be a great leader you must be spiritually grounded and balanced. Otherwise, the whole ship will sink!

The person who is an authentic leader will shine through in the next month and coming five months after that because they will inspire greatness and nurture greatness in others.

Is that you?

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