The 7th House – Marriage, Partnership and Teamwork

The 7th House – Marriage, Partnership and Teamwork

Many are under the impression that if their 7th house is untenanted (mean, it has no natal planets in it), there is no effect in their life. That is very untrue. Whatever sign is on the cusp of your 7th house (the Descendant) , the planet which rules it, it is the planet tenanting your 7th house.

The 7th house is the house of marriage, commitments, open enemies, business partnerships and it shows the characteristics we truly desire in a partner/spouse. Today I want to take the examples of Saturn and Uranus in the 7th to discuss marriage, partnership and teamwork, because it is, I think, a most perfect planet to use in discussing this house.

coupleswimUranus in the 7th House

Marie has, in Placidus house system, an untenanted Aquarius cusped 7th house, so it is ruled by Uranus. She is heading to middle-age, never-married, had only two brief late life relationships. Dated and had those relationships all with Aquarius men (and in one case a Virgo with Venus in Aquarius). Uranus certainly showed up.

While she is waiting for a stable relationship that will last and become a marriage, and has no boyfriend (but lots of male admirers),  she recently realized that an Aquarius man, older than her (father-figure) has partnered with her to handle a horrible devastating situation that has her VERY emotionally unhinged.

She rants, screams and curses up a blue streak about it to him in private whenever the enemy does something else to harm her, he listens, and then he coolly handles all the communication in the situation in a very detached manner so she does not have to deal with the enemy. He allows her to proudly and calmly, and most days with apparent joy, present her Leo Ascendant face, which is irritates the hell out of the enemy. This is portrait of a well-functioning relationship with a 7th house partner.

Saturn in the 7th House

If you use the Equal house system, her 7th house become tenanted with Saturn. This man, married, who owns and operates a huge multi-million dollar Company (very Uranian), represents Saturn in her 7th for her. He is committed, responsible, and doing a hard work on Marie’s behalf. He has asked her to trust him and she is taking him at his word. He has made great progress in month’s time, whereas she had been fighting with and being harassed and abused by the enemy for 3 years. They have used unethical, illegal and criminal tactics at times – ones that Marie barely survived. He is a formidable opponent for them. Marie gets emotional, psychological and physical relief from the damage of fighting them, now that her Saturn in the 7th partner is representing her. This is great 7th house teamwork.

Saturn: Much Older or Much Younger Partner

Another aspect is that in using an Equal house system that places Saturn in Marie’s natal 7th house also signifies that it is not unexpected that she is nearly middle-aged and never-married. Her two boyfriends and all her relationships have been with men much younger than her. Marie represents Saturn in the relationship. She takes marriage seriously. She, as the Saturn person,  represents the wisdom in the relationship….and that can be hard in heterosexual relationships if the younger male has a big ego. He might want to challenge and hinder her, sabotage her or destroy her hard-won successes in life because he feels threatened in his masculinity.

I will also note that if she chooses an Aquarius partner, she is also choosing a Saturn person as a husband because the classic ruler of Saturn, before Uranus was discovered, was Saturn. These two planets both flavor Aquarius. Aquarius not only wants freedom, but is afraid to make a marriage for flimsy reasons because when they finally do love, they commit to that love for life.

Marriage: Real Love vs Romantic Love

Saturn in the 7th also Means that it is possible that marriage may not be for romantic love. It may be a second choice, a last resort because of age, or for money, stability or other reasons outside of romantic love. This is a kind of marriage where there is like and respect and a general love…and romantic “being in love” comes later as they grow with one another. This is a partnership kind of love where they work together as a team in raising children, creating a family legacy and maybe even being business partners together. They recognize marriage is SERIOUS stuff.  Sometimes, unfortunately, that can also mean depression and despair about love; but it als means eventual and long-lasting rewards when the right partner is finally there and a marriage is made. WHen other people are divorcing because the romance has waned the Saturnian couple is going strong because they have respect, hard work as a team, love grown over time and accomplishments together.

It can mean that there are heavy responsibilities or duties such as taking care of the other spouse because of physical disabilities, or there may be problems with a divorce and step-children because of the partnership. People with Saturn in the 7th work hard to maintain the marriage. But that also does not mean it cannot be good. This placement can mean that two marriage partners can be the best of friends, in addition to lovers, because they take the commitment seriously and do not see divorce as an option.

So, that is Saturn in the 7th — just one type of marriage, partnership or team. What sign is on the cusp of your 7th house? Do you have any planets in it? What are your relationships or marriage like?

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