The Ace of Arrows – The Babylonian Tarot

The Ace of Arrows – The Babylonian Tarot

In The Babylonian Tarot deck, Arrows are what in the Rider-Waite deck are Swords. The symbol of this arrow shows a bow behind it, indicating that the arrow is about to be launched into motion, designed to hit a target. There is intention and new beginning in the symbolism of this card.

acearrowsbabylonianSandra Tabatha Cicero, the creator of this deck, defines this card as “Great power for good or evil. Triumph of force and will. Tremendous power. Prosperity and fertility. Birth of something new. Always represents involved force rather than natural force.”

How appropriate to pull this card from the deck when we have a New Moon solar eclipse in Taurus coming in a few days on May 9, 2013, bringing new beginnings and pushing us to act in new ways with new thought and new directions. Many good things can come out of what takes place this week. The key, however, is to act, to involve the force of your new beginning rather than sitting and waiting for life to happen to you or wash over you.

What you achieve depends on whether you use the power you have for good or for evil. Will you use your strength to bring about positive changes for yourself in a new direction/moving forward, or will you cling to the past and use your power to stubbornly stay stuck? Will you continue to proverbially “beat the dead horse” and wonder why you are not getting the profitable and pleasurable results you want, or will you choose to bury the dead and walk into a living and fertile new beginning?

Two men I will call Frick and Frack, have had a tumultuous relationship based on their desire to make a lot of money. They decided to go into business together but their plan was terrible from the start. It involves pretending to be wealthy men when they are not, so they borrow a lot of money and send a lot of potential savings, taking trips to different countries, and posting the photos on Facebook. Frick insisted they spend a lot of money on grooming products and take many photos of themselves, posing, for Facebook and Google+, because social media is their way of presenting a facade of themselves that many will believe. They want to impress people and make the think they are wealthy jet-setting young men in order to get people to invest in them. But their plans never materialize, they cannot find someone who will invest in their schemes or dreams and they themselves invest what money they do have very badly. Frack is drowning in debt because of their schemes. Soon, they are about to embark on another overseas “leisure vacation” to try to get investors and ideas for a business in their home country. Rather than take a new direction by paying off debt and solidifying their bases, they are determined to continue in the same direction, using the same tactics that have been a source of failure two years.

In Christian church worship services where a liturgy is used, there is typically an invocation. It signifies the start of the action, the beginning of the energy that is the active worship that will take place. Once it is said, there is no turning back. The bow has been stretched and released and the arrow launched. A new and positive thing has begun! It is invoked.

You can also fire off an arrow and shoot yourself in the foot. Or you can shoot off an arrow and receive what you think is your desired result, only to learn you have lost something good for you or someone beneficial to you, in the process. You can invoke good results or bad results.

What are you invoking in your life?


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