The Aquarius Man

The Aquarius Man

Many of you readers have written me asking for more information on the sign of Aquarius and in particular on Aquarius men. I suspect it is the influence of Neptune transiting the constellation Aquarius and seeking clarity that is bringing forth calls for understanding of the inner workings and outward behaviors of Aquarius men. Remember, you CAN find love no matter what your sign. Arrange an astrology  consultation with me on your love life and I will help you see the open door and the key to making things work. Please feel free to post any questions or thoughts you have. And so, by popular request….


 The Social Butterfly

The Aquarius male is a seemingly unconventional and innovative flirt who can charm those around him. Liking to surprise others, he is unhappy if he feels his freedom is being diminished. He believes his way of doing anything is the most superior way. His ego is not out in the open like a Leo, but it is as big as that of a Leo. He can be very argumentative, liking to debate things or fabricate WILD untrue stories just to irritate others and to show off what he believes to be his superior intellect. The best strategy, most times, is to laughingly feign belief in and shock at his wild story and go along with it, asking questions etc. The Aquarius male enjoys social interaction and like to be known for impressing groups of people for a good cause, thus a partner who also has these capabilities, is desired.

Appearing to be an open-minded person, he can be willing to explore unlimited horizons within limit, so long as it fits his idea of fairness or does not make him stand out in a negative way in his community.

**DANGER** But remember this: in any relationship with an unevolved and immature Aquarius male, he can coolly and quickly sacrifice your name and reputation or let you suffer in some way if he thinks standing by your side will make the public at large dislike him. Yes, he can throw you to the wolves. A lack of compassion and empathy for other people comes naturally to the Aquarius male and he may believe it to be be “logical” to treat you this way to preserve or protect himself.

The Aquarius male is very obstinate and will hold to a position or opinion unless he 1) is confronted with the fact that it is unfair or inhumane or 2) realizes he is being unfair or inhumane. Sometimes he merely likes to see if he can “wind up” someone by resisting whatever they ask.

He has trouble coping with individual relationships because they require him to be authentic on a deep level. He is a great social butterfly and loves a party where he can eat, drink and be merry on a superficial level. If lacking in maturity, he may be so unconscious of his behavior that he gets himself mentally wound up in fear of being alone with you and show up an hour or more late to meet you, and then only to cancel. Let him…and then do not make another appointment with him nor allow him to make one unless he states upfront that he will make the time for it.

The Charming Liar

Due to innate insecurities and fears of not being competent, loved and accepted, they maintain a wall of defense, not allowing even someone they like or love to get too close. In close relationships, conflicts naturally occur – but this closeness does not get to occur with the Aquarius male. He would rather make a joke of things and begin talking about another topic to escape dealing with any topic which may cause emotions to be expressed. He will label emotional expression as “illogical”, “unnecessary” and “irrational”. He commonly will label YOU as “illogical”, “irrational” or “unreasonable” for expressing emotions. He is then likely to walk out of the room and refuse to discuss the topic at hand.

When he is angry, the Aquarius male will not yell or otherwise obviously show it. Instead, he will become very MEAN and say mean/cruel things that he knows or thinks will hurt you, with a glib smile. Then he will airily say he needs to go, and leave the room or hang up the telephone. He is also quite capable of doing something very mean to you out of anger.Aquarius males like to talk about honesty and truth but it is always their truth and their version of honesty that is important. They can be quick to label you as dishonest or say that you do not know or speak the truth. This is also because they are by nature distrustful. This also means you must be wary of the Aquarius penchant for lying—lying done with a glib smile and intellectual air.

The Spotlight Seeker

It is when you are an outstanding (prominent or unusual) individual that he will notice you. He will want to hitch his wagon to your star. The Aquarius male likes to collect “friends” who he may call friends but even after many years are only acquaintances, even if he accompanies them on short trips or camping, picnics with them, lets them stay in his home or has dinner with them once a month or so. He is merely being sociable. He prefers being alone in his home with his quirks that he thinks others will not accept from him. If he likes you, you are one of the MANY people he has generally befriended and that is not necessarily a bad thing as he can make such people feel they are receiving special attention from him.

Physical Appearance

This man typically is not classically attractive but can be, as in actor Paul Newman. But, if he has strong Aquarius energy or an Aquarius Ascendant, he can have bucked, crooked and broken teeth, a large nose with a bump in it, droopy eyelids/sleepy eyes, and a long neck and a long face like Ichabod Crane and this quirky physical appearance will somehow be somewhat attractive. It will be especially attractive, of course, to a woman who has a tendency to fall for unusual looking men. As with all Aquarius’ they need to watch out for injuries to the calves and ankles.


Aquarius Men and Relationships (Does He Like/Love You?)

The Aquarius male knows clearly who he is NOT attracted to and would never consider as a marriage partner. If the Aquarius male DOES NOT like you romantically and you persist in trying to get into his life, do not be surprised if his rejection is so cold and clear you can feel the icicles forming on your face.

This is what happened to one Leo woman who spent five years trying to manipulate heaven, earth, and many people, all in an attempt to coerce an Aquarius male into marriage. She based their relationship on gossiping, maligning, criticizing and doing devious acts of harassment to a woman the Aquarius male shied away from. After nearly five years of this behavior, Ms. Leo made yet another annual trip to the city where Mr. Aquarius lived, in hopes of marriage. She was turning 30 and feeling desperate about marriage and hoped he would start dating her and marry her. She got the shock and humiliation of her life because Mr. Aquarius decided enough was enough. He knew all along Ms. Leo was not the kind of woman he wanted to be connected to as a partner, nor did he want to introduce her to his family. He coldly and clearly told her that he would never date her and never marry her. The biggest shocker was that Mr. Aquarius let Ms. Leo know that the woman she had been maligning and harassing all those years was the woman who had had his mind and heart the entire time!

Here is the key Aquarius male trait, especially where it concerns women: he behaves in the exact opposite way that he is feeling inside. You see it is when the Aquarius male likes you way too much (as in, falling in love with you) that he has noticed you clearly and separated you from the crowd in his mind and heart. This means he has found you to be intellectually, emotionally (!!) and physically someone he desires.

Does this mean the Aquarius male will romance you? Not naturally!! In fact, because he has fallen in love with you he will likely cancel or forget or show up ridiculously late for appointments you have made for 1-1 activities (such as dinner). He will prefer public and group gatherings and at those he is prone to ignore you, not talk to you yet talk to everyone else, flirt with other women, and he is likely to tell his male buddies reasons why he does not trust you, and why he seemingly avoids you. But when no one else is looking, he is watching YOU at the party or other social event. He is collecting information on what significant people think of you. If you are a woman who is extroverted, gregarious, smiling, popular, intelligent and attractive (especially if you are of a different ethnicity, nationality, unusual in dress or appearance etc) he is following you around the room and at other times he has his ears open for any news about you. He is filing it all away in his mind because he wants to be able to “surprise” you with all the information he has gathered about you.

However, this is not a two-way street with the Aquarius male. He likes to “know” you but does not want you to know him or anything about him. If you let him know that you know anything about him he will make jokes, laugh, deny, and change the subject, especially desiring to turn it back to a discussion about you and what he thinks he “knows” about you.

In intimate relationships, they are not very intimate. Aquarius males are great with the future and progressive thinking, but not so good the past. This is because 99% of Aquarius males have a paternal (father) situation where their father was absent from home a lot, abusive, alcoholic or a drug addict, commonly known for having sexual affairs and a cold, empty marriage with the mother, and as a result the Aquarius male never received guidance and instruction on being a warm and loving man in general and especially not with a woman. They feel “different”, sometimes to the point of weirdness and other times to the point of egoism (superiority). At the base of it is deep insecurity and fear at not being competent, loved and not being accepted. He grows up feeling inside that he cannot express himself in an intimate loving relationship with another individual…so he opts for focusing on the masses.

Because of his fear of intimacy in a 1-1 relationship with a woman, the Aquarius male is very likely to move his girlfriend or family to a foreign country where he has social and professional advantage and can spend more time in the company of others than with her; OR he may look for or create a job in another country so that he is not home very often. It would not be unlikely for him to justify having sexual affairs while he is working overseas. It is not uncommon to find a marriage involving an Aquarius husband where the wife only sees him a few days a month to attend a cocktail party or a Sunday family dinner (to keep up appearances!)

Sex and the Aquarius Man

It is not usual to find an Aquarius man in his 30s who, despite all his “man about town” charm is a sexual virgin, and well, emotionally too! Often they are a “mama’s boys”, still married to his mother in his 30s and 40s, content to avoid relationships with women because he gets sustenance from his mother. He resists getting intimate because he has reached adulthood and doesn’t know what to do sexually. His big ego doesn’t want to risk being criticized or laughed at during an attempt at sexual intimacy, so he would rather put it off as long as possible. He also seeks to avoid having to be emotionally intimate, which is a part of satisfying lovemaking so it will be challenging for the two of you.

Undergirding that, he isn’t necessarily out to do a “wham bam thank you ma’am” and hurt you. He simply, at 34, is more like a 14 year-old boy who would rather coldly suppress his sexual desire for a woman have a sex life consisting solely of masturbation, rather than risk what he fears could be could be humiliation. Thus, when he does finally overcome fear and connect with a woman emotionally and sexually, it is a serious commitment to him.

The Sexual Intellectual and Experimenter

The Aquarius male tends to approach sex intellectually. His curiosity can become a relationship-destroying fascination with or addiction to pornography.

He is awkward and uncomfortable about expressing his love through physical gestures. Actual physical sex may not occur for a very long time in a relationship with an Aquarius male. He likes to talk about fantasies and desires and share thoughts with a lover. He is inherently curious and so when sex finally occurs, he likes to experiment creatively between the sheets. They appreciate a confident sex partner.

Dating, Marriage and Divorce

When an Aquarius man ignores you, ignore him in return. He will get the message that if he wants to connect with you he must be mature and fair by acknowledging and talking with you. At that point, if you want to deal with this man any more, explain to him privately that he needs to relate to you in a human and warm manner and lower his guard.

He is in his head often and spends a lot of time alone. When there is a conflict or potential for one he can run away, or at least say he needs to go for a (long…hours long) walk or ride alone. Let him know this is not acceptable and that he must deal the relationship more than run away. Some solitude is fine but not every time there is something to be discussed (usually his behavior).

The Aquarius man can be particularly emotionally cold, verbally mean and quite selfish. They will quickly and cheerfully do something for others, as long as it has no impact on their life. If still very stuck in their ego and immature, they will strongly resist doing anything to help another person if it will mean a sacrifice of time, money or emotional commitment. This emotional abandonment can leave any woman he is in a relationship with feeling rather uncared for and she is likely to leave the Aquarius – which typically baffles the unevolved Aquarius male.

When he has become mature and evolved, the Aquarius man can move beyond these childish habits and be a superior intimate who is very committed (Aquarius is fixed energy). He will still ignore a woman he likes, at first, because he is shocked that he could care for one woman above all others. But once he lets his guard down, he will be an extremely considerate lover and best friend.

The Aquarius Male as Family Man

As a family man, Aquarius men tend, much like Leo males, to put great pride in the family and want it to appear healthy and happy to the world. This can be read as a tendency to want a traditional family life. They want sparkling, intelligent, industrious and socially graceful wives; healthy, happy, smart, productive children,  and a home life that is secure and warm. You know a group of lions is call a “pride”, right? They tend to marry women with leonine characteristic, warm-hearted and generous, equally as proud of spouse, children and very protective of home, hearth and the family image. As fathers, most Aquarius males are patient with their children and encourage them to play and fantasize. They are particularly excellent at helping their children with mathematics and science homework.

The Aquarius man will be very reluctant to say so but in large part he married you so that he could have you around him all the time, loving and caring for him. He loves you, too, and if he is  a smart man he will ask you how to show it to you and then follow through, so that you do not leave him due to coldness. Tell him he must start saying “I love you (Your Name Here)” aloud, even in public.

An Aquarius man seldom forgets his first love, the female who makes him feel special. Unless he has learned to embrace his warm (polar sign) Leo energy, he may not be so romantic, but every now and then, he comes up with such beautiful lines that you feel as if you are soaring in the sky. He will do the things that you tell him make you happy because he wants to see his wife smile and be joyful. Having a proud, happy and warm lioness around makes him a proud and happy man and gives him a place to express the emotions he needs to detach from in the outside world. His life becomes BALANCED.

He may fuss about celebrating his birthday, but he will get you red roses and jewelry on Valentine’s Day, find out your favorite flower and have a dozen delivered on your birthday and he will embrace your family. He will be ready for all the family holiday occasions with their meals, noise and general craziness.  In the quiet of your alone time, or holding you close at a party and whispering in your ear, he will say something so meaningful to you that you can excuse his earlier neglect (remember his charm?).

The Women Aquarius Men Desire

The women that Aquarius men desire are complex, mysterious, unusual, intelligent, and usually very caring and emotionally warm (in opposition to him!!) even if cool on the outside. She must be a woman who is a fighter and can hold her ground. He may outwardly claim that he likes women who are unobtrusive, blend in with the crowd and everyone likes them, but in reality he likes the outstanding, feisty, dramatic woman whose inner life is a mystery, whose motives and moves are complex and mysterious and who cannot be controlled and tamed. This is also the woman with whom he will compete because he likes challenges with her, even though he innately feels he is dominant to her and/or superior in some way He wants to be the man who is partnered with the woman everyone else wants to get close to and call friend/lover/wife.Speaking of a wife, the Aquarius male is, especially in the late 20th/early 21st centuries, the man you will find shucking and jiving, ducking and covering, hiding and running from marriage.

The sentence ‘I love you’ will take a few years of knowing each other to come from his mouth and but do not believe it unless he backs it up with a ring and a wedding date. If he is unevolved and immature he will lie or make up any excuse he can think of, to avoid those three words for as long as he can. The Aquarius male, more so than many others, can justify in his head having one or more extramarital sexual affairs, claiming it was not his intention or “it just happened” etc. The sexually and emotionally dishonest cheating of the unevolved and immature Aquarius male (selfish, mean, dishonest) can even be the cause of a divorce, but he will quietly refuse to be the person who files for the divorce, because he wants his partner to be the one to “look bad” in the eyes of family, mutual friends, and acquaintances by filing for divorce against the “good guy Aquarius”.

Commonly, even prior to the 20th/21st centuries, the Aquarius male frequently divorced many times, unable to commit to marriage due to his quirks and habits. In present times, the Aquarius male may is likely to be more conscious about his fear of commitment to another person and his fear that he will be forced to spend long amounts of time with one person. He will reach his late 20s sexually inexperienced and emotionally naive about relationships with women. Courting is a puzzle to him and he moves slowly. He usually looks for a female who is his best friend. He will coolly hide his feelings of jealousy, which he WILL feel because he tends to choose as his mate woman who has her own popularity and entourage, so to speak.

If you are a woman who gives an Aquarius male your time and energy, one day, he will realize that his friends are moving in together, marrying and having babies. Feeling left out of the crowd or that he must “get a clue” and solve the mystery of marriage (or more specifically) to solve the mystery of you and relating to you. He suddenly wakes up in his 30s and realizes there is one woman who knows him and yet still loves him; he recognizes he could lose the best thing that has ever have happened to him. He is amazed and still cannot understand everything about you, but he is intrigued and magnetically drawn to you. Of course he realizes there is no guarantee that you can be uncovered and solved, but he is stubborn enough to spend several decades married to you and delving into the mystery.


Sign a pre-nuptial agreement before marrying this man because in a divorce, he will be a cold and heartless monster who ensure that he takes whatever benefits him and being fair to you is not likely to be his concern. No matter what he says before marriage. Do not fool yourself. The pre-nup will be what makes it a fair divorce, not his charming pre-marital promises. You will be dealing privately with Jack the Ripper in a divorce yet publicly everyone will only see him as a charming Rhett Butler.


 The Social Butterfly

The Aquarius Male and Finances

As his female partner, you will never worry about money. The Aquarius male will always secure money, through work or investments. Co-ruled by Saturn (its classic ruler before Uranus was discovered), Aquarius may like to buy quirky items, BUT will be conservative about spending. When it comes to having too plan for life with a spouse or family, the Aquarius man will be one of the better men with finances. The best thing is to work out a partnership plan to determine how financial resources are to be shared and keep open channels of communication about money.

Do not be extravagant with money or he will feel deeply hurt that you squandered what he was trying to save for the two of you. He may make bad mistakes with finances as a young man but he will eventually correct himself. Having good finances is important to him and bad finances are a source of shame for him that he can tend to want to hide. Money affect what one can do in life and he wants to be financially free to live expansively. Sometimes he can be a tightwad and will need ot be reminded to loosen the purse strings and live a little more humanely. He can be very stingy on the extras if he feels there is not a lot of money in the family, but you will never lack for basics of having shelter, food, insurance, medical care and transportation.

He will support you if you work in an unusual profession or do not make a regular salary, as part of his Aquarius quirkiness. If your income is lower than his, he will pay the mortgage, food, insurances and utilities (things he would normally pay alone anyway) but expect to be able to trust you to you to handle the finances well and provide the care and nurturing that makes life abundant. He will have outbursts of generosity every now and then.

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  1. Hi, Im an Aquarius male, mid-twenties, from India. I have had 3 relationships in the past. In each of them, the woman has experienced and expressed feelings that she has had with no man before, and that she always dreamt of. In each relation, it was me who broke it. I feel terrible about them, especially when the reasons aren’t of any significance. Is it my Aquarian nature? I am more rational,scientific,and so called ‘intellectual’ typical of an Aquarian, but why can’t I get the point when I have to maintain a steady relationship? I am scared. Will I be able to sustain a married life? I know the value of marriage. But will be faithful to the institution of marriage against being faithful to the wife herself? Yikes, I hate thinking about such stuff. But I know one thing for sure, ladies, that we Aquarians can truly keep you happy, to the extend of saying that our love can be greater than all the zodiac signs put together….but for how long? Beats me too. If only we were understood better, then half the women here would be cherishing their Aquarian male. With love, Rohit

  2. What can I write? I hate to admit this but I am the unevolved, selfish Aquarius man you write about. I have f*cked up everything. I am 30 and my life is shattered. My economy is ruined. I have lost respect in my family and worst I now realise I have lost the woman I love. I know what I can do to get a job with a good salary and fix my economy, but it is the matter of the woman I am in love with that is the big problem. Can you counsel me on how I can get her back, which will also help to fix my family relationships? I have read this blog article many times in the last year and told myself that it is not me although I have the Aquarius traits you write here. You are very good at this and have exactly described me: my philosophy about life and the way I have treated (mistreated?) the woman I love and who loved me. I hope she will still find love in her heart for me. For 4 years I played with her emotionally and did everything I could to keep our relationship secret. I denied we had a relationship. I hid her from my family and from other people. I treated girls I only wanted as casual acquaintances better than I treated the woman I loved. I was satisfied to have people think I was involved with a girl whose “friendship” I have only used for selfish reasons – knowing that girl has a crush on me and is a manipulator. I used that same girl to play emotional games to hurt the woman I love so she would keep her distance and I would not need to commit emotionally. I did not want to deal with my feelings. On the outside I was a cold and sarcastic b*stard. I have lied a lot, mostly through omission, as you write. I unfairly started talking about marriage and then like a coward I changed my mind. In the last few years I have been living a lie. I am always worried about money and am socially disconnected now because of it. I pretend to people that I am living the high life. I just used that girl again and felt dishonest the whole time. I have been thinking for over a week about things because the woman I love is now talking to a (male) cousin and I am afraid they will start dating. I tried to scare her off. I told her not to talk to anyone in my family. I lied to my family and while I told them I have feelings for her and would do something about it, I only said it so they would leave me alone. The thing is, I think my cousin and the woman I love will marry. I admit it. I am jealous. I am angry and I am jealous. It is like they say, I only realized how valuable she is and how deeply I am in love with her and that I want to marry her, after she left me. She returned my stuff and walked away after 4 years. I do not know what I can say to her to get her to believe me if I say I have changed. She wants to be married, to have a family. She bought a wedding gown. She has dream wedding. I denied her all this with my mistreatment and emotional games. She wanted to do all these things, to build a life with me. She knew me, good and bad and still loved me. I love her but I was afraid I would not have a life but now I see the great life was with her. I was too stupid to see I had the best woman in the world and now I have lost her. I am going to ask my family for a job and the money for an engagement ring and the wedding she wants. I can improve my economy and support us. How can I as an Aquarius man convince her I am not full of sh*t and playing a game with her? How do I convince her to just talk to me, hear me out and let me make it all up to her? I want to propose marriage to her, to give her the ring and the wedding and the life I should have given her before now. I am scared. I would marry her tomorrow if she would just give me one last chance. I am 30 and alone and lonely. I f*cked it all up. I Help me get her back. Please. Aquarius Male Idiot

      1. It is quite sad that you do generalize because I will tell you one thing there are reasons as to why we are like this. Our element is air our thoughts flow as air does and with many twists, one thought leads to the next and creates question also explaining why we are so curious. We are complicated thinkers that is a fact but also makes us that intellectual person we are known to be it is relevant for almost every one of us but it is why we are genius but don’t often care to show it as we know that the day you think you know everything is the day you have stopped learning. We simply do not like to be emotional or even think of trying to be emotional, we are aware in behavior and we know we have to be objective while being subjective to grasp information/gain knowledge because in the process of figuring something out or trying to come to the correct or factual idea or thought can be affected by emotion and we understand that, this is why our emotions or feelings don’t get in the way of doing the right thing or justifying. Yes we can be compationet and maybe the best at it sense we do know patterns that make people act or feel curtain ways but we decide when a person deserves that and whether we trust them or not because trust, respect and honesty is what most of us believe in and stand for. All that selfish talk and the rest of the bad stuff is usually just immaturity the one person most likly was affect by something in their past. We are pretty interesting and we just keep finding things out about our selves every day but if you want an exciting person around or someone that is up for things an aqua is the way to go. Hope this did justice to those of a mature aquarius audiance.

  3. Rohit, Re-read your post. First you admit you have a problem, then you end by saying that women need to “understand” Aquarius men better. LOL, no, they do not. You are showing that you know you are the person in your relationships who has the problem, and then you try to charmingly blame it on the women. You are imbalanced and stuck in intellect. You are lacking in the ability to express emotional intimacy and you are fearful of relationships because they committment and emotional intimacy. I am sure you are a nice person, and many think you are great…but if you really want to get married, you must change. Authentic connection with others only comes when you are authentic and that means opening yourself emotionally and treating others with the same humane behavior with which you expect to be treated. In a love relationship, it means being open, not playing intellectual games and being charming. You are understood quite well; you put a lot of energy into getting a woman to open up (a false intimacy) and then you run away and as the article notes, you try to have her believe it is her fault. You clearly show emotional fear about marriage, as though going in it has a limited shelf life or back door (“how long?”). You may be a nice guy but stop fooling yourself regarding relationshipsIt’s about making a rational, logical decision to be an emotionally mature man, and not a boy.

  4. William, To use your phrase, what can I write? Four years? That is a lot of emotional unhealthiness. Because of your age, I can likely safely assume you are in your Saturn Return (in Libra) and marriage to this woman you love is the thing you are supposed to do to demonstrate the transition to manhood/adulthood. Clearly you know the problem and it sounds like you have badly hurt this woman you love. Sometimes it is not possible to get someone to trust you again after you have hurt them. Sometimes you must work hard and long to earn their trust again. If the woman is no longer in love with you, maybe you can and maybe you can’t re-kindle that love. Why should she believe you? If you really love her, why do you not want her to be happy, even if it is with your cousin? Five suggestions: ONE: stop your fake association with the manipulative girl. Why are you fooling around with a “girl” when you know you have someone in your life you love who is a “woman”? TWO: stop lying to your family about her and other things. THREE: ask the woman you love to talk to you then BEG, long and hard. Dignity has no place here. You acted like a dog (which you admit). You need to be willing to do anything to win her back, no matter how long it takes. FOUR: if you get her back, bring her to meet your family and stop lying to them. FIVE: marry her as immediately as she would like and circumstances allow. Four years is absurd and cruel. If you have the ability to win this woman back, you need to make every day of the rest of her life a blessed one where she never, ever has reason to regret you again. If you are telling the truth about marrying her tomorrow, then marry her tomorrow. Otherwise you are lying again and being the kind of person you described. If you won’t do those five things, let her be happy with your cousin.

  5. Rohit & William- As each of you are on totally opposite sides of the Aquarius mindsetI have a comment for each of you. I have dated an Aquarius-and in my opinion they are the most tricky of the male zodiac signs. Rohit-you state that females need to get to know your sign better? The thing is we do, however it is not just us that needs to be in touch with you, you need to be in touch with you. Your feelings and lack of expression of them mainly. The world would be far more harmonius if you could share just the slightest bit with any/all the woman you are dating. It is calld compassion and empathy. William-I am happy to see that you finally came to the realization that the woman you have hurt is the woman you have loved all along. I hope she forgives you for your mistreatment of her and that once you do have her, you do not let her go. Woman are creatures who like to be cared for, if only by the right person, so if she does let you into her world again, you better get on your hands and knees and thank her. And actually follow through on your words. I could go on and on, about Aquarius men, however, I will not. I am not bitter, just baffled by their behaivor. Lessons have been learned and I hope for the two of you you each learn yours. Good luck!

  6. HU and Nicole, Thanks for your advice. What is lacking strongly in me is quite clear, in one word, “emotions”. And I say stongly because I do have emotions and understand them but they just aren’t strong enough to be accepted. I am beginning to bring around that change in me. Look at life, relationships, friendships differently, not analytically, but with emotion, compassion, empathy, and probably the most critical of ’em – committment. It’ not going to be my way or the highway, it’s going to be our way.

  7. I also found your article to be very true. I was wondering, how important are the other aspects of the birth chart in how “aquarius” a man can be? My ex boyfriend (of three days) has a Libra rising and a Venus in Leo. How important are those? I hope that you see this question because I noticed that this article is a few years old….You were so accurate and insightful that I would love to hear what you have to say. We broke up after four years because I have emotional outbursts and frequently give him problems for not calling back soon enough, etc…I have a lot of anxiety and I take it out on him, really whenever I think about it I’m fine with him being alone when he needs to, or not available 24 hours a day. I also have a nine year old, and they love each other and are very attached. We do not live together(I live in the suburbs and my grandparents live with my daughter and me, he lives twenty minutes away in the city), and I want to become less anxious and less prone to take out my dark side on him. I really don’t mind that he wants to be alone and read or think, and I want to show him that, but I’m afraid this time might be too late. I hope he hasn’t made up his mind for good, since we were working through it for so long and I have made improvements over the years consciously. I always apologize afterwards too, but this time my apology didn’t change his mind. Otherwise we love each other, and nothing else bad has happened. I want him to be in my life, he’s my best friend and I want to be his lover too. I know that I can accept him as he is in my heart, and I need help with general anxiety but think that that will lessen the more that focus on myself. I love him and I miss him. What are the best things that I can do to show him that I can relax? I haven’t called him since we broke up, and this time he asked for his keys. I really want to know how to show him i’m sorry.

  8. Hello G. You need to re-read the article very carefully and take some deep breaths. Then read what you wrote. You have allowed this Aquarian ex-boyfriend to manipulate you into thinking that you are inadequate and need help because of his problematic peronality and behavior. You are apologizing to him when he has emotionally agbused you — and that is a form of domestic violence. WHy are you apologizing to him and sekeing his forgiveness when he is emotionally blocked off from you? WHile he may be brilliant and charming, he does not sound very mature and he sounds abusive in intimate relationships because he cannot and will not and express normal emotions. Specifically to answer your question — YES all signs, houses, planets and aspects matter in oudual charts. Surely transiting Saturn in Libra is affecting him now if he has a Libra Ascendant, and if he has Venus in Leo, all teh transits that have occurred in Aquarius in the last decade have opposed his Venus. But do not make excuses for this cold, emotionally cruel Aquarius male. Look for a healthier relationship. Four years? You should be married. Four years? He gives you the silent treatment and doesn’t call you back? Move on. Give him an ultimatum if you think he is still worth the time. But even before you do that, pack your emotional bags and (be prepared to) move on. Escape from Crazyland!! I see very little chance for a future with this man.

    1. Hi HU. I need ur opinion so badly. I know i might bring u headache. but i just broke up recently with an aquarius guy. (im a taurus 20 yr old girl)
      Sometimes i find it hard to breathe. i cant stop crying and i feel like my life stopped and ended. Even tho i laugh with my frndz nd try to b positive and think more about my future goals and career as im the type of person ho can never stop dreaming..i still come to da same point nd cry about the break up.( we broke up less dan a month ago)
      I dont know anythin about the rise of planets. Hes born on 16 feb 1989 and im on 18th may 1992.
      But i can c many girls have gone to similar problems as mine.

      Hes such a contradicting person. He never stopped saying i love you. He used to sometimes ignore me for his friends and sometimes forget tellin me wer he was all day. And other times he just seemed to b far away. But eventually he comes bk and says im sorry i kno we havent been in touch lately so how u doin?..I used to get mad and i used to tell him we need to stay connected especially dat we r in 2 different countries i worry about u and i dont wana lose u. He admits he is rong nd we get bk 2 being ok again.
      I da last fight rite b4 da break up i was soooo Angry i kept screaming at him cuz all day he ignored me for somthn as stupid as i was driving my mates to da park, i couldnt send u a message.

      While i find its not fair dat no matter how busy i get i always have stop nd freeze wut im doing to send him a message and say babe r u ok?
      after dat he said i cant continue loving u and i cant marry u. I dont want to b in a relationship with any1. Im just fed up from this love thing and i kno im not marriage material. I wont make u happy.
      SUDDENLY he said all that within 24 hrs. after he was jus da day b4 it tellin me dat he cant let me go. I WAS SO SHOCKED.
      Now its been a month and he hasnt said a word to me. And i keep goin bk nd sendin him msgs tellin him im sorry if i pressured u. I need to talk to u with honesty. I need to understand. i will change 4 u ill give u ur own space but dont leave me. I told him we can work together 2 make ourselves happy again. We make it work!

      He still says im sorry but i cant i have to reach my goals i wont let any girl stop me. then now hes saying we’re done! i dont want anythin from u ( yet he doesnt delete me from his chatt list)

      wen we used to b in a relationship he used to b so sensitive to my needs and emotions. but now i feel like hes a block no matter wut i say his mind is blocked. I dont wana lose him

      I love him wut can i do?

      1. There isn’t anything you can do to change his mind, nor should you. WHat you describe is typical (unevolved) Aquarius male behavior. You are cutting off YOUR future and preventing yourself from having a life, a good life, by continuing to associate with him. Aquarius males largely will not be the one to file the divorce papers, “unfrend” you or remove you from a chat list because they want to always appear to be the “good guy” and try to come back into your life later as a “friend” — especially if it might benefit them in some way.

        Get a reading and gain some insight about your path and where you need to head next, rather than focus on this person.

  9. Hi all, I’m a Libra , and I have known this Aquarius guy for just one year. He is a single father of two kids. When we first met, is through a social platform. It was very fun, full of laughter, we met, we clicked with each other. But after the meet up, he seems to be a bit different. We only being in contact sometimes, and it is always me who will start the conversation. I have try to understand their nature of flirting with other girls. After we met, he keeps his flirting session with others. There is one girl whom I’ve seen her facebook to be really in love with him. Then i sent him a message saying that, maybe I’m not good enough for him, so I’ll better make a move. I was heartbroken at that moment to leave him, while i still need him. Then after a month, i wish him on his birthday. He reply to the wish and say thanks for the wishes. After that our relationship seems to restore to the normal condition. Then on Valentine’s day, i did not have the guts to wish him i love him cause i knew that i should not rush him in this kind of thing. But to my surprise, early morning on Valentine’s day, he wishes me and say that he loves me. I find it hard to believe and I’m so speechless. I couldn’t be more happier than that day. Months to months our relationship have ups and downs. Right now he seems busy flirting with others. When we have any issues, he seems to keep quiet, he didn’t sound a thing. He always keep quiet although i know he can say whatever he like. But when it comes to me, whenever we had a fight, he opt to keep quiet. Then a few weeks back, he seems to have a problem. I sent him a BBM saying that if he need someone to talk too, i will always be there for him or if he likes to keep it to himself, it will be fine for me. Then suddenly he deletes me from his BBM list and refuses to answer me when i ask if i did anything wrong when i sent him the BBM. He kept quite till now. I just don’t know what to do. I am deeply in love with him. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi!!

    I am a Libra female from India. I have intense feelings for an aquarian male but am not sure about his feelings. He is sometimes very warm & caring with me and sometimes he turns totally cold & blunt. He would ignore me or not contact me for ages and if I do the same he would sometimes turn around ask whats wrong etc.
    He keeps mentioning that he does not cares for me or is not concerned about me if am not well but he would be around & give his suggestions.

    Plz help me as how can i ascertain what he feels or thinks about me? I love him & want to spend the rest of my life with him but am scared to tell this to him as he has already clarified it to me that he hates attachments and does not wants to get attached to anyone except his sisters & nephews.

    Is there any way I can win his heart? Please help..

    Thank you..

  11. I let my guard down and let myself feel something for him and then he just disappeared, stupid me. He’s not the 1st Aquarius male I’ve met, I knew one 11 years ago and we had a great friendship. He fell in love with me but there was another girl who knew him before me and who was in love with him. I told him to be with her, and I walked away. Now, I have this one and he just disappeared as though he never exisited in the 1st place…I will not trust him again.

  12. They claim to like honesty, but are some of the worst liars! I can’t stand cowards! I’m a Pisces woman with a Scorpio rising, Sagittarius moon, Venus in Aquarius, and Mars in Gemini. I met an Aquarius man recently and just when I let my guard down and tried to have a fun friendship…he just lied and then ran away like a dog with his tail between his legs. I get the need for freedom, I like my freedom too. I wasn’t looking for a marriage just someone I could have some fun and mind-blowing sex with and who would be willing to go out. Now, should I ever see him again, I will put some of my kickboxing skills to good use and drop kick his sad sob a** into next year!

    1. LOL, yes, lies can flow from their mouths like ater from a jar and they charmingly smile and says you are the one who doesn’t know reality. But REMEMBER, if you see him again, cooly ignore him and be very detached. The best “revenge” on a cold Aquarius is to ignore them. Their egos are HUGE and they want to know that even though they are not with you, you have some feelings or them, evne if it is hate. The opposite of love is apathy, not hate. Detach, let what is done be done and move on, even when he comes around again to see if he can revive something in a roundabout manner.

  13. I’ve been with my Aquarius for 7 months… Dating for a year…yes it took that long lol. But he’s actually quite caring and sensitive in certain aspects. I’m a leo, so were opposite signs. But we have much in common. But we also are both very different and unusual if that makes sense. He’s stubborn and very fixed in his ways yet is curious and will try new things ( even if he usually sticks with his usual). I love new things and preference changes like the wind. But we love being around each other.. even if he’s just on the computer and I’m watching a movie. We are very mushy in private but social and distant on social outings. As long as he can maintain his cool and rep he’s never cold unless he’s sad or something is bothering him. He treats me like a princess really… His moon is Aquarius. virgo in Venus. Mars in Taurus.

  14. I’m a taurus and I can’t decode a certain aquarius.We’ve been hanging out in a same group of friends for about 5 months and I’ve noticed that he treats me slightly differently than other girls.He enjoys to tease me,make me furious,but at times he leaves me breathless with some of his gestures,like grabbing my hand and kissing it(even though he’s not much for physical contact),continuously asking what’s wrong when he thinks I’m in a bad mood.But he also tends to ignore me afterwards.What do you think?

    1. It sounds like he is decoded in this blog post. But remember to stnad your ground when you want something more serious. Although many other things play into compatiblity other than a Sun sign, you both have Sun in a fixed sign, and square to each other, so this will be a relationship where you learn from each other through the rough spots.

  15. This is pure comedy I laughed the whole time while reading this. Aqaurian Males….LMAO…Now I see why we are so perfect for one another…I have a “friend” I am “akwardly courting” now. He invited me out and ignored me the whole time. I felt bad for a second, but then started enjoying party and ignoring him…but where ever i moved he was there too, LMAO…GREAT ARTICLE, OR BLOG

  16. I have to say: I’m Aquarian guy and I disagreed with the fact that Aquarians don’t want to show their emotions. I want to show my emotion, but I dont know how. Thats the problem. When about sex, well that’s not a trouble. I could have sex all week, multiples times a day. That would be great. About my mood, I dont go mad to the mutch often. And when I do I never yell.

  17. I´m been dealing with a bad aquarius man for almost three years (a long time).He comes and goes in my life and I don´t know what to think anymore. He dissapears and then one day he calls me or writes to me out of the blue and he wants to talk with me about his problems, flirt with me or simply know how I am. He had made a point about how much he wants me….. almost 99% of the time he very clearly tells me that he wants to sleep with me. I don´t trust his erratic behavior so we haven´t done it. Sometimes I feel is just lust but other times he talks very sincerily abut his feelings and say that he care about me a lot and now…. he treats me like a friend and flirt with me even when he´s with another girl and I refuse him because I am with another guy. The few times we´ve been together he´s been an asshole talking about sex with other women and just been cold with me. I don´t know why does he keep coming back into my life!!! I´m confused, angry and hurt because I used to have strong felings for this man but he hurt me so bad that I just feel really bad now… What do I do with him? I carry on with my life or try something to make him understand that I need him to be mature and stope playing games??

  18. I have dated two Aquarius men and both fit the description in this article. I am a Virgo and I’m starting to think I just don’t mesh with Aquarius men AT ALL! I try to not put a ton of thought into zodiac signs but maybe I should a little more. The first Aquarius man I dated broke my heart. It was only 4 months(thankfully!) but he ended it so horribly even though I was always kind to him. So when the next Aquarius came around a little over year later I figured I’d give it a whirl. A persons sign can’t be that important right? Wrong! It was almost the same situation except this Aquarius is a much nicer person. We have only dated once again for 4 months(is this a normal number for aquariuses to stay involved or just the ones I’ve met?) and it was very intense. We spent every weekend together. Did lots of fun things like weekends away and such. I would have little melt downs at times because he wasn’t expressive with his feelings. Never telling me he liked me or wanted to be with me. But whenever I would get upset about it he would calm me down and say he just isn’t very emotional and that he would try to contact me more and express more feelings. One of my big problems were we live in different areas and would only see each other on the weekends so during the week he would be completely content with not contacting at all and for me that didn’t work. I’m not a super demanding needy girl but he takes it to another extreme. I do need to be able to gage a little bit were his head is at. So everytime he would calm me down and say he would try harder(and he would) I felt closer to him and would let down more of my guard. I tend to be very untrusting and guarded when it comes to letting men really in my life other then casual dating. So as I felt closer to him I started doing what comes natural to me, taking care of him. Making great dinners and doing sweet nice things for him just because I like to make the person I’m with happy. So after 4 months of this when my best friend asked if her husband, her and myself and my new guy could get together I at first thought NO NO NO. But after thinking about it I figured what the hell, I will ask. Well he of course said no, that would be uncomfortable. Which I sort of agreed with myself but I wanted to hear why he felt that. So I started prying because for me his cold short answers were not enough. I’m not ok with you just saying no and that’s the end of the convo. You need to explain that to me like a normal functioning adult. So all the sudden I get a text that says, I’m sorry this will never be serious. I enjoy hanging out with you and doing fun things but it’s nothing more then that to me, i like you and but it’s been for months and it hasn’t turned into anything else. I was shocked. It hadn’t felt like that at all to me. He then tried to ask if we could still hang out because he likes spending time with me so much. Even scale back on the intimacy if that makes me more comfortable to be “friends”. I said no because I have feeling for him and it’s gone to far for me to take it back now. He has been trying to casually message me but even that is hard. I don’t normally have males for friends. acquaintances yes but I prefer to just have close girls friends. So here I am stuck. I’m in love with a guy I thought really cared for me that has now told me he just doesn’t feel that way for me but wants to hang out and still do things all the time. Is this normal?? Im so forthright with my feelings and there is no beating around the bush with me so this situation seems so strange. He doesn’t have many friends and is kind of shy and socially awkward. I am very outgoing and friendly so maybe he just likes that I’m easy to be around and enjoys spending time with me? I’m not completely sure what to do. I care about him but I feel like I’m doing myself an injustice by accepting this downgrade. I’m a wonderful person who treats the people I love like gold be it friends, family or a man. I don’t think I could emotionally switch this romantic relationship to a platonic friendship. I really wonder if this is honestly how he feels deep down. I know he’s saying it and I should just take it as that but I feel like he’s really just trying to push me away a bit because Im getting to close and pushed having something real. Any thoughts would be very appreciated even though at this point I feel like I’m beating a dead horse. I will tell you after this Aquarius relationship I’m done with them. Two is enough for me!

    1. I don’t know if you are still with this Aqua man or have given up on him! But just wanted to give some input if still needed.

      I could have been reading about myself and my situation when reading your post. They are hard work, mine will never go out with other friends etc…Only if it is his idea. If I’m the one asking him to go out with friends he either says NO or lets me down at the last minute. DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!!!

      Best thing to do when he starts back tracking on your relationship status is to tell him your fine about it, as long as he knows that means you are free to keep your options open and see others if you want. That will make him sort himself out and you will know for sure how he really feels about you. Don’t let him get away with having things his way all the time, but don’t let him know what you are doing.

      He is testing you for a reaction (they love that game) If he says something that you don’t like DON’T REACT, just say Oh OK. Then don’t contact him, let him come to you. This is what I have had to do with mine and have been for three years. It’s all about games and tests with these men but you soon start to see a pattern. Don’t play into his hands, just act cool and calm he will soon get his act together. Give it a try it’s fun, you should see the look on his face when you haven’t reacted how he thinks you will.

  19. Oh please don’t make a long story short… I met this Aquarius with the moon in Libra. I AM A SAGITTARIUS with moon in Aquarius. I must admit I am so much like an Aquarius. Anyway He basically kept being persistent about being with me, I didn’t feel it was logical for us to be together because he lived so far away and I just got out of a crazy stressful relationship with a Scorpio n I just wanted to I.injoying being free. After great ….wait many great conversations I began to have feelings for whom I thought he was portraying himself to be. I honestly didn’t believe him. He told me he fell inlove with me.over n over I didn’t feel safe to tell him that I was into him. After about a month of talking I felt a bond. But before I allowed my self to get hurt I must test his words n worth because I knew I could fall hard for this man n he could hurt me. That’s power.I hate someone having power over me…because they would be in control. Honestly I go for relationships where I know I won’t fall inlove ..But I had just begun to realize this because I was with a Scorpio who took be down to almost nothing.! I had no choice but to build myself back up n remember who I was n recognize that who ever I was wasn’t doing something write if I allowed someone who I had no romantic feelings for to do this …So I knew I had to learn who I was n why I didn’t seem like other Sagittarius women. Anyway I decided to test the aqua man.I felt he was full of it. I told him one day I do love him after he said I love you…as he ends every conversation he waifs I love you.This time I said it back. He was shocked.!he responded with obvious fear in his voice “baby do u mean it? Please don’t play with me because my love is real.” “. I just couldn’t do it.. I’m not a liar I thought to myself I made the truth very clear. I. Said if this you that ur showing me is who you really are? … then Yes. I do love you. But not inlove with you.I feel ifwe could meet in person in truly get to know each other ..your the type of man I could fall inlove with. He said baby we will meet I feel it. With that told me he loved me again, I said I love you too. He said it feels so good to hear that from u. Then things started to get more extreme his calls became jealous, mean …at times I didn’t hear from him. I’d never call unless he told me to. And even then he’d rush off the phone. I’m very busy running my business so I understood. Never complained. ONE day he called n said why me K**** why me? I said what r you talking about? He said ur fn beautiful ur smart, honest …and so much more… etc etc He said .I said I hear that all the time there’s nothing u can say to me no compliment u can give that I haven’t hurd…yet still I’m getting hurt. That’s why I want u so bad because ur like me. You don’t really give compliments n ur very rude.I’m use to getting what I want n it’s never really what I want. What I want is a man to respect me for who I am. I like that I don’t have to play dumb for u to love me. I like that u prefer me without make up.I love ur raw honesty
    he said but you can have any man u want …. u don’t need me. I why r u talking like this u sound like. .. he just starts yelling … n won’t let me finish any statement. So this keeps happening on every phone call. Then he tells me to change my Facebook photo because it makes me look like a female that’s a sl**…! By now I’m use to his rudeness but now I feel he’s just pushing it. I said no I like it n ur not my man.I’m a grown women n what’s with the tactics lately. Call me when u calm down n can speak to me with respect. He hangs up on me..! I couldn’t believe it. More rude. Mean. Words calls got shorter.I decided that it’s to much n nothing I getting. All we have is words n he won’t let me talk. So I’m done. I told him how I think he needs someone better suited do him.but I don’t understand why he’s so angry n I did nothing to him. He said how can u brake up with me n ur not even mine. I said then why do I feel like ur mines . He said because I am stupid but ur to scared to admit u love me. So go run off.! I’m sure you’ll find a man in no time. Thanx for showing me ur true colors… bye.!!! He didn’t hang up… so softly said bye… then hung up. He tried to hurt me by telling his ex he loved her n missed her. It only hurt me that he wanted to hurt me. I missed him. I still do. I just feel it ridiculous to truly love him. I don’t know enough n I’m not going to be his verbal punching bag. I have left him alone …he calls text n sadly he’s right I’m currently in another relationship with the Scorpio who adores me treats me like a Queen but I could never love. My question is what’s wrong with me n why do I over think things. His words made me think…he said I’m a scared women with deep issues… I’m wise enough to know he n I aren’t ment to be. But I’d love a man somewhat like that but not quick to bail out. I left because I new he had already left ..he just didn’t want to say it. I need to love without fear of not being loved Back. I hate wasted time. My birthday is November 26 /1976 can u please help me with some real honest advice?

  20. I’m so curious to know what happened with William. Did his woman forgive him? Did he marry her??? What!! Lol!!
    strangely his story sounds like mine.. I’m the woman who my Aquarius guy has been playing games with. Things haven’t gotten as bad as Williams situation or should I say it hasn’t gotten there “yet” but I am at the point where I am trying my hardest to hold on. In my case my guy has introduced me to his family, and his brothers adore me… one of them likes me a little too much than they should which I learned to keep my distance out of the respect of my Aquarius guy as I would never hurt him.

    I wish I had Williams email address to hear his progress and try to guide him some how. This sucks, I’m so curious haha

  21. I’m a Taurus and I recently started dating an Aquarius man, about 3 months ago. We were very drawn to each other and the relationship moved slowly at first and then suddenly has become very intense. He admitted his inability to commit when we first started “hanging out”, but before we were intimate. He said he’d rather die than get married and said he had not been in a relationship in years and years, and has not been intimate with anyone either. He is 40.

    We had one big fight before we ever got anywhere and I was committed to never talking to him again because i thought he was such a jerk. He called me after a few days of cooling off and we resumed our courtship with a new/different sense of seriousness. Now, things seem to be perfect. He is emotionally available and open to me, loving and affectionate, and complementary. He said something along the lines of the “L” word last night, but it was some slighly vague version of that …

    Now, I’m not sure, will he lose interest in this like he has all his previous relationships, or could he finally be ready to commit to someone (me)?

  22. Aghhh!! I LOVE reading these and this entire article made me smile because despite what people think of zodiacs, they are TRUE!!!

    I’m a typical sexy, warm hearted, social, intelligent and independent leo woman who loves attention 🙂 …and I have been dealing with an Aquarius man for a few months now. WHAT AN EFFING ROLLER COASTER!! But I wouldn’t change anything because there is something I have learned and I hope it helps some of you..

    Just a little history, we are both the same age, 24. I met him on my birthday at a social event. It was love/lust at first site we saw eachother from 300 yards away and once we got close enough to talk/touch we were like a magnetic force (we are opposite signs) we had fun and exchanged numbers… I was like prey walking through a field of predators and he said he was happy just to receive a smile. We talked and hung out the following weeks, things happened pretty quickly then I made the BIGGEST mistake you can make with an aquarious man, he talked so highly of me to his friends and showed me off, BUT when he asked if we could “lock things down” or he could be my “boyfriend” I laughed in his face not thinking much of it or taking him seriously. OOPS! All hell broke loose…

    As weeks went on he admitted to being guarded, I fell harder everyday and he became distant. I initiated most of the conversation and while he would nicely reply nothing would ever come of it. I found out that he was casually talking to a gf of mind who he didnt know was my friend… he wasn’t calling her ‘baby’ or ‘mama’ like he was me but he was texting this “acquaintance” more than he was trying to text me! I blew up on him and when he tried to explain I shot him down and ignored him! When we did run into eachother and try to hang out after the bar we would have fights in the street… I’m talking going back and forth yelling, saying hurtful things to one another. One night he told me, “you can have any guy you want, I cant give you what you deserve, I’m not worth it.” He also admitted that he never really had a problem with his emotions but now something was different. He would give, then pull back. This behavior repeated for about 2 months we would even bring exes to the bar to make eachother jealous. I knew he was hurt but so was I!!

    Speeding things up… it has been a couple months since all of this nonsense and my gfs say even now when we are in the same room they can tell he is in love with me. He and I are back on cordial, ‘friendly’ terms. A coule weeks ago at the bar he starred at me the ENTIRE night then waited til the very end of the night to ask me over after and kissed me on cheek. Well before I even got to his house he calls and says, “where are you?! you’re not coming your OVER it!!” I was like wth Im outside CALM DOWN! Talk about insecure. So we hooked up and snuggled and hooked up in the am. When I woke up I saw the paintings that I painted for him then also a pic of his ex gf on his wall of ‘naked chicks’ haha.. he took it down while I wasn’t looking. Anyways we have friendly conversation. I told myslef I wouldn’t go crazy texting or making plans that everything JUST got good again…so I waited a few days and asked him if he wanted to come over he said he had to work ok I get it maybe another time I kept my cool (haha unusual!) We ran into eachother again after that on the beach and had a cool casual, “friendly” conversation. When he saw me on my way to go fishing the other day he made conversation I just cracked a joke and kept walking. Things are just OKAY which is better than sheer hatred 🙂

    ..This past Valentine’s Day I showed up at our local bar… he was there with all of his friends. He ”ran” into me and gave me a hug and I said Happy Valentines Day. While dancing on the dance floor, he made his way over and started dancing behind me as if to claim his property. We got close and danced awhile and it felt SO amazing being close to him I have missed him so much this entire time. When we weren’t dancing he was starring at me from across the bar. His friends said, “hello sweetheart etc etc one even made a joke like “whatsup with the love/hate?!” He left because he had to work the next day and I PROMISED myself I wouldn’t call him…obviously alcohol was involved and I did it anyway. He answered right away I just said I hope you had a good valentines day and I enjoyed dancing with you, he said the same then we both just said goodnight. I havent text or called and he hasn’t either…

    My question is could it be possible that he still has feelings for me, but because he is already guarded in nature and I already hurt him, he wants to punish me OR he fears history will repeat itself? Either way I havent bombarded him with my emotions and because things are finally good I think I should just leave it alone and let it happen if it will… I think of him CONSTANTLY and have never felt this way but what I have learned is that aquarius men love their space and independence, they love a chase and hate to be pushed. THEY ARE THE MOST COMPLICATED ZODIAC! So I’m going to ignore him until he makes another move even if I have to wait a whole year!! (God let’s hope not!) Any opinions or ‘constructive’ criticism would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  23. Im so confused. please could you give some advice please?
    I met this aquarius man just over 2 months ago. We met in a club and i gave him my number. Next morning (real early) he calls and we chatted for about 2 hours! every day or night after then, he would take time to chat to me for hours and hours. he is such a good story teller although he still wont tell me what he does for a living which is a bit mysterious. He seems really intrested in me and everytime we met he would wine and dine me. we are a 2hours drive away from eacother however so spend more time talking than actully meeting. We meet maybe once a month. He has already invited me to a romatic weekend abroad and tells me that he misses me. so he does show emotion (unless its fake)

    Anyway he cant make plans and so he will just randomly call on the day we are meeting and ask me out. I am a cancer woman and i like stability so this can frustrate me a bit. He has invited to come get me and take me out and i will get ready and all hyped up and really late that eve, he will say somethings come up and just blow me out. I accepted it twice now but he did it again this weekend. He said we would spend the day and night so i gave up my easter plans of meeting friends and family to wait on this guy to blow me out. He didnt even contact me till late that night. I text him that i am confused by his actions and lack of effort lately and he replies saying “everything confuses you and just relax” like i have over exagerated. maybe i have but i let down plans for him. (maybe that was foolish of me but our meetings are so rare that when he does arrange to meet, i want to agree)

    My question is… do I get him to show me more attention? I am really intrested in him. he ticks all my boxes apart from lack of commiting to arrangements and no understanding of why im annoyed with him.

    can it work with an aquarius male and cancer woman?

    love to hear all replies xxxx

    1. Don’t contact him first, let him do the contacting. Don’t always be available when he wants to make last minute plans with you, tell him you are busy sometimes. He is taking you for granted a bit. Mine did this to me so I decided to pull right back and wait for him to come to me. I didn’t always answer his calls/texts. Other times I didn’t reply to them until the next day. I didn’t say yes everytime he asked me out. You need to make him think what you might be doing, where you are etc….it really works when they have to do the work. They don’t like it/respect you when you are always willing to say yes at a moments notice.

      Just be cool, let him come to you and make him do the work. It will pay off for you. They always want what they think they can’t have. Sounds odd but it really works!!!

  24. Hi,
    I am so grateful for this blog and and have never wrote a blog for advice so here it goes. My current Aquarian (01/20) bf is 22 and I (Scorpio) am 4 years older than him. When I first met him thought he was just the man I needed when he gave me great advice and listened to me. I quickly started seeing signs after one week when he kept pressuring me to become his gf. I kept explaining to him that we just met and was still trying to get to know one another. He is also from west/central part of Africa and told me (once we got into the relationship good)when he was younger he had a violent past but he got help. Anyways,I started seeing other signs like when he asked me the second week of us dating “where did I see the relationship going?” And I said I still need some time he would start putting on his shoes and walk out the house. This was a reoccurring thing for him; he would get mad at a qquestion or anything and just in the streets or at my house just walk a way. I never went through this with a man before ever in my life and am quite frankly tired of it. We have been together almost 11 months. He has been emotionally cold, very sarcastic, used to never say thank you or you’re welcome. He always had to choose the movies everything, it was all about him. He has a severe illness so that is another thing I have had to deal with. He recently told me I was the “trigger” to him becoming upset. I was so shocked and baffled because I kept quiet and walked on eggg shells for NINE months of our relationship (cause you bet not ask him anything!). He has started to make me feel like it’s me because my “expectations, and me supposedly making assumptions… I tried my best to help him and understand his pain, but this is too much. I was really starting to believe it was me. He would hang up and give me silent treatment for days saying “he don’t like to argue”… When he CLEARLY with his lack of giving a damn for me and what I need was the reason why we argue! He just don’t get it, and I feel like he never will or he will just probably not with me. I thought it was his age, his culture, but he said it’s just him, and I can’t take anymore. He swears he’s soooo in love with me, no his getting mad easily cutting our dates short, and temper tantrums don’t show it. Please someone explain and help me HEAL ME!

  25. I forgot to mention that for my bday ad Vday, he bought these elaborate personalized gifts; Love books, mugs, teddy bears, etc with him and my names and pics on it. But I just know something isn’t right especially since his actions (coldness and cruelness) contradicts them. He has sooo much potential, but maybe thats all it will ever be. He seriousy needs therapy.

  26. I have been happily married for 17 years now and want to encourage anyone who would automatically writeoff an Aquarian because of this post to give an Aquarian man a chance to show you just how special you are to him…

    I am emotional, willing to share my feelings openly and can be extremely hyper-sensitive to others’ needs, putting my own needs aside. I would rather give my pay away then see someone else in need, I’d rather make someone feel like they’re the only one in the room than have attention on myself and I’d rather tell someone I love them than miss the chance to let them know how much I care. I don’t ever want to lose a friend because they are truly too hard to come by so I believe that making an effort to keep people close is paramount.

    I see many of the traits listed above, both good and bad, in many people I’ve met and they’re not all Aquarians, so I I believe everyone can see themselves in some way in the paragraphs above. If you write someone off because of their sign, you could miss out on the most intense love you’ve ever known… As an “Aquaman”, I found the blog overly negative until the very last paragraph and subjective, especially the 99% statistic quoted which seems a bit presumptive and arbitrary.

  27. Nice one, Pablo, great to see someone attempting to redress the balance, which was beginning to look a little like a horror story! Decent Aquarians – and people of all signs – DO exist, you just have to find them. Congratulations on 17 happy years!

  28. Dear All,

    I am 20 years old, Pisces woman. I have known and been in a relationship with an Aquarius man on and off for 6 years. I meet him when I was 14, he was 15. He is very popular and has many friends. When I was first his girlfriend at age 15 he kissed another girl so i broke up with him. After that I still kept in contact with him but I did not date him. He always tries to talk to me no matter what. We decided to be together when I was 16 but I was not able to see him because I wanted to keep my relationship a secret from my parents so he broke up with me and dated another girl right after. Than I ignored him until we saw each other again in school and he admitted that he is completely in love with me. After than he was obsessed with me. We of course had our arguments because from time to time he was aloof but over all he was great. (I have to admit that I can be too clingy from time to time, and that turns Aquarius men off). I left for college when i was 18, and he left for the army. While he was in the army he wanted to marry me but I taught that it was to early, so I did not. When I came back from my first year of college I was so excited to see him, so I called him way to much and was horrible…he of course got mad and talked to me about why he was mad and ignoring me..after that I kept on arguing with him over and over again…and he became more distant. I broke up with him because he would not want to see me and I had not seen him for 6 months…ahh i was so frustrated. But after the second week I totally regretted my decision. I wanted him back, we tried to talk after but nothing happened…after 2 months we saw each other and slept together, he told me that he is really messed up right now and he thinks that we should not be together, he was also very mean and distant, i realized 4 days later that he has another girlfriend i was very angry so i left all of his things…he than tried to get me back 4 days later by non stop calling and texting. I was back with him yet again to discover that he was still with that same girl. So he broke up with me and I left for college.Three weeks later he contacted me again and we got back together, I again discovers that he was with that girl…but we still kept in contact. After i came back for christmas break he was with me on all the holidays and i was with his family….however he now started acting aloof and told me that he does not know what he wants and i am sure that he is with that girl. IDk anymore…does he love me still because he always says that he does. How do I get his attention? I left him alone and have not talked to him for 4 days now. Should I keep on ignoring him till he does something drastic? help!!!

  29. I have to say I have been involved with many Aquarians and they are some very shady and sneaky folks. Not 100% of them but enough to look at them all like their bad. They’re too crafty. Love to make ppl feel bad for them. They’re outspoken to a point it’s like they advertise. Many are cheaters and yes if you let them they will throw you to the wolves. I don’t trust them. Period. I am trying to divorce my aquarian right now. He doesn’t deserve me. If only he showed me who he was 8 years ago. I should’ve known better when he told all his exes used him. They did use him with good reason because Aquarians can make you feel low. It’s their negativity and that was the payback from those women to him. Then he ran like most Aquarians do. They’re scary and/or destructive. They will break your stuff without thought. I wouldn’t date another one. Stay away. These folks can be very dangerous. If I
    had to give a percentage on the amount of bad Aquarians in the world. I
    would say about 99%. They have a way to get over on ppl. Don’t be Next!!

  30. I enjoyed reading this blog. A lot of it sounds spot on but so negative. Every guy has a bit of it in them. My aquarius guy is 28 and I’m 23. We’ve been talking non stop for two months. He has been adamant about not having any relationships in his life besides friends. We had a very long talk about it a few days ago. Well all ofa sudden he decided he just wants to be intimate every once in a while if you know what I mean. I’m a gemini if that helps. Even when he makes me mad abiut ignoring me in public at a bar and I confront him about it..he never runs away. Can I get some advice on how to go about this?!?! Pain in my butt I’m tellin ya!!

    1. Hello Ash,

      I am sure others here will have some good advice for you.Each relationship is different but of course you know the beleief here is that “astrology works” and the things written in the blog article ring true.

      If you would like a professional reading on your relationship to get a better handle on it, you can order one from the list on the side of the page.

  31. As a female Leo in a relationship with an Aquarius male this article had me worried at first! But I think I all around found a very evolved Aquarius. Most of my worries are that the Aquarius apparently do the opposite of the way they are feeling.. Our relationship is moving very fast it even has me surprised.

    I’ll try to keep it short but here’s how it happened.. My Aquarius male and I met about a year ago but he was dating a friend of mine. We were interested in each other but nothing came of it because I would never go behind a friend’s back and hurt them. Their relationship didn’t last but him and I didn’t talk for about a year. A month ago from now we ran into each other and hit it off again. He asked me to hangout with him alone and I did.

    It shocked me how fast things went. After only three times of us hanging out he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. We had a very strong connection for some reason. This article says that the Aquarius man usually takes long to have sex, but that wasn’t the case here. We had sex the day we started dating. The next day we were laying together, he gave a hug and said I love you. But then he got embarrassed and said that was way too fast. But I felt the same, even if that sounds crazy.

    He is sarcastic a lot and will jokingly talk about wanting me in his life forever, where we will live and what not.. he seriously talks about us traveling and experiencing things together. Within the first week of us dating I met his sister, he met my family, then the next week I met his parents. I slept at his house for two weeks straight and I usually sleep over on weekends, our days have been so much fun. I’ve seen him cry twice already… once because I got upset with him.. and the other time because he was frustrated (and a little drunk). I would say he is very open with his emotions. We often lay in bed talking about how surreal our relationship feels, how lucky we are, and we talk about how we felt when we first started hanging out.

    Also he seems to be the most unselfish person I have ever met. He took in his cousin, supports him with everything and always puts others before himself. I have seen him mad and it was scary! He yelled a lot about everything that was pissing him off, he even yelled about my cup being on his desk… which seems so silly now but he has never been mad at me and it upset me a lot. To calm down we climbed a tree and sat in it. Lol everything was fine afterwards.

    Every morning he texts me, even if I’m at his house and he’s at work. Every night he says good night. When we are together he always randomly says he loves me so much. He tells me I am the best girlfriend he’s ever had.. that it’s so easy to be with me and things like that. One night we made love.. and he text me saying he couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect it was. We haven’t hung out for a day and a half, I just received his morning text and he said we should hangout today because he misses me too much.

    So if an Aquarius male does opposite of what he feels.. then our relationship might not be as good as it seems! I know a of people don’t want to hear about my silly relationship but I thought it might be interesting to post, since a lot of talk of the male Aquarius is negative! I guess it’s all about how the sign was brought up and what they have been through!

  32. Wow, what an article. My story is the classic Aquarius rant and has lasted SIX YEARS NOW! I met my Aquarius man when we were 21 yrs old. I’m born October 23 and him February 4. We met two days before my big move to a bigger city and instantly we were connected. I held out and didn’t have sex with him as we began our long distance affair. We talked all the time, day and night and a month or so into it, he was telling me he loved me. He talked to me for hours and hours and we both made trips to see one another although my efforts were a bit greater than his. We were like best friends but lovers too, long distance, out of all things. Long story short, being young, I got attached, he got scared, backed up and we began to grow apart. He had many women in his life who wanted to break him of his singleness and being the party guy he had many acquaintances. He and I have managed to keep in contact, even after six years. I got his initials tattooed on my ring finger, unexpectedly, recently, and he posted it on FB as his profile pic to show everyone. I became an expert at mind games over these past years and we both play them constantly. He does value my opinion very much and it seems he stalks my FB because a lot of what I say on my page or advice I bring up to him shows up on his page as his thoughts. LOL, silly boy. So my issue is I’m still in love, been pretending and perfecting this friendship so long I have become him, very aloof and fidtant, unpredictable. He he loves to call me on woman advice but then he gets infuriated when I tell him I’m going to remove the tattoo and only be friends, so I can finally move on with my life. He loves me sooo much that he keeps me on the backburner, hadn’t seen me in years but would cuss me out from here to Egypt if I told him I had someone new. As if he doesn’t want me but will not accept anyone being with me. Its a very confusing situation and I know he admires my strength and my independence bit the games are never ending and although I know deep down, he loves me. Hes told all of FB he did, during one of his rants on FB. I always seem to make him feel better, yadda yadda… Yet he down right ignores my texts sometimes, and avoids me. Its like he won’t let me live without him and he doesn’t wanna be with me either, it seems. I feel like I’m the only person who understands him because we are a lot alike and we have a long history but at the same time, I’m learning, finally, and unfortunately, we may not be as forever love as I thought. Good luck to all of you…

  33. I am a Capricorn female and I do a lot of reading up on the Aquarius males because I am in love with one. I never understand why he acts the way he do. I have been talking to him for a year now and he has done the disappearing act on me at least twice so far. I’ve went months without hearing from him and then he always come back around acting as if nothing ever happened. Because I love him and really want him in my life I always forgive him, I’m always straightforward & honest w/ him on how I feel. Recently, like 3 days ago, he was with his friends and I called instead of talking to me in a civilized manner he yelled he is busy with his friends and hung up on me. This made me feel very upset and disrespected so I called back and fussed him out. Ever since then he has been ignoring every text and call from me. I’ve apologized for fussing, spilled my feelings out, and tried to make things right, but there’s nothing I can do if he is ignoring me. So I just stop calling and texting him. I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t know why he even treats me this way when I do nothing, but be there for him whenever he needs me to, break my neck to see and spend time with him, and anything else I can to make him happy & satisfied.

  34. He is the first Aquarius Man I have ever dated. It has been 2 years and 8 months. I am a Leo. He found me. He chased me. He did anything to get my attention. He stole me from a Pisces man, who I only started dating for 4 months and 100 times richer than him.

    He did so many wonderful-sweet-kind-surprise-charming things. He even pays half of my mortgage without putting his name on the title of our house. He bought me a Convertible Mercedes on my birthday. He is the most charming man I have ever dated. He never spent a day without calling or texting me. We became best friend and business partner. We own a multi-million dollars company. I thought he was Mr. Right.

    Then after 2.5 years of being together (including over a year of sharing a house) I asked him what his thoughts about our future, he simply said that he wants to stay boyfriend and girlfriend, but doesn’t want to get married. I would like to get married and have a secured relationship. Since we don’t want the same thing in the future, I broke up with him. We haven’t seen each other for about two months now. Then, I met a kind, caring, and handsome doctor, who’s interested in long term relationship with me.

    Since he knew that I have met someone else, he is now afraid of losing me forever. Three days ago, he told me that he wants to marry me and can’t live without me. Then, yesterday, he said that he is afraid of getting married and needs to go to marriage/relationship counselors to see if they can help him for not being so afraid of getting marriage. Then today, he changed his online profile and looking for love online. When I saw his online profile, I told him that we should stop trying. He said that I should give him more time to think and he needs to figure things out on his own. It seems that he doesn’t want to live WITH me, but he doesn’t want to live WITHOUT me. What a complicated creature!

    I love him more than life itself and couldn’t bear to imagine my life without him. However, I am very insecure to continue to be his part time lover. He travels 50%-75% per month and I am not sure if he has other girls out there while traveling so much. He said he doesn’t have anyone else but me. He got hot and cold just like typical Aquarius. I cried a lot in the past 4 months because our relationship seems to fall apart.

    I learned that he shows his affection when I started planning my future WITHOUT him. Aquarius men seem to run after you when you WALKED AWAY. I guess, giving Aquarian man a chance to chase you seems to be the only way to keep their interest, sadly… That also made me afraid of being his wife, because being his wife would make him lost his interest forever. Being his wife probably is worse than NOT being with him at all.

    I promise, this will be the LAST Aquarius man I ever dated.

  35. Good Evening HealingU & Community,

    I’d like to get your thoughts: I’ve dated an Aquarian male on/off for the last 6+ years. Took a year+ to get ramped up (bc of me), three+ years – I thought great (long distance) relationship, two years vague & unclear & the last yearish he is very present. He sounds a lot like much of what was described in the org. Post but has “claimed” during break to be working on himself. Now that he is in my space again should I allow him entry (intimate, personal, & familiar)? Is he near me bc I’m easy or genuine interest? When & how do you know you’ve evolved enough w/an Aquarian male to believe there is a difference? Where do you draw line for an Aquarian male?

    For background: I’m a Pisces female 35 years old. Ive had great relationships but I’m stuck here & would love input.

    Thank you,

  36. I am an Aquarius guy 23 years old and I could pretty much relate to most of the things you said with personality and relationships and the way we might think. I was really fascinated with one particular paragraph that i hadn’t come across so far in other astrological sites and blogs and that’s the one where you spoke of a father figure which is was quite touchy and spot on as my father had left me when i was 2 and never came back but my mom raised me like a prince.My mom’s Leo by the way.And, i could relate myself to the thinking process that develops over time with such conditions but then again i was just thinking what would you think of such upbringing and character development with regard to astrology for an Aquarius son and a Leo mother without the presence of a father?
    Anyways Im so in Love with my gf right now, not because she is the best looking one or popular or what not but she loves me more than i do myself and how could i not fall in love with someone who’s given herself completely to me.
    : )

    1. sid_art, I enjoyed reading your post.

      Of course you are a great guy and a perfect Aquaman! You have been raised by a Leo and not any Leo, but a Lioness. Consider yourself lucky. Leo women tend to raise perfect boys and Lionesses tend to be great providers, no need for a male figure, a Lioness can be both mother and father and they will protect you with their claws and polish yours at the same time.
      Any woman that will be part of your life, is a lucky girl, because an emotionally evolved Aquarius is close to perfection.

  37. Of all the blogs and websites on Aquamen, this must be one of the best. no need for sugar coating facts… you tell it as it is: most Aquamen are jerks in relationships.

    After reading what most fellow females have gone through with these mean but mouth-watering creatures (Aquarians) , I see the same pattern at least 90% of the time in the stories that have been shared:
    With Aquarius , it’s ALWAYS on their terms. They come and go as they please and they will scrutinize you and your inner secrets without revealing an ounce of their own. They are for Equality and humanity, but won’t practice what they preach. Equality, my ass. Everything with them is unfair, unequal and unbalanced. Even their hot/cold nature!
    The real question would be why do we keep them in our lives? When we are very much aware of their emotional immaturity and the time it takes for them to grow and how many years they will waste of our fertile years, WHY THE HELL DO WE STILL FALL FOR AQUARIUS MEN? WHY?
    Why are Aquarius men so intriguing? If it’s originality, then so was the “Magic Bullet” when it first came out 15 years ago… Is really “uniqueness” and originality what females want in a partner, or is this the effect of all those hormones in the food industry that have caused deterioration of our basic instincts as mammals? What I mean is that the Aquarius sociability and partnership nature is opposed to human nature. Humans want nurturing and love, they want affection and warmth. That is the core nature of us humans. We want love, we crave for love and we give love. WHY CAN’T AQUARIUS KEEP UP WITH THAT? AREN’T THEY SUPPOSED TO BE PEACELOVING HUMANITARIANS? Why are Aquarians so inhumanly cold?
    My conclusion is that Aquarians are robots. They don’t have emotions and they lack consciousness. Anyone convinced of the opposite is just too blind to realize the truth.

  38. Read the intro and the comments, wow. The description of the aquarius man is a replica of the aquarius man I dated and just finished with. He was hot and cold, up and down, available then unavailable. I NEVER knew where I was with him, he was the master of game playing, control and mind games and tests and mixed signals He was I am sure messed up and he nearly messed me up too but I escaped into the arms of a much nicer man. REALLY, I just gave up but I was so in love with him but why? He was mean, mean and cold words sometimes with absolutely no demonstration of love or affection or anything really, robot and an emotional cripple. I am so glad to be out of his clutches as he made me the chaser. What Was I thinking, I think I lost my marbles. No more, I am done and dusted now.Well but obviously still pondering over him, it is what they make you do, figure them out. Those eeeeeejits.

  39. Been in a roller coaster relationship with Aquaruis man going on 4 years. I’m a Pisces .. He is 35, I’m 38 with 2 kids. We meet when I was in the process of getting a divorce.. He came in and said all the right things and everything that I had been lacking in my marriage he was doing.. Like most everyone stories he chased me and of course I fall for it.. When I emotional involved and let him know where I stood and my feelings, of course he said he felt the same but then did the disappearing act.. I did all the wrong things in the beginning when he did this.. Then I would say I was done and for him to leave me along, then he come begging me to take him back.. Then about year into it, I discovered he had been talking to another girl and pretty much telling her the same things he was telling me. I tried to leave him then, I told him that I had been honest with him and trusted he was being honest with me. I walked away but he wld never stop texting or calling me.. He tell me that he was sorry and that I was the one he wanted .. Blah blah.. Again I fell for it and we would be great for a while, then he wld start the distance and being aloof.. So I started getting that gut feeling and wld start questions.. So he broke it off, I didn’t chase after him or call him, he wld text I wld ignore it.. Then his text got to be begging for me to please answer and talk to him. I caved and of course we got back.. Well the same things wld start all over, I snooped one time and saw he was still talking to the other girl .. & never really ever stopped. I showed my a**.. Was very ugly I wanted him to hate me and stay out of my life.. At this point I was so thankful I had not let him really be apart of my kids life.. Well to make along story short, this same roller coaster ride took place a couple more times with the same girl.. The last time I didn’t show my a**, I just got in my car and left.. Ignored him for a while.. He showed up at my house and I told him that I didn’t trust him, and I wasn’t sure that I ever could again. He said he would do anything to make this work.. The last year has been a little better and I cld see a little change in him and that he was trying . But twice I have caught him talking to her and of course .. Same O same o.. He comes begging me back.. I come back.. Everything has been ok, he seems to be making an effort, but its the times that he goes distant and aloof that I get those old feelings of wonder and worried. He has been trying I think but I think it is to late.. I gave him my whole heart and trusted him over and over with it.. He says he loves me I’m the one.. But his not giving me enough of what I need to feel the safety that comes in a relationship.. I’m wanting to end it, but I honestly have no idea how.. I know that sounds crazy it sounds crazy when I say it .. I would love to here how some of you have gone about breaking it off with your Aquarius man.. Thanks

    1. Hi-my aquarius male broke up with me for no apparent fault of mine. Make sure you are very confident of the fact you want to break-up. Because he is so stubborn he may never want to come back to you again. Once you have thought it out, explain everything that you have written here (safety factor etc) to him instead. Aquarians are level headed. if you talk rational, they will understand. and then he will leave you, no matter what.

  40. My aquarian boyfriend of 4 months left me because a) he thought i was not happy with him, when i had tears in my eyes about the fact that i felt he didnt care about me b) i fell sick for a while and during the time i was away and recuperating he felt he was better off being single. he dumped me for not having enough time for me. sports and friends are what get him going, more than i ever did. he told me he still loves me, when i asked him, looked at me as though he wanted to kiss me, but still didnt want a relationship. in his words, its my bad luck that he discovered the fact that singledom suits him better, while he was going out with me. i wonder if all this is just a phase. the reason for breaking up is rather silly and unserious. does anyone believe me will return to me ?

  41. Hi i am a sagitarius madly inlove with an aquarius man who drives me so insane. we met on fbook, he sent me a friend request later few days later received message in my inbox on fb thanking for my post as he really needed the advice i posted that day. I thanked him as he was so sweet and polite in his message, he responded and it carried on by day 3 he left me his work email address and i sent him an email. and we chatted like that for days. day time email, night time fb or whatsapp. truth be told i was in a steady and long relationship of which i have fallen out of the love with the guy i was with. He was engaged 5 years already. Things got really intense with my aquarius, he wanted to meet me in person i refused and turned down many coffee dates. I got scared as things were moving to fast in such a short period of time and i decided it would be best out of respect for our partners that we cut all ties. He was not happy but said he loved me enought to let me go. as soon as i let him go the Friday i realized how i missed him and realized my mistake, i wanted to send him a message on facebook only find he unfriend me. I was hurt that he unfriend me and took it he was done with me the thought that i left him left me heartbroken and couldnt stop crying, whole weeked i waited for some contact from him but nothing, by tuesday i was down and cut up inside, i kept staring at his picture which i had sved on my pc and begged on the inside for him to make contact. the evening as i went on fb there was a message from him “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”, I was not sure what he meant by that but i was only to happy that he made contact, i replied and he asked me if i was encouraging him to make contact and i replied yes. He told me how his heart was broken into a million pieces when i let go of us. he still wanted to meet me in person and i was still uncomfortable about that , oneday he asked if he could stalk me as he had to see what i look like in person, told him he could stalk me that day but i wasnt going to get in his car. The evening i got to my stop i see this guy standing there it was him, he looked so handsome and i walked over to him and said hi, could see he was nervous. He offered me a lift and i refused. And he folllowed me all the way home, as i was walking home he’d send me messages “f&#k you beautiful” id just turn around and smile. he told me he was more inlove seeing me in person. we met up again and the third date he spoiled me had the whole day planned for us it was magical, that nite he sent me a message and asked me why does he love me so much and that i became his world.. it was 2 days before he was going away on holiday with his fiance. he went away for 3 weeks. after week 1 i sent him a message that i missed him, he didnt respond later i sent him a message that he frustrates me by not making contact, i could see that he read my messages and that hurt me most. eventually i told him that i am backign off as it was clear he dont care as much as i thought he did, he responded that i was being silly and that he was still so much inlove with me. he came back from holidays and hardly made contact and i was torn, he eventually sent me a message saying he will be back at work and i will be all his that he miss me more than what i miss him. what am i to make of this . I feel like i want to quit on him yet, i love him so much even though his distance and coldness hurt so much. i feel if i meant so much to him why dont he make an effort to make contact. I feel like i am being used by this man. i hate this feeling that he has this power over me. do you think i should give up.

  42. Can someone please tell me if the Aquarius male I’m involved with sees me as a “friend,” or friend with benefits. He will text me out the blue and make advances to meet up. We’ve had nice conversations, and ive learned a lot from him. However is a bit older than I, and more experienced with life. I like speaking to him because I gain a lot from the conversation, however,I will avoid him because he is quick to show sexual advances. Like touching and what not; and I’ve already made it clear that I don’t do one night stands. Plus at the end of the day I’m focused on my dreams, and daily life to the point that I don’t even bother responding to his texts or calls. And the only time I respond is if I am bored. I’ve been honest, and I’ve been blunt enough to let him know I’m not the sleep around type. But I don’t mind friendship either, because I like speaking to him. He can go weeks without response andthen get mildly upset if I don’t make the effort to check on how he is doing. Bottom line, I’m a bit confused be he like to speak to me but his sexual advances come across so strong I’m starting to think as if he sees me asa friend with benefits and we haven’t even gone to first base. As a Gemini I’m first stimulated by the mind, and with him he’s to quick for my taste. FYI, I also made that clear to him as well. Nothing gained or lost, I just need input. Thank you.

  43. Hello ladies –

    Believe or not , I’ve read all 62 comments above and i gotta admit that , i am one of you : confused female Aquarius dating lost male Aquarius. Here is my story, and i would appreciate any comment or opinion of yours below.

    This aqua guy is 10 years older than me, he is 38 and i am 28. We met under interesting, yet fun circumstances, but at the time we met – i wasn’t into him at all as i was sort of dating someone else. We met at a bday party of a mutual friend and we chatted for a bit. I’m known for my solid sarcasm so during that night, i wasn’t paying attention to him at all. I didnt even find him attractive to begin with. He wanted to be the center of everyone’s attention, but i cared less, in fact, i gave him a hard time with some of my sarcastic comments. I wasn’t playing hard to get at all nor i wanted to be mean or rude to him, its just who i am in general. We didn’t even exchange numbers. However, aqua guys being all aqua ( i want what i can’t have ), he found my number and texted me the very next day. Somehow, he managed to get my attention with his intelligence, sense of humor, originality, you name it. He is also great kisser too : ) Our first couple dates were amazing. so much fun. then we hung out few times at his place. Finally, we became intimate and the sex to me … was okay. He surely enjoyed lot more than me as he couldn’t stop talking about it. We were dating for over two months, he would call or text me every day. He also travels a lot for work but that never stopped him from chatting with me the entire time, telling me about his day etc. He has showed me that he cares about me many time and on few occasions he said he really likes me and that he is really attracted to me. But then out of nowhere, he pulled the disappearing act on me. He hasn’t called nor texted me in a week. I was the last one to send him a short text wishing him a good day, he replied back and was all nice and soft, but he didnt initiate another date. So i let him be. I haven’t texted him either. I know we aqua people like our own space and freedom, but i am not quite sure what to think about this one, has he lost interest or he is just being typical aqua needing space? I do my own things , i live my life in meantime – i even met someone else who grabbed my attention, but i dont wanna jump into anything until i make sure where i stand with this aqua guy. I miss him, a lot but i don’t have the luxury of wasting time on roller coaster of emotions that he is putting me through. I thought it was all about sex to him, but he would’ve been done with me the first time we became intimate, no? We’ve had sex many many times after. I think he also can sense that i enjoy our intimacy but not as much as he does. Maybe that affected his confidence and made him pull away ?
    Any thoughts on this one?

    Thanks everyone.

    1. You two each have emotions and behaviors to deal with within yourself before you can make it work with each other. You are wasting valuable marriage time at age 28 dealing with this. You are entering your first Saturn Return and he is already in the transits of early midlife, having midlife crisis.

  44. So, when an Aquarius male disappears for a month, what to do? I don’t know if he’s mad at me, sick (which he was, but I would guess he’s fine now). Before he had to leave, everything was perfect.

    I’ve emailed him every few days nice, funny or just checking emails — nothing emotional — Not a peep.

    What’s the best way to get him to crawl back? He had to go out of town, meant to come back in a few weeks, then got sick…

    He is very emotional, so not totally shut down and in fact he was opening up totally to me, but now I’m at a loss.

  45. How about what would happen if I sent this to an Aquarian man I was dating that I hurt but has given me a second chance but is struggling to move forward from the issue ?

    1. LiLi, that would be up to you if you wanted to send the article to him. Maybe he will understand himself better and understand your behavior better. Maybe not. You might ask yourself your true intentions around doing it and how you will feel depending on the various possibilities of his actions or response. Whatever you do, be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions. I wish you love, peace and happiness!

  46. 6 months ago my Aquarius man broke up with me, out if the blue…we had been together 3.5 years, had only a couple of conflicts (large) during our relationship. He had been married for 22 years and divorced for 6 when we met. In the beginning, he told me he loved me and wanted to marry me, then as time passed, he stopped using those words and decided he didn’t want to marry or cohabitate. After 4 months if not seeing each other we ran into each other, he was happy to see me and hugged me when I left….after that saw each other as friends mostly around his family, as we were very intertwined in each others families during our time together. Then after 6 weeks of this, (always being tender and hugging me, telling me it was nice to see me) he told me he didn’t have any feelings and could see no future for us. I asked him if he would let me talk to him about our bepreak up, and he agreed. He came to my house, and I told him how I felt and that I thought he was just very scared to commit again. He told me he needed to analyze his thoughts before he talked about his feelings because he wanted to be sure I “heard” what he was saying. We went on a motorcycle ride afterward and when he left, he hugged me tightly and kissed me 3 times. I talked to him on the phone one time after that for a few minutes and have now decided that I don’t want any contact with him right now as I need to heal. Do you think he truly cares for me? Is that why he’s closed himself off and us running? Or that he doesn’t care at all?

    1. I forgot to add that I am 11 years older than him, and that our relationship wasn’t filled with the constant ups and downs I read about on these posts, he was always very respectful, very warm and lived to cuddle, and we had an amazing sex life. He just seemed to shut down all of the sudden and he did tell me if we got back together he didnt think he would be able to give 100% of himself.

  47. My Aquarious man is hot red mad at me. Over react about what he believes I said about loves king! I’m away for server always weeks now he’s still cold mean and shouts get out of my life. He still hasn’t made effort to call or text me. Punishing me in the relationship 6 years I don’t know how to handle it. I don’t want to lace the call in he really needs to this time.

  48. Hi I’m 20, I’m a Pisces 3 decan with Venus in Aquarius male. I’m gay. Now I’ve known a guy. He is a Leo with Venus in Virgo. I need help because I hate him but I love his body.This Aquarius in my Venus is destroying my love life!! I need an explanation!

  49. This is by-far thee best article about an Aquarius man I have read!! It is my Aquarius to a ‘T’! It was insightful and very helpful. Being at a cross-roads with him, it helped me.


  50. Fantastic, I was nervous, I was charmed. This article really did it for me. Sagittarius female who has feral cat syndrome… is falling for an Aquarius man. Here we go!!!! I am so excited :3

  51. I have been in love with an Aquarian man for almost 4 years now and everything everyone has said has been oh so true…and I still love him. Being the private man that he is I put him on blast on social media (something he despises and me being dramatic) and that was almost the end of us. He still brings up that episode and it has take two years to build some type of trust with him. Yes he disappears for weeks without a call, yes it drives nuts and I still am learning more about him (what he will allow). I should know this behavior because my Mother is an Aquarian and her nonchalant way of showing love sent me into therapy for years. It is there where I learned how to accept people as they are. It is now much easier to love him because there I do my best not set myself up with an expectation of his behavior. I enjoy our moments and allow us to love. This relationship has and continue to about growth for me and I know for him as well. I know this because when I say I love you to him….Finally I get it back.

    Good luck everyone!

  52. I have dated an Aquarius man for 2 years I told him I want a future with him and want to get married and now he said that because of my ultimatum ” he needs a break. He cries and tells me he loves me but now he is confused and that I hurt him by telling him this and now he wants space . What can I do ? He completely blindsided me .. And is hurting me so much right now .

    1. HI Claribel

      You want this man. This is YOUR transit and YOUR planets that are being activated. My best suggestion is that you book a consultation with me to figure out your potentials, what is happening within you right now., how he affects you, and your best course of action.

        1. You can book a consultation from the side of this blog page. You can choose a 30 or 60 minute consultation (which will take place via Google Hangouts or Skype). Natal is your birth chart and does not cover anything happening now, Transit charts are about what is happening now of in the near future. Please give your telephone number when you order

  53. I’m 33 and met a aquarian guy who is jus about to turn 20, I’m also an aquarian woman, we’ve spent the last three weeks doing awkward things, but it’s like I had met my other half, I can’t explain it but to everyone it was wrong but it just felt so right, we’ve shared a night intimately unplanned, something was exchanged, the kiss felt electrifying( if I’making sense), I asked him how he really feels, he told me he loved me, he had to leave for customary reasons, he will be back probably after a month, I feel so lost and alone, I feel so empty, I feel so much void tht he’s gone, I feel as if I’ve lost him, I can’t talk to him, he can’t either, my question is, when he gets back will it still be the same?, I asked him before he left if I’m waisting my time loving him? He said no, somehow I’m afraid if I’ve lost thee most important thing in my life? I’m scared, I’ve realised that I do love this man regardless of any shit!

    1. Ask yourself why you love this peson regardless of how he (mis)treats you. What are you getting out of it? You now know what you are dealing with; there is nothing to question except what need is it fulfilling in you to take all this misery! What is YOUR wound? WHat are his planets activating in you? What is being brought to your attention about yourself due to his Air element and Sun in Aquarius?

    2. Hi i read ur article and i cant even begin to tell you how perfect it is..please help me with my situation! Please! I met my aquarius guy through a common friend at a party..i found him cute and but we din interact much. Next day he sent me a message on fb and we got talking.. He is 7years elder.. We started meeting and ended up hvin sex and it was so much fun.. We used to meet everyday drink have sex talk a little and leave.. Even i was having fun and din want anything was a proper meaningless fun thing..he used to travel alot and wverytime he used to go sumwhere i used to think that ia the end but sumhow we used to alwaz be in touch would meet as soon as he would enter the city..he has never shared alot with me but since we used to meet everyday i kno quite a few things about him..we never met outside in any public place..its gonna be more than a year now….afew months back i started feeling veryyy deeply for him..ofcourse it was a gradual process and i started telling him that i cnt be in this meaningless relationship anymore..we used to decide to end things but he used to msg me after a week or so with sum stupid excuse and we would end up meeting at his place..this happend alot of times..i started begging him to not msg me but he used to joke mke fun and not acknowledge my request..everytime i used to try to talk about sumthing serious he starts making fun and tells ne this is how we started our relationship i cant do anytging more than this.. My only request was to start doing normal things like goin out meeting people sharing a little more and talking alot more..So finaly after months of pleading to do normal things i gave up and told him i wont meet u or makeout till u decide to take me he started taking baby steps he called me out for drinks with a couple of frnds..after drinks he cme to drop me hme n wanted to have sex but i was not willing to makeout with just one days outing..he took me out after a few days as well but again wanted to do it after that night..his thing was that he cnt completely stop doin it and that hes tking steps to try to do normal things..but one day we met and i startedmy usual questions and he blasted saying this is the max i can try to do normal things..if u want a relationship after this thats never going to happen..and i asked him why he had no his angwr he started saying mean things but a walked out..I thought i got my answer and that he would never contact me..but again after a week or so he messaged me with sum silly excuse..i told him to apologise fr that day he did..i asked him if he will tke me out and do normal things he said he will try..i hv started having sex with him i hv no answers..if he doesnt like me why doesnt he let me go?? Its been more than a year why cnt he stop having sex with me and find sumone else??? He has seen me crying begging but still its been 3months he has not taken me out with just the two of us?? He cancels or just doesnt plan anything..why??? Does he only want a meaningless sex relationship and never wants to take it forward??? What is it that he wants??? Also he doesnt he lost his father at a very young age..he is 32 and im 25..i watch him hanging out meeting his frnds going out alot but he doesnt wanna do any of the things with me..he tells me sumtimes ur not even my frnd and laughs..he tells me he loves yo irritate me but i wonder if all the things that he says are true? I kno he cares for me but i want more..will he ever be able to commit or take our relationship to a next level or will i always be a fling for him….pleaseee Answer!

      1. I would say he is just using you. But him being an aquarius guy just makes it complicated to tell. I also am dealing with one and he once asked me out, isaid no but after weeks i grew feelings for him, told him now months later i love him and he says he loves me and it took him a while to finallly ask me out sadly we didnt last bc i thought he was cheating. He is a big flirt and he admits it but your man just seems rude. I thi m it has nothing to do with zodiac signs at this point. Its about being a respecctull man and if hes not taking u out and only wants you for sex then isnt it obvious that hes using you. It takes him a week to finally come back? Mine cant even go a day without texting me after we get into an argument. Even if i ignore him for a day or two he keeps messaging me saying the silliest things or simply i miss you or dont ignore me. But what u need to do is try and move on. Not be too attached to him or make him the center of ur day/ happiness. Also keep in mind commitment and being tiied down is a turn off for aquarius since they like thwir freedom. So just live ur life and put urself beforw any guy. Respect urself and body because if its been that long and he hasnt told u i love you or taken u out or made u feel special through actions other than sex hea not worth it

      2. I suspect he is using you, don’t let that happen. If you are looking for commitment and he doesn’t show that, I believe it is better if you go away from him. In the beginning it will be painful but you have to love yourself.

      3. Having sex with him doesn’t guarantee any emotional bond between you and him, because men are different than women and men can get sex pretty easy today. You have to respect yourself, don’t go after him.

  54. Most of this info is not true to me as I am an Aquarius. And I am a decent look person when I ask random people I am more out spoken the shut down more or less from the relationship and people I’ve encounter throughout my life. I am happy Most of the times but I’m not the person you want to piss off!!!

  55. I have been knowing this guy for 10 years it’s like he finds me or if he knows someone can get in contact with me he tell them to tell me to call him. When we got back in contact with each other we started out spending time with each . I don’t have kids he would ask me do I want kids and say things like if it my child he would say and do things that make me think he wants to be with me and then he change up on me and say he wants to be friends . He stares at me and I asked him not to do that cause it makes me nervous.but that’s my insecurities. But any who when we are in public he acts like strangers and if we are eating out he’s on his phone he ignores me but when we are alone he talks he tell me his thoughts but not to much and I thought he trust me he says he can’t trust no one . And he when we sleep I’ll put my arm around him he will grab hand and hold it tight I feel like he is scared to be with or he just really want to be friends

  56. So I’m am Aquarius woman who just met an Aquarius man. I have a huge crush on him I’ll admit. I gave him my number after 2 weeks of talking to him in person. Two days later he called me and out of the blue he mentioned “well I don’t let many people know me and I don’t want to date you but I’ll have to come over sometime. I’ll possibly call you tomorrow. ” I think he’s just saying the exact apposite of what he feels for I don’t think a person who doesn’t like you would tell your pretty and go out of there way to talk to you and ask you questions about love and relationships. Can some body answer if Aquarius males or known for doing and saying opposite of how they feel. I’m confused. I care for him but I’m very quiet and shy around him..i fee like however that I found my other half. We are so much alike it’s scary.

    1. yeah the old aquarius-aquarius relationship. I have to say its probably the srtrongest magnetism with another aquarius than any other sign. The trick is to get each other to compromise and sacrifice or else its just gonna be mutual admiration and lots of fun. If thats all that matters then i guess go for it.

    2. They are definitely prone to acting opposite of what they are feeling so watching actions is important but remembering to invert the meaning behind the action is essential in order to better interpret their intentions.

      They are actually extremely sensitive creatures, but you will only know it if they want you to.

  57. I need help with my Aquarian male!! I’m an Aries female. He is so loving in the moment, makes a lot of promises then disappears when he needs to deliver. Then I nudge him, frustrated, then give up and he reappears and does it again. How to get him to commit and follow through? He owes me a lot of money and has my Christmas present and other stuff. I’ve seen him follow through when he wants to, so how to entice him to want to. We broke up over all this and he’s back and forth with his ex….I want him solid and him be done with her. She is Scorpio and truly mean and manipulative. When he’s away from her, he’s nice. How to get him to see straight and be decent and do what he says? Why make all these promises? Just to hear himself talk? It’s so rude. I’m so hurt and I feel he controlling. And then he’ll surprise me and be loving, then disappear and I never know if I’ll ever talk to him again or not.

    1. I’m with an Aquarius. My dad is also an Aquarius. The best way I have seen success with them is the same, go away from them and do your own thing and don’t involve them. Don’t enter their space or world and get very into yourself and your things. When they come trying to nose around in your space be cordial but short in communication and nonchalantly respond but keep doing you until he shows you with action and if he never does then keep doing you. These people are highly intelligent with language and it’s not the language you should trust from them but action.

    2. An Aquarius will never settle with an Aries.
      And an Aries never knows how to admire and Aquarius.
      And their sex dry after an Aries think “I can” And that’s when they are terrible.
      Then to be controlling and evil they hurt poor

      I am a Libra who has to deal with an Aries after having a baby with the Aquarius I am dating.

      She is intimidated, manipulating and so much to me a joke.
      I actually admire her poor at least trying strength.

      But inside an Aries she wrinkles with anger.
      Aries get away from Aquarius.

      Aquarius don’t get to near or to close to an Aries.


      1. I (Aries woman) cherish my Aquarius man beyond the beyond. Too much, maybe. I know how ardent and true he is when his mind is to it fully. Why then does he make grand promises and then disappear? How do I get his attention to follow through. He feels guilty because he owes me a lot of money, but this couldn’t be all it? I told him, just be on a payment plan, follow through and then we can continue on. I’m very forgiving about it — so I don’t think that’s it fully. I want to shake him. Why say all these things, promise stuff with no intention to follow through???? It’s evil. Just be honest, I ask, though I believe HE believes it all. He makes a specific point: I’m coming to visit you this weekend, tells me he will be with me all month, tells everybody! Then I get everything ready, excited, make fun things to do and HE NEVER SHOWS UP. Three times. Do I go up to visit him and pin him down to answer why? How to do this????

        And I disagree about the emotional. He’s very very emotional. Follows emotions, a rollercoaster. I like that. He’s way better at expressing HIS emotions than I am, in fact. He doesn’t have a phone now which makes all this worse!

        Should I just show up? He’s better and more honest in person, but I feel he should be coming to me so I’m not chasing him.

        Doesn’t he realize he is making others suffer? Why if he is such a genius is he so selfish? His mother punched him in the face for the way he’s treated me and because he disappeared and she was worried he was dead! He laughed when he was punched. He knows he deserves it, feels so guilty and yet it’s so simple to fix. Just communicate! Easy! HELP!

      2. Aries are actually compatible with aquarius. Its just that we are not as capable of understanding them as libras are… But i know quite a few aries and aquarius marriages that still quite strong.

      3. Sandy .. Do forgive me , but all Aries are not the same… I’m an Aries woman in love with an aquarius man and though our situation is one where neither can be together.. I value him very much, not only is humble, he is sweet , kind, funny and very smart… The problem truely with the Aries is the key to having patient for the Aquarian man because they are people of time.. Takes time for them to have and even stay in a good relationship… But being his friend is better than being nothing at all. ?

  58. Hi, I’m a Virgo woman and my partner is an Aquarius. I can’t even begin to tell you how spot on that was. I am a very odd woman and somehow he is very attracted to me. Well anyways… He seems to be very distant here lately and I would like to throw out there that me and him have only been dating for 3 months. Although when he asked me to be his girlfriend he had told me that he loved me spot on… It didn’t take long. We are a long distance relationship so it is much harder for communication and here lately he is very busy. We are young and just now getting jobs so I can understand all of that. Well my question is, is how do I get him to open up to me? When we argue (doesn’t last long) he automatically shuts off and ignores me OR he says hurtful things like “maybe we aren’t meant to be”… But then later he’ll make an excuse as to why he said it and/or change the topic FAST. I tend to be a very emotional person as he is. So how do i get him to be more trusting and open up to what he is feeling.? and just a side note; i do not have his social media accounts, phone number and when i bring it up hes always saying things like..” why would you need my number if we can text on here for free ( kik)”…..and i KNOW what youre thinking (he could be fake) hes not…because 1.) He an average looking guy
    2.) i have more photos in my gallery of him than i do myself. 3.) IM A VIRGO…i analyze EVERYTHING.

  59. So if you’re in this situation as a woman (see quote below), what should you do? Do aquarian men eventually approach you, even if they’re shy with you, if they’re interested?

    “But when no one else is looking, he is watching YOU at the party or other social event. He is collecting information on what significant people think of you. If you are a woman who is extroverted, gregarious, smiling, popular, intelligent and attractive (especially if you are of a different ethnicity, nationality, unusual in dress or appearance etc) he is following you around the room and at other times he has his ears open for any news about you. He is filing it all away in his mind because he wants to be able to “surprise” you with all the information he has gathered about you.”

  60. This article scared me. 110 % accurate. Actually the finance part not so much. Mine was in major debt but actually was great at making the money or debt work even though there were no savings. My Aquarius left me after 25 years. Marriage kids. Exciting life. Great sex. Lonely marriage for me as he didn’t make enough time for us. He cheated a few times at the end of our marriage and felt I was not his true love. He found her she left him and he”s out looking for her now. I still love him despite the hurt he caused, his lack of being around the kids is hurtful and his utter cold nature is surreal. His happiness comes first before the kids even. I really want to hate him but reading this article makes me understand it’s who he is. We had good times and now it’s done and he’s on the move forgetting his past and responsibilities. I really feel this sign is a text book definition of a narcissist. It’s the life you live loving an Aquarius. Oh…I’m a Scorpio. Worst combo ever right 😉 I will never date an Aquarius again.

  61. I am an Aqua Moon and tend to break every relationship before even take the time to know the other person. I think too much, I analyze and wonder endlessly… it comes so much easier to tell a person I like them even though it’s of no significance, than to reveal my true feeling to the person I love. I treat people I love horrendously. I lost the love of my life because I was ignoring him, playing games and was too fucking stubborn and vain to show him how I really feel. And then guess what? I blamed him for not understanding me and for marrying another girl. He must have had enough. I still feel like the victim of the story, I felt terrible and abandoned but years later I understood he never really knew my feelings. I just can’t explain myself. I am terribly scared of showing my feelings, I’m afraid of being hurt and laughed at. I feel showing emotions is quite ridiculous like in the cheesy soap operas. I pretend not to feel anything just to avoid a scene. I guess it’s all about insecurity and also a little bit of evil Aquas have inside, for being smart and rational and able to control the others through feelings. I was playing the games to prove myself he was worth it and he deserved my thrust and love and finally when I was ready to show off my love he started another relationship and got married. I was devastated. Unimaginable devastated since I am idealistic and a romantic dreamer deep inside and made all these scenarios of what our love might be and then pufff…. it was horribly disappointing and hurtful. Don’t judge the aquas, they are enormously capable of love, they are the sweet love makers, the dreamers that will make your life a dream come true. Just be persistent, don’t get discouraged because of their games, because they are only testing you to see if you’re worth it of their idealistic love.

    1. I had a similar experience with an aqua male. he was the love of my life. it sounds so cheesy saying it out loud. I am not big on PDA or exceptional displays as i’m an aqua moon but i do like to know where i stand in a relationship and prefer a direct approach no mind games but this aqua i was with was just immature and loved his mind games more than his own mother i think. All of the things you described happened to you are near identical to my situation only i was the one who got married and not sure how he felt about it but i can only imagine it wasn’t nice for him but i instantly regretted doing it. i loved him so much it actually hurt to admit that he broke my heart because i had never let anyone get that close to me before for that very reason and he knew that. but i think aqua males are very intelligent and they know when they can hurt you and do it anyway, deliberately. Us leo are too forgiving and have made up excuses in my mind for him as to why he was such a jerk to me in the relationship but can’t think of anything. my pride was hurt more than anything and my love for him soon vanished after the way treated me with lack of respect and any form of empathy like i was nothing. All i can say is godlike leo girls, aquas although we get on great with them , you really need an emotionally evolved or mature one to give you everything you want and thats honesty, loyalty and mutual love and respect.

      1. Yes! I agree with many of the issues you stated and thank you for your response. It was two weeks yesterday that I have not heard from him so I decided to reach out to him just one more time to see how he was and where we stand. All I texted was “hi, how are you”….the message was definitely delivered, but he did not respond. Even though I do not feel like I got any real closure with him. I can honestly say now that I will have no regrets moving forward. I did all I can do. I reached out and poured my heart out. It hurts really bad and he has chipped away at my pride as well, but each day gets better and I feel myself getting stronger again. He definitely is not mature enough and I do feel like he deliberately hurt me. He treated me like I was nothing and pretty much just threw me to the wolves. Lack of empathy, respect, love, honesty and the list goes on! Why? I’ll never know. He treats me as if I cheated on him or stole from him or as if I was a bad one night stand. But no this was real serious. We were committed and making sacrifices for each other because of the distance. I just don’t get….

        Thank you again though, I really appreciate it!

    2. I needed to hear this. I truly love my Aqua Man and man DOES HE PLAY GAMES! We are 4 years in and it has been a ride. The description above is so fitting. He even had the nerve to say “I think you need to see other people” ha!!! He had a fit when he found out I slept with someone else when we were on the outs and couldn’t understand how I could betray him. HA! This is a man in his 50s and has never been married. I have never married either. I do feel he is terrified of completely opening his heart and giving a total full commitment. He never has i think only to his two daughter’s Mother. My Mother made my Dad wait 6 years however they have been married for 50 years this July.

      Not sure what I am going to do however I cannot not deny that I love him. We will see what happens. Thanks everyone for the feedback. It has truly been helpful.

  62. Hi I’m a Gemini woman married to an 25 year old Aquarius man we have a son together and my daughter from my younger years. He’s never been the lovable kind of person, when we go out he acts like a total stranger towards me, he doesn’t allow me to put any pictures of him on social media, he’s never home always busy with business, rarely has sex with me and it’s always a very simple sex. He’s a defiantly a mommas boy to where if we are all in the car he will let her seat in the front seat instead of me… Well lately we’ve been having issues because he’s never around only with “friends” and when he is all he talks about is money, business, etc and he doesn’t have sex with me. I never bring friends to our home but one female best friend (she’s pieces) comes here and there but he always talks about she’s not pretty or smart and says mean things about her all the time.. Well the other day he said to spice up our marriage that we should have a threesome with my friend!! I couldn’t believe he asked me that.. He actually tried so hard to convince me saying it will turn him on to see a female being all over on me but for some reason I feel that this entire time he’s been having a crush on her and thought a threesome would be he’s only way to having sex with my friend 🙁 I’m so heartbroken… He also had he’s ex gf on smapchat a few months ago and he’s reason to having it did not make any sense.. He also texts he’s old friends from high school and tells me there’s nothing wrong with that… Yesteeday we went to have breakfast at our usual restaurant & I’ve notice that the youngest prettiest waitress that works there tries to flirt with him and infront of me they have convos leaving me out of it, so I got upset and said something which ended up being some what of a scene at the restaurant. He was so upset with me he didn’t even want to see me that day… I feel that he’s done with me and is bored of me. I mean if he’s been checking the only friend I ever bring around enough to want to have sex with her. I don’t want to feel unwanted and unloved anymore… I’m hurting and all he does is act selfish towards me.. I need an advice i don’t know what to do I’m truly tired of feeling cheated on and feeling insecure. I was never like this before and now he makes me feel ugly and dumb because he thinks he’s always right.. 🙁 I can’t do it anymore 🙁

  63. your article has opened my eyes .whatever u have written my husband has all the characterstics.i m for married last 21 years.he is loving and caring husband i donot know. but i love him a lot n care for him even he knows this.all these years whatever happened i never complained to my hubby i knew that he is introvert but since last 3 years he has gone deep in spirituality ,he wants to understand the mystery of life, he wants to stay alone.u r right he loves his freedom. why people change like this the man who was not ready to read the newspaper if i m not sitting beside him now he talks about seperation.but i believe in the power of love he will come out of his thoughts and say sorry to me. inspite of so many years of marriage i m madly in love with him.i love all his actions and reactions. he is my man .he loves me but his desire to show the world that he is unique stops him to express himself

  64. Great article. I recently walked away from an Aquarius man. We were seeing each other for about 2 1/2 months. When we first started talking he told me he wasn’t looking for anything serious but wanted someone to have fun with and get to know and later on if it felt right the could be more. I was very impatient that he didn’t involve me more in his life or that he wasn’t sure if he could date me officially yet. He texted me every single day. Several times a day. We saw each other 1-4 times a week but I felt he was holding back. We were having sex and it was fantastic. It wasn’t all about that though and he said it was more than just sexual for him and that he wasn’t seeing anyone else but that he didn’t want anything serious and wasn’t sure when he would. I took it as a rejection and told him if he couldn’t see dating potential yet that I would have to say good bye. He said he understood and let me go. I am now regretting this. I thought he’d resist somewhat but that was 8 days ago and I haven’t heard from him. We got along very well, had a lot in common, a lot of fun and the sex was great. Will he be in touch or had that time come and gone? I thought I’d hear from him the next day but unfortunately I didn’t. 🙁 Do I just give up and do nothing and hope he contacts me?

  65. I met an Aquarius male on Instagram. We had been following each other for months and liking each other’s pics, but that was all. Until one day out of the blue he sends me a private message. Mind you I just broke up with my ex 5 days prior. So it was all so very surprising to me and intriguing that a guy that I actually found to be interesting solely based off viewing the pics on his page was actually also interested in me and came around at the right time. I thought the Stars had aligned. I had never met nor dated anyone from the net before. I am a 28 year old Gemini and he is a 21 year old aqua male to the fullest. The first time we talked on the phone it was too real and we spoke for hours about my previous relationship, his previous, fashion, music, food, family…basically any and every topic was up for debate! We hit it off quickly and started face timing on a daily, sending cute pic texts etc. Even though my ex and I are not together anymore we still work together and I told my aqua male this from the beginning. Just because it didn’t work out on a personal level between us doesn’t mean that we still can’t have a successful business together which we do and still have with no feelings attached. Back to me and Aqua. We started flying back and forth from NY to Chicago. I couldn’t believe I was doing this because I thought to myself where is this really going to lead? He’s 21 and lives in Chicago. We are a 1000 miles apart. Plus I wasn’t ready to get back in a committed relationship yet. It had been about 4 months since breaking it off with my ex of two years. I thought this will just be fun and exciting, nothing serious. However clearly the universe or what have you had a different plan for us. After my first flight out there. When I got back we face timed and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I couldn’t believe it. And what’s more unbelievable is I said yes even though I didn’t think I was ready. But everything about us was perfect in my mind. Our connection and bond were so strong even before seeing each other in person and that’s what really drew me in to him. To be 21 I thought he was so mature intelligent and driven. I told him all the time how his mind electrified me. I had met his whole family practically. His mom loved cooking for me. He told me his Dad doesn’t talk to anyone, but he can’t believe he’s actually holding conversations with me. The flying back and forth went on for about 3 months. Oh I forgot to mention he told me he loves me and said it all the time in person over the phone or in front of people. He always showed me affection and would even get jealous and mention if a guy or guys were looking at me. We had discussed him moving out here before. But I wanted that to be his decision and his move to make. I told him time and time again you are a young handsome bright man and I don’t want you moving here just for me. I want you to be your own individual and do what u feel is right for you. He told me he always wanted to move to NY and start his life and having me there makes it even better. He started packing his stuff and was even going on interviews out here for jobs and figuring out a budget. Asking me how much metro cards are monthly etc. We were really putting things in motion. Then after he gets back to Chicago from his last time being out here things changed. He stopped communicating as often and one day because I felt like he was ignoring me I didn’t text him back. Just so he could have a taste of his own medicine. When I reached out again a day later nothing. He straight up ignored my calls text everything. Finally we talked and he told me I’m a bug and that he needs space and time to process his thoughts. Then he completely flipped it and said I’m not comfortable with you and your ex working together. Every Time you are out here or I’m out there we always argue because he’s calling. I don’t want him in your life at all. He’s your past. (Mind you he had told me before he wasn’t thrilled about our partnership, but he would “try” to be okay with it and I’ve let him see our texts before which he asked to and I would always answer the phone in front of him to make him feel more comfortable to hear that we solely are discussing our work) He said he had also talked to one of his closest cousins about it as well and they don’t understand why we need to work together either. I just found it to be so selfish. Then he told me last time I was out there when we were around his friends and my phone kept going off. It was my ex but it was about business and he knew that. But he said that his friend had asked him who keeps blowing up her phone like that? He goes what am I supposed to tell him it’s your ex turned business partner??? First off we have been business partners before we broke up. We started this together and now you want me to rip away from him because you aren’t secure? Anyway after that conversation I told him I love him and would do anything to make him feel secure and know that I only want him. He said he would call me later to discuss everything after he processes his thoughts and never did. That was almost two weeks ago. I’m so hurt because I truly fell for him no matter the distance age anything. I just liked him for him. I trusted him. He walked away and left my heart and feelings dangling in his fingers. How can you be ready to make serious moves with someone confess your love for them but then just up and leave them hanging? Will he ever come back and will I even want him if he ever comes back? How can I trust him again with my heart? I feel like he sucked me in just to spit me out. How do you go from talking about marriage and kids one day with me in the future to nothing just coldness? Was it all lies?

    1. i believe he’ll come back when he’s got his emotions in check and decided that he was cruel to you. but its up to you to be prepared for when he does return if you want to take him back , someone who could leave you knowing all the feelings you had for him, personally when my aquarius did the same to me, i didn’t think ill ever take him back cos it hurt so bad , he made me feel like i cheated on him,it was horrendous nothing i said changed his mind. the biggest mistake you can make when his mind’s made up to leave you , is try to change his mind by being emotional or wearing your heart on your sleeve, he won’t be able to handle all that and will leave and you’ll feel lower than dirt. My advice, let him go , and focus on yourself , he’ll come back,. because he’ll realise he was an idiot and should have treated you better but his stubbornness means it’ll take a while for this to happen. , but it may be late and you may have moved on. wish you the best <3

    2. He’ll definitely come back cause that’s what we do when we feel guilty or need affection. It wasn’t lies, he’s just detached and he can switch off at any moment and then back on.Auarians are not liars he even may tell you a hurtful truth right into your face. Maybe he just wanted to show you he doesn’t depend on you and he’s not an option and you should cherish him more. Hot and cold, that’s the Aquarian.He’s playing games just to test you cause he’s so damn jealous and insecure. He’ll keep doing that to you on and on until whether you’ll get tired of him or accept him as he is. He may play the devil’s advocate just for the fun of it and he may do this just to test you or out of pure ego and vain.Maybe he felt hurt in his pride and reconsidered you and the relationship.He might think you’re not worth it and he might move on, and if he’ll come back it will be purely based on the moment emotion,maybe because he’ll miss you or remember your things/words/ moments etc. If he comes back it doesn’t mean he’ll stay forever or marry you. You should be prepared for anything cause you never know with an Aqua. Not even he knows what he wants. If you’re looking for marriage and a predictable life try a capricorn or a taurus.

      1. Nothing matters to an aquarian when he feels insecure or jealous, no matter if you show him clearly that he’s all you want and have accepted him with all his quirks and love him unconditionally, he’ll still play those emotional games to “test” you for his own amusement until he destroys the relationship and will charmingly blame you for not understanding him. whereas he never took the time to try to understand you, its a one way street with aquas. they don’t make you feel you’re valuable in a relationship enough to wait around to know you but they don’t want to feel like an option at the same time. its crazy. i like unpredictability in a relationship and won’t settle for a traditional life or routine (I’m the type to skip breakfast some mornings because its too “routine”) but there’s unpredictability and what aquas do. i’ll take my experience with my aqua as that – an experience to learn from, and just wait for a more emotionally evolved aqua who isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve because if he did then i’ll do the same, there’s nothing that turns leos off more than dishonesty or hurting our pride in anyway, (cheating, meanness etc) because we are deeply sensitive and warm despite our confident exterior we really are big softies and the slightest insensitivity is a massive red flag. we can forgive if a person is truly honest about their apology but if we see that they’re still playing around and see those traits in them that scared us off in the first place we’ll be running out the exit again and probably won’t look back because we scare easily – maybe its a pride thing, we tend to run away before too much damage is done to us as we never fully recover from a heartache. i strongly feel I’m destined to be with an aquarius because of how i felt with my aqua- it was like nothing else , i still love him insanely even though he’s hurt me pretty good but it would take real effort from him and honest and sincere words to put things right if he ever came back. his pride shouldn’t even matter at that point usually thats when a woman feels a man is truly sorry. It’ll still scare me to go back to him but it helps if he is deeply sorry and shows it in many ways. leos don’t commit easily so when they commit they mean it. we do have the strongest love of the zodiac after all. 😀

      2. Thanks Cris for elaborating more on your sign. If it’s met to be it will be, but I’m not going to hold my breath anymore. That just hurts too much.

        1. No man on Earth deserves to hurt for!!! Always remember that cause women tend to get too damn emotional and become martyrs while men don’t give a damn. Aqua men are mot for marriage, and if you’ll marry one you’ll hurt more than you do now cause he’ll cheat on you with anyone at any moment just for fun. Every single Aqua friend I have (cause I get along great with them on this level) cheats on his wife, there’s something about them that attracts people and they are not the one to filter them, they’ll go with anyone in the moment but they won’t even remember their name. I don’t think you need that. They’re maybe the smartest sign but very airy and shallow and they’ll hurt you intentionally, there’s no mistake there, they know exactly what they’re doing and always plan ahead and read your mind. So if you’re staying home crying for him, he just KNOWS it, cause he’s created this situation, it’s subliminal.Don’t ever underestimate their sharpness and playful mind cause they’re not stupid at all. But you know better, genius is malefic.

        1. we’re a fixed sign so as any fixed sign we’re looking for stability. Aquas are very open minded and coming from the future, but at the same time very traditional and they have these old fashioned principles in life life family life and social status and so on. That’s why aqua is prone to cheat after marriage, because marriage to him is like the shore and adventure lies on the sea, he won’t divorce you, he’ll always come back to you, but he’ll be bored of staying loyal and what’s most hurtful is that he won’t hide that from you. he might even tell you he’s cheated on you but he loves you, he’ll drive you crazy, this is what I call torture, it’s just another mind game of his, first to control you, cause as I said they’re very insecure and like to control people and situations, and secondly cause he likes to play with your mind, they love when you’re crazy about them. So my answer is they cheat while married. If they don’t want to commit to you from the very start they’ll simply let you know or leave you, but they won’t cheat on you, until he’s sure he has you as wife. They need security and stability from you, but they will never give it to you back. What they have to offer is adventure and lots of fun and a rich social life, cause they’re social butterflies, they make friends with everyone, so their options are always open, before and after marriage, it doesn’t really matter. You can’t just lock him in a golden cage cause he’ll break free.

    3. Don’t give up on him, if u truly love him. To an aqua man, what’s his is his and will never want to share regardless. It’s not that he doesn’t trust you.. He doesn’t trust your ex..take it from me . if his love is worth it to you cut all ties with your ex..or it’s never going to work.

      1. I do love him so much, but what he is asking is selfish. He’s basically asking me to change my business around for him because of his own insecurities. I want to be with him so bad, but not to the point where it’s going to jeopardize my business. It’s not fair. I was honest with him from the beginning about my business relationship with my ex. Now a week before he’s supposed to move here he backs out and runs away. I don’t want a runner. I want a secure confident takes what he wants type of man. And how many times am I supposed to keep reaching out to him just to never get a response. I can’t keep setting myself up for failure. I honestly just don’t think he’s mature enough to be with me or any type of serious committed relationship. Again I just feel like all he did was talk a good game for his benefit…whatever that was. I know I will never ever date another Aquarius. And they say Aquarius and geminis are a 100% match. Yeah maybe as friends not anything more. To leave someone hanging that you claim you were serious about and you just up and disappear whenever you feel like it is complete disrespect. It shows me you don’t care how I feel not one bit. It’s all about you and that is not a relationship or a partnership. You might as well just date yourself so no one else gets wrapped up in your BS. I’m just so hurt right now and truly wish I never met him. I would never be able to trust him again with my heart. He’s damaged that….he’s damaged us.

        1. You said it girl!!!! Gives me strength to hear you. After 8 months of it from my Aquarian man, love ofy life, I can tell you it will happen over and over. They never will be better. You are always going to be vulnerable to it. My guy is was just visiting, then suddenly decides to leave. This time it’s about to be my birthday. Will he return? I can’t say. I can’t plan. Im put on hold again for some whim or insecure thing. Aquarian men…grow a spine! Mine goes out of his way to make a plan, elaborate… Then does the opposite. Why say anything at all, Aquarian? Why not just say what you’re going to do and do it or say nothing?? Are you afraid we’ll see how boring you are? We love you so much so trust that and be conscientious. It’s soooooooo rude and cruel.

          1. Thanks girl! I’m glad this is giving you strength to pull through. I know I need some right now. And when you said “I’m put on hold again for some whim or insecure thing”, that is exactly how I feel! Like he just hit the pause button and he’ll press play and resume again when he’s ready. You said it best!

        2. You may not think he proved his love for u..but he actually did..he was willing to move to another State to be with u. He would only do this, if he new u are the one for him u totally disrespected him by constantly talking to ur ex in his eyes.

          1. Which is truly sad because all we ever talk about is business my ex and I. I even would answer my calls from my ex in front of him so he could hear our convos and he even web through our texts before. My thing is I know myself. I wouldn’t have let myself fall so deep for someone if I was insecure about them still having whatever dealings with their ex. So I made it known from the beginning, day one. If he couldn’t handle it then he should of never let us get this far and should have never confessed his love for me and make plans to move here. Just makes no sense and then get cold feet right before and leave me stranded. That’s what it feels like…a stray dog or cat who was left abandoned by their owners because they couldn’t “handle the situation” anymore.

        3. Runnnnn. You sound like a smart lady. 25 years later after I sacrificed my life so he can enjoy his…he left his family. Every Aqua man I know is independent charismatic a great friend but to his family a different story. They only want their there is no compromise with them. Very selfish men. From what I see they are not family men. Every lafy I know married to an aqua is miserable once the excitement wears off then it’s just exhausting

      2. One more thing….this is my second time dealing with this sign. This time was more serious as far as the steps we were taking to be together. However the guy I was dealing with a few years back who was an Aquarius is now coming back around telling me how he loves me and is in love with me. He’s not happy with his girlfriend now. He’ll never have another connection like what we had blah blah blah. And I’m just like your a day late and a dollar short man. That’s not the way the world and love works. You can’t decided to pick something back up because you realize it was the best you ever had and now you feel like your settling. I asked him why now? What about when we were actually dating and I was all about you? He said I didn’t know how serious you were about me so I got scared and pulled back. So open your mouth and communicate that. I just feel like with this sign when they start actually feeling someone on a serious level they just throw it away instead if embracing it with open arms. Which makes no sense at all because now look at him. He wants me and I don’t want him anymore. I’m over it. Thankfully we are able to remain friends and talk quite often, but he knows that I’m over him and what we once had. I’m not going to keep going back and forth. This isn’t high school. And now I’m afraid later on down the road it will be the same thing with this guy. Sad part is after this I don’t even want to be his friend which we could of been if he would of just talked to me instead of throwing my heart out like it’s garbage. “Treat people the way you want to be treated” …

        1. Aquarians: any stories or techniques from a girlfriend who really taught you a lesson? Did any one of you have someone get you back and gotten revenge?

          I want to teach mine a lesson once and for all.

          Mine hurts me and his family constantly like this. Just shows up when he wants but NEVER when you need him.

      3. aw its not at all crazy to feel like it, believe me i’ve been there and my situation is so similar to yours its like I’m reading my own thoughts. the difference being that he wanted me to give up my best friend for him. it is selfish especially as they haven’t even proven their love for you but expect you to give up something so important for them.

      4. funny thing is knowing that they left you because you refused to prove your love to them by not giving up something important to you but their leaving you in such a horrible way only makes you realise that you made the right decision to not throw away something important to you for someone who turned out to not to be worthy or deserving of such sacrifice . They just proved you were right to stick to your guns which was probably not what they intended (probably thought you’d realise what you lost but no personally it just seems like I didn’t lose anything if what i “lost” turned out to be a monster what’s there to lose if they were even nice then yeah maybe you’ll feel guilty for not doing all you could to keep them but treating you with such cruelty in other to “purnish” you for not doing as your told like your some naughty little child doesn’t help their case one bit)

        1. Spot on! I 100% agree with you on this. Him treating me like this makes me see what type of person I was really dealing with. His character will forever be tainted in my eyes whether he decides to return or not with an explanation. But he has shown me by doing this and acting this way that he is not capable of being with a strong confident independent woman like myself. Not trying to toot my own horn. But all those things I am. Maybe not the strongest right now because everyday is a struggle since dealing with this, but I do believe my strength will come back. Right now I just feel hollow inside. I just can’t believe that he would enter my life and invest all these feelings and emotions and then to even try to intertwin our lives by moving out here then just become a ghost the next day….
          Time heals all right….

          1. Ghost. Yes. That’s exactly how I feel each time mine does this. It’s all smoke and mirrors, tho very very fun at the time. I’ve been trying to heal reading about narcissists. Aquarian men are to the tee narcissists. Very destructive though it all seems perfect when you’re with them. One thing narcissistic personality (Aquarian) does will be like an exorcism happening. They narrow in on a hole you have because they are perceptive geniuses, exploit that hole to their advantage, then bail. That’s their whole purpose. Heal that hole, be grateful it’s been shown to you and you will be better for all of it. He will come back, but dont take him back.Aquarian men are fallen angels and demons. God help their evil narcissistic ways.

      5. Not fair to ask of her at all! My Aquarian actually was fine with me and my ex doing biz. But he too said he’d move to me and I’ve noticed for 8 months now there is always some little excuse or insecure bone he’ll throw I’m why he’s not ready. I flow with it and keep him as an option, but each time he does it, I grow colder. Last time I actually paid his trip back. I despise him, even though our whole time together is amazing and grows each time. But I’m sick of him deciding when he leaves or stays or comes and goes. It’s my decision. If he comes to me great. If not screw him though he is the love of my life. But I will have no life if it were left in his hands. Lose lose.

      6. Its a joke asking someone not to give up on a relationship where the other person has clearly moved on and constantly shows you lack of respect. whats the point. maybe aquas need to learn to communicate then we might understand what they want better.

        p.s i’ve finally reached my limit with my ex , i waited patiently over 3 months for him and he never returned and when i do see him whats worse is that he acts like he does hate me and can’t even acknowledge me , why bother. i don’t care anymore, i have met someone who loves me and is absolutely crazy about me. my ex i held on to for this long and refused to date anyone else for never even spoke his feelings and even when he did , it was that he didn’t care. cruel. anyway. I’m happy now. i was deluded to think he’d be mature enough to speak to me humanely and explain everything but he’s moved on and could care less it seems. i’m moving on too.

        1. It’s not a joke..Aquarian men are very misunderstood. They are actually the most loving, romantic men around. I should know I’ve been with mine since I was 13 years old

          1. Curious what’s your sign?
            I was with mine for 25 years.
            As long as things went his way things were great. Otherwise well we’re in the divorce process…

            Maybe you have the very few evolved aqua men out there 😉

          2. It’s true. Aquarian men are the most romantic most loving. When they are hooked in, there is nothing better on the planet. That’s what hurts so much with their sudden reversal. It’s almost better if they reign it in and not show it until they are really sure. Too careless with others and toy with people’s smitten hearts.

      7. Thanks for replying. i do think it’d be nice if they would simply communicate. i’ve been pushed away by my ex for the second time now because all he seems to do is act and say he doesn’t care. i can only believe what he says. oh well. i tried. I’m not one to give up easily thanks to being a fixed sign thats why its taken me this long to let him go but all he’s done is make me regret being this patient only to get treated the same way all over again. leaves me no choice really. shame cos he was to me, perfect.

    4. Noted. good thing i’m partly aquarius – in all fairness more aquariuan than i thought (rebellious , insistent on my personal and private space and freedom like it was oxygen and a fear of commitment , and i can be as bipolar and unpredictable as they come) and its also so easy for me to detach at a moment’s notice. so that in mind i’ll be moving forward from all these questions i had in my mind about my past relationship. in all honesty, i doubt he ever cared enough to come back – if anything i think he hated me. i just needed answers.

      thanks again for your input.

      1. Yes it’s ok to feel hollow right now . I mean someone did just rip out your heart for their own pleasure just because they knew they had it. But like you said time heals everything . Soon you’ll think of him less and eventually move on until he makes another re-appearing act (which I’m convinced he will) and possibly bring back all those feelings you’ve spent time burying and healing but just be prepared for this and stay strong so if it does happen you don’t find your feelings confused and you would know exactly what you want whether it’s him or not after everything he’s put you through and whether or not you can trust him again. Now’s the perfect time to decide all that before he shows up and confuses you. I think aquas take great pleasure in surprising you and turning your world upside down in the process (their definition of unpredictable) but no you should be fine handling him when he comes back as long as your prepared. Just stay strong. You are confident and feeling vulnerable through heartbreak is not to say you’re any less confident or able to handle your feelings – quite the opposite atleast you’re able to acknowledge how you feel rather than repress it and feel even more wounded. My heart goes out to you girl !

      2. Thanks girl! I really appreciate all you kind words thus far. If and when he does try to grace my life with his presence again I sure will be the listener and not the one divulging all my feelings all over again. I really would appreciate an explanation, that’s all. But until then I just have to live my life without him and try to not let my feelings consume me…tbc

        1. I laughed when my guy’s sister pointed it out to me, too. But after review (I’d been thinking psychopath), I see the truth! It helps healing and putting him at arms length. Feel sorry for them – they have no idea the depth they miss out on. I’ve dated 4 or 5 of them — all the same. Keep them, they are joyous, affectionate when they’re all into you — but BE VERY AWARE of the flip side of that. My first Aquarius got me to move to him cross-country and then, oops, his alarm didn’t go off and didn’t show up for an abortion. Yeah. So I did upend my whole life with mixed regrets. (I saw him a couple years after, walked up to him and slapped him in the face. He actually admitted he deserved that and then said every single word, as if I’d scripted it, I wanted him to say “Oh I just didn’t think I was good enough for you.” So, I got it from him and realized he was right, but I mourned for 2 years!!! My second got a concussion and then his brain shifted and he did a sudden about face on us. Then defriended me and refriended me 4 times? My third lived with me, we almost married, and then had to go back to his country, said he’d return, but “got sick” and made me deal with all his crap. Three months of total despair and then I met the next one, the one now. I’ve been more aware of all the psychosis, so held my cool and just said “ok” every time he tried backpedaling, but he’s been the most extreme (and the one I’ve loved the most). Aquarians DOUBT EVERYTHING and will question you over and over again. A couple weeks ago, he gave me the “we’re better off friends” speech and I refused to accept it because I said I hold friends in higher regard and his behavior wasn’t being a friend. The next minute, he’s back with his ex. The next minute, he’s all over me and planning a getaway with me. So this time when he “needed to get back home” I paid for the first trip out of town so I could get back to my work. One day, I just won’t be there for him. To sing the Beatles, One day, he’ll know/I was the one/But tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun!

      3. LMAO. “that whole jealousy trick doesn’t work on aquarius” . killed me. but yeah , leos are flirty by nature so they may not mean to make you jealous to test you. and yes we do tend to take things at face value. silly, but thats the way the wind blows. Found it interesting you mentioned that if they like you they’ll follow through as its against your nature. please elaborate?

    5. I think you might give your business partner another chance and stay away from Aquarian. He will destroy your whole infrastructure, just to see if you will jump.

      1. i don’t blame you if you have given up on him , i have given up on mine cos he never cared about me – he even told me so, and certainly never proved his love for me. its so hurtful to be disappointed by someone you thought you knew and had high expectations of. please don’t sit around waiting for him, its a complete waste of time, go do something creative or distract yourself with something, just don’t keep trying to reach out, he’ll eventually return cos you both had something pretty serious at the end of the day , he can’t deny that or deny himself something that could have been potentially amazing but he’s probably out doing his own thing for now, so do yours. when he’s done being curious elsewhere , he’ll return. then its entirely up to you where to go from there. i hope it all works out well for you.

      2. i honestly doubt that aqua males think of anyone else but themselves i mean they constantly test your love for them and never bother to try to prove themselves to the people they claim to love and fail all of your tests. i mean where did all the charm at the beginning go, , cos thats what we fell for, was it all an act? It seems as soon as they know you love them they want you to prove your love, neglecting your feelings and your needs, but no how bout they prove their love for us by being patient and definitely being respectful of our feelings, i mean every woman wants to feel like you deserve her love and not be the one to chase after you. i definitely don’t chase my men (my dignity won’t allow it) and don’t expect them to chase after me, i want a man i can walk beside and know where we both stand otherwise, it just won’t work. if a man proves himself worthy of my love and time then i’ll be more than willing to make every sacrifice possible to keep the relationship afloat, but its got to be a joint effort. my advice, just give him time, and go about your own business for now, and if he comes back and you’re both willing to make compromises then i say go for it, cos it sounds like you truly love him.

        1. I truly do love him and I told him that the last time we talked. I laid all my cards out on the table. I was so vulnerable with him and honest. The ball is in his court for now. But again even if he does come back around and somehow “fanagles” his way back in. I don’t know how I would ever trust him with my heart again.

      3. p.s i do think you’re right about them being afraid to face their feelings when things start to get serious, I’m the same but then again I’m an aqua moon. i will run away from any form of commitment (be it just a normal relationship , dating, marriage or w.e) but not without some form of closure to the other person but thats what aqua males aren’t good at, they’ll just disappear into thing air and leave you wondering if the whole relationship was made up in your head / or a dream etc.

        1. You hit it right on the nose! That’s how I’ve been feeling. Am I crazy? Was this a dream? Everyday I wake up thinking maybe there will be a missed call or a text of him being honest and opening up about everything. And everyday I’m disappointed. Sometimes I think to myself maybe one day I’ll come home and he’ll be waiting outside my building…crazy talk I know.

      4. And that was just it in the beginning when we first started talking just over the phone. I told him I didn’t want anything serious. I’m just fresh out of something and not looking for anything heavy. Only light and simple. Plus I didn’t want to put anyone in the middle of me and my exes BS, now just business partners. Because you never know like you said maybe I would have gave my ex another chance as time went on. But then I met Aqua and he had me thinking saying feeling, my ex who? Then he asked me to be his girlfriend and told me he loves me a few after that…why? I was so enthralled with him and he knew that. And as far as now I don’t even look at my ex like that anymore because all I crave is this douchebag. It’s so freaking sad. Yes I still find my ex physically attractive and yes we still have chemistry, but he’s not what I want, not now at least. This guy has really just turned my whole world upside down. I guess what hurts the most is I really feel like I lost my best friend not just lover. Initially what drew us both into each other was the conversations we would have. Yes we both knew what each other looked like but when having a long distance relationship like we had the communication must be at an all time high to keep both parties intrigued. And being the stir crazy scattered brain Gemini that I am I was so fascinated with his mind. He left me speechless at times with his words and I guess that’s what got me tangled in his web. We used to talk all night by FaceTime and all day texting calls or FaceTime in between. It was crazy, but we were pretty much wrapped around each other’s fingers. Now nothing. Now I’m just wrapped and hurt. And of course I have my dear friends and family but it’s not the same. You know what I mean….

      5. LMAO E, Your read was hilarious! I swear they should invent a word that sums up Aquarian behaviour – except for psychopathic obviously . It seems you’ve had your fair share of them sadly . Despite all of this I can’t seem to be phased by their behaviour is that crazy? Maybe I just see part of myself in them so I can’t judge. I actually find it hilarious . It’s the never ending games that just gets exhausting. I’m all for games but when does it end. Btw I think that your Aqua guy who didn’t show up to the abortion deserved more than a slap.

    6. Unfortunately for you there’s no changing an Aquarius. The worst part is we thrive from throwing people off cause it validates us. We can never see who we really are, so we depend on everyone around us to show us. Think American Psycho or Loki from Avengers. In reality we do not respect any rules so the first mistake is to place any rules or promise before them. The only truth we believe in is that there are no rules in life. Sounds psychopathic, unpredictable, weird, senseless, lacking direction but that’s the way the wind blows. My advice is stay ahead of him by having him as a friend and let him mature into a relationship. As an Aquarian I can say we only value true friendship, even if we don’t show it.

      1. is it normal for aquarius men (boys) to be manipulative? my ex was more attractive to me when he would approach me directly, not through other “means”. smh. unfortunately i still care.

      2. Well one of the things I dislike about myself is that sometimes I look back on all the mistakes I’ve made as experiments and that doesn’t seem to sit well with my Scorpio Moon since I need to hit rock bottom to learn anything. Some Aquarians take life as if its an acid trip, unfortunately. I really feel for Leos cause they’re the exact opposite of us and take everything at face value. I’ve fallen for Leos several times and each time I failed because I was too detached and most of the times they said things like “Well how was I supposed to know you liked me that much if you left for 2 months?”. And the whole jealousy trick does not work on Aquarius, trust me haha. So dont beat yourself up. The greatest clue that an Aquiarius cares is when he follows through, because its so against our nature. I think ours is trly one of those cases where “if he cares he will commit” In the end I think it comes down to the maturity of the person regardless of sign.

      3. the final piece of the puzzle (Consider it a parting gift and this “investigation” finally over, and you can move on to your next project)

        Planetary positions
        planet sign degree motion
        Sun Leo 10°02’30 in house 11 direct
        Moon Aquarius 8°02’44 in house 5 direct
        Mercury Cancer 20°57’58 in house 11 direct
        Venus Cancer 0°26’47 in house 10 direct
        Mars Virgo 23°56’19 in house 1 direct
        Jupiter Libra 9°57’36 in house 1 direct
        Saturn Aquarius 28°15’04 in house 6 retrograde
        Uranus Capricorn 19°23’50 in house 5 retrograde
        Neptune Capricorn 19°12’29 in house 5 retrograde
        Pluto Scorpio 22°43’16 in house 3 stationary (D)
        True Node Sagittarius 10°32’08 in house 3 retrograde

        House positions (Placidus)
        Ascendant Virgo 13°46’38
        2nd House Libra 15°04’25
        3rd House Scorpio 16°08’56
        Imum Coeli Sagittarius 15°33’57
        5th House Capricorn 14°01’39
        6th House Aquarius 13°10’21
        Descendant Pisces 13°46’38
        8th House Aries 15°04’25
        9th House Taurus 16°08’56
        Medium Coeli Gemini 15°33’57
        11th House Cancer 14°01’39
        12th House Leo 13°10’21

        Major aspects
        Sun Opposition Moon 2°00
        Sun Sextile Jupiter 0°05
        Moon Trine Jupiter 1°55
        Mercury Sextile Mars 2°58
        Mercury Opposition Uranus 1°34
        Mercury Opposition Neptune 1°45
        Mercury Trine Pluto 1°45
        Venus Trine Saturn 2°12
        Mars Trine Uranus 4°32
        Mars Trine Neptune 4°44
        Mars Sextile Pluto 1°13
        Saturn Square Pluto 5°32
        Uranus Conjunction Neptune 0°11
        Uranus Sextile Pluto 3°19
        Uranus Trine Ascendant 5°37
        Neptune Sextile Pluto 3°31
        Neptune Trine Ascendant 5°26

    7. Honestly?

      I dated an Aqua man and our age group is the same as you and your Aqua.
      I learned the harder way, but I suggest you let go of this toxic relationship before it’s too late.

      Mine acted same like yours, we were together for two yrs and during these two yrs we fought, and got back together and repeated… But now I realized that he only wanted to get back together becuz I was beneficial to him during his down time (financially and in life) things that I did for him not even his mother, siblings or closest friends would ever do for him.
      Then he met another girl, and coldly cut all ties with me. I recently found this out after seeing pix n such on Instagram.

      There’s many more events of thing happening, but too much to type… But I think it’s best u let go of this relationship before u get too deep into it and you’ll end up suffering even more.

      Good luck.

  66. Whatever you wrote i couldn’t agree more.. Those were the exact traits and specifications you mentioned about Aquarius guy.. And mistry is even if all those mind games he played I still wonder whether he was into me or not..

  67. I am a Pisces living with an Aquarius male for 2 years now. I recently learned in December 2015 that he had slept with his ex while I was away for the weekend at the end of September 2015. On February 29, 2016 he proposed, giving me a ring. I told him that I would marry him as long as he would be faithful to me. (The reason I accepted the ring is because I was totally caught off guard, didn’t have time to process it and totally didn’t even think about the fact that he had been unfaithful, plus I’d never been proposed to before.) I’m concerned that he may not be over his ex still and could possibly be seeing her even though he swears he’s not however he tells me that he’s done with her because he believes that she betrayed him by telling me that he slept with her. I’m just wondering if this guy is stringing me along if I can even trust that marrying him makes sense or should I end the relationship and if so how do I go about ending it. I’m 45 and he’s 51. Any advice is truly appreciated.

  68. AQUARIANS! omg! where do i start! ok, i guess ill start with STAY AWAY from them! I mean it. it will keep your sanity and you will thank me for it! I wish someone had advised me sooner , it would have saved me the trouble! ok, right why do i say this? Aquarians are the biggest pyschos out there! No joke! there are the biggest manipulators on God’s green earth ! they think its Genius? no its not , its psychotic! you’re psychotic! you shouldn’t have to manipulate people to get your way. More importantly you should never manipulate the people you pretend to love. the quickest way to lose any woman! anyway so i’ve mentioned the manipulation , but can’t emphasise it enough. they will manipulate and turn your entire world upside down for their narcissistic egos to feed off of ! why anyone would feel the need to manipulate another human being and make use of their explicitly wild imagination to take advantage of someone else’s good nature is beyond me! i will stay far away from aquarians from now on! i feel repulsed that I have aquarius moon, i feel I’m cursed so it means I’m also a little bit evil maybe thats why i can see right through their manipulation. i feel ashamed to have fallen for a person as this before. what is the gain aquarians? what do you gain from messing with people’s minds? its disgusting. you’re not God. don’t toy with people and their feelings for your own selfish , narcissistic amusement! if you don’t love people, and are not capable of being human, don’t surround yourselves with human beings, stay alone. don’t drag people’s hearts into your mess! its pretty fucked up! i will never love another aquarius till i die. it will be forever painted in my mind that i was once a victim of your shit. its indelible. God help you. i can be thankful for having my Cancer in Venus so i can love other deserving human beings … smh.

      1. EXACTLY! and be careful cos they
        WILL cheat on you and their excuse will be something along the lines of I didn’t believe you when you said you liked me so I fucked someone else while fucking you and all the while talking to you and telling you I was falling for you :/ They will be the first to point the finger too and if they’re wrong you better believe you will someone be the one at fault ! Aquarians are cowards end of.

    1. I’m confused ur as my self are taking advice from plan b. I definitely think this lad was up against the ropes from day dot but boy did he have a go at excepting and working with to avoid unconfort. If she didn’t see this she must live in a cave. Never mind

    2. Agreed. Just coming to the realization that my 23 year marriage is over because of all the reasons here. But i have learned my lessons and will appreciate the perhaps 5 happy years i had with him. I know that when its over he will still be what he has always been…just a friend..

      This site is very helpful and i can finally breathe a sigh of relief. This virgo is throwing in the towel.

      Take heed the warnings and walk away swiftly until you can run.

      It is a shame though…they make such lovely promises…lies…lies…lies. The insecurity is incurable…sadness. But again i’m glad to finally know and move on with my life. Best wishes.

      1. Hi Diane,

        So sorry to hear that your marriage is ending. I too am a Virgo and my aquarian is just as everyone is describing. I have known him a year and a half and it has been very interesting. However, I am not one to allow people to mistreat me and hang around. My aqua man has told me that I disappear on him. LOL ! At first he intrigued me. Now I sometimes feel like what the world. I am the type that I will work with you. But, you are accountable for your actions and the bull crap excuses dont work. I am in process of distancing myself from him as I really care about him but dont want to get in any deeper. I dont want to love him and marry him and end up miserable because I want to marry and need to be able to trust the hand that holds my heart. I believe that we can change any behavior that is not favorable if we choose. And I know that a Virgo woman will hold him down and work with him as long as he loves, cares for, and repects her. One of my best friends is a Libra and has been married to an Aquarian man for 32 years (known him 41yrs). He is asking her for a divorce but still wants to be friends and have a physical relationship. They have 3 adult children and he is the only man she has been with. I am praying for both of you and the rest of my Sistah’s dealing with these particular men. Blessings !

  69. I’ve been seeing my Aquarius man for 6 months on and off. He keeps blowing hot and cold on me. It was very intense but he so drinks a lot and seems depressed. He won’t tell me how he feels which gets me frustrated then he ignores me for days sometimes weeks on end then as soon as there’s a problem and he needs support he’s back! I know deep down that he loves me but I can’t keep going round and round in circles with him as he’s driving me crazy!

    1. Leave him alone for a while he needs to figure out how much he truly loves you. His disappearing acts only come from his confusion about what he feels for you.

      I dated one last year, left him to be with another for 7 months, but we kept in touch the entire time through out my relationship. He worked out of town. When he returned closer to home, he warned me that he coming to claim what’s his. Yes he is doing exactly that and we are much closer than before. I have also met his family.

      So when he is distant, find a hobby or someone to occupy that time. He will return if he wants you. Don’t always tell him where you are. Let him know immediately when he hurts you, he will correct it.

  70. Iam a aquarius woman married to a aquarius male we where married on april 9,2016 .in the past i have cheated on him before we was married now that we are married he’s asking alot of questions about the past mistake i made why is he doing this will i our marriage last through this he’s all i have ever wanted it just wad a long time for him to grow up we been together for 19 year before the marriage what can i do to keep us together and our marriage growing we have three beautiful kids together help….

  71. OK so here’s my short and sweet story. Met a guy online. Aquarius of course.I’m a taurus. Now my first bf out of high school was an aquairus we lasted five years. A lot of these traits were him but both of us were so immature I couldn’t tell at the time how damn cold they r until I met this guy. Anyway…talking to him off top he was a charmer. Had a lot in common only thing was..he was going thru a lot. His friend had passed and he didn’t seem like he was happy with life. Drinking everyday said he didn’t have many friends he trusted and he also had never really been outside of our cities…like vacation etc. I honealty feel like i wass the total opposite like his little getaway. Anyway this man took me out bought me things told me how much he liked me and that I was perfect and he couldn’t find anything wrong. Of course I would tell him I’m not perfect but u never know. He mentioned to me that hr had seen me at a store one day but never talked to me cus he felt I was out of his league but when he saw he me online he couldn’t resist. Anyway over the course of the week we hung out all that became intimate. I even Invite d him over. Now he never invite me over to his place cuw he said he stayed with his sister and he didn’t really like it there. Maybe it was hood I don’t know. I usually don’t question those things n a week. So one day I was feeling sick and needed a ride from the train station. He told me he would get me from there. I ended up changing the stops twice. Once because I wanted to go to my car instead of him taking me to the doc. The second time my battery was dieing and I needed to get off so I asked if he could get me from another city on the way. He never answered my calls or texts until the next afternooooon. I was pissed. Then he told me he got stressed out and had to go home and sleep. But wtf. I was sick and he couldve at least told me that so I could figure something out . he apologized and all but really I don’t think he understood the importance of that and once I let it b known he kinda brushed Me off like calm down forgive and let go. So I did. That very night he said he wanted to see me and I was cool with that but I qs himnabiut having a gf because I couldn’t wrap my head around him leaving…now reading all these post I c that that really could just b who he is. But I guess me qs him strswd him out too becaus he never answered my calls or text after that. And this is a man I really liked and thought liked me. Of course I hit him with all the crazy to messages about how wrong he is and he better not have a girl etc etc of course nothing . im def not dealing with that anymore. I really found myself going crazy over just a week . I can only imagine if I was in love!

  72. I’m a Pisces woman and I’ve been dating a Aquarius man for 7 months and I’m totally confused. Everything was a little too perfect at first. The first month he literally called and texted me every single day and begged me to hang out. We hung out and I had a blast. Sex is amazing but no commitment, he would just tell me that he needs to get hisself together before he could consider a relationship. But he still called and texted every single day. He told me he stayed with a family member and two months into us dating I found out he lived with his girlfriend and child. He told me he cared about me and lied to me to keep me around. We had a big blow out and he said a lot of hurtful things to me and I did in return. We continued to “talk” and he told me he is working things out with his GF. But at the same time he told me he was confused because he cared about me a lot. Then we took another break and now he’s saying that he does not see a future with his child’s mother and he wants to move on and he always wanted to move on. Problem is he continues to go back and forth in his decision making. He says one thing and does something TOTALLY different. I’ve tried to get him to open up and he is always dry with me and then when I act sad he’ll give me a little reaction. He tells me he cares about me but then he also tells me he does not see a future with me. I know I’m dramatic and extra but he still continues to entertain me and even told me he’s ready to move in with me. At the age I’m at, I’m not sure if I should be a little bit more patient or is this situation not going anywhere and I should let it go.

    1. He’s just gonna keep stringing u along cus he doesn’t know what he wants. I let mine back n and I was pretty convinced he still with his bm. I had to let that go. Fortunately for me it didn’t take months. Let him go until u c the truth.

    2. Hi, Im a Pisces and my Aqua man (Ex) is the most complex male creature I’ve ever encountered in my Life, the man that has turned completely upside down my world, the one that has me mourning as we speak. It’s been only a week, but it feels like ages since the moment I found out about his betrayal to our Love relationship of 8 years. A relationship we both were committed at our own free will or so he made me believe he was in it with me 100%. Our relationship was not the typical, I think is one in thousands that someone could endure what I thought we both had to, because I am convinced he thought he could get away with murder and I could never find out. But, Life is a box a chocolates indeed, full of surprises, some pleasant and some that can actually kill your spirit, have your soul in complete despair in seconds. Literally feel the physical pain in your body too, not able to breath easily. If you ever truly loved with all your mind, body and soul then you can understand me. I also think it is only a one time Life Experience, because we can love again, but never again with the same intensity as we’ve have this UNIQUE ONE TIME and we must admit it because deep down in our hearts we know is true. I’m sharing this with you to see if anyone out there could probable tell me WHY he behaved the way he did. Our relationship of 8 years has been tested tremendously not because of both of us but because Life itself brought all these situations to keep us apart, challenges we worked through the years to stay together, we both wanting to be and share our future with plans to grow old together in a quiet and simple life. Don’t want to bore you with all the details, I will tell you about the most relevant so you can have an idea. Here it goes. Our history started in US, we met and it was an immediate mutual attraction, first 7 months were intense loving each other in every aspect, then next 3 months he was showing his AQUA NATURE and he got me confused because I couldn’t understand his ways, like many here have explained situations I can relate to because I’ve lived them with him too. Then, My Mind was still able to allow me to protect myself, take care of my feelings and sanity to make harsh decisions and I did after Valentine’s day when we were going into our 2nd year together. That night after we made love, I talked to him about our relationship and where it could have been heading to if he had not been behaving the way he had been in the past 3 months, attitude that I was not willing to put up with or accept it because I was not used to these type of games, so I ended the relationship. I wanted to see a reaction, he was looking right at me listening attentively to everything I said but He couldn’t speak to me! He was not able to say anything, at that moment we have never had a yes or no in our relationship, I guess he was not expecting I could let him go. I wanted to end in good terms wishing him the best and for him to find his happiness the same way I will try, this is February. I missed him deeply but never called him after that night, not even once. Well, as UNPREDICTABLE as an Aqua Man could be, one night in December (10 months after) he showed up at my door, he knew I was home but, he didn’t knock. He left a note asking me to call him, be in touch with him again. I couldn’t resist him, AQUA MEN can be CHARMING to the point that you can’t say NO. I called him back and everything started all over again, this 2nd time around our passion and craziness for each other stronger than ever exploring and sharing each other in every way, passion that has lasted all these years even when we have been separated physically for what could have been 5 years this August. Yes, when we came back we stayed for 1 year enjoying each other but then again because of LIFE this time we got physically separated again, you may be thinking WHAT? … I told you we have not been the typical couple. 5 years ago he had to leave US, he couldn’t get a Visa to come back again. Well, you may think … no problem… easy solution, if he can’t come, I can go and visit him, NOT! He asked me to wait for him because he was in the transition of moving from this country to another, to give him time to resolve this issue. Make story short, we have been in contact as a long distance relationship still much in “Love” making plans for our life together finally happening this year. We didn’t have an OPEN RELATIONSHIP even when we have spoken about, because my heart couldn’t understand it but my Mind could understand he as a MAN has biological needs for SEX, I was open to accept it, that’s how much I love this man seeing his needs before mine. In the meantime, I wouldn’t think to satisfy my desire with anyone else. However, he strongly disagree to any kind of arrangement like this because he couldn’t accept me being touched by anyone else but him, the woman he eventually would like her to be living with him as his partner, friend, lover, etc… etc.. that he could manage on his own, not to even doubt him for a moment that he could be with anyone else either. I was convinced he could have S…X but I didn’t care if he wouldn’t acknowledge it to me neither I would dig into it because our relationship was far way more important to keep. I’m an independent career woman, established business wise, confident, not jealous, free spirit, very understanding about men’s views because during my career I had to think like a man making business decisions, so I had to study strategies in how a Man could think about an specific issue at hand and in how with me being a woman I could resolve it. I consider myself an average beauty but Men showed me differently, honestly every day I get a compliment even walking or while driving Men are trying to meet me to the point that it is annoying. My Aqua man with his ego has introduced me proudly to his friends and his Mom as the woman that he is in Love! The woman he will live with, make a Life together! I even talked to them, but MEN they protect each other… they protected him because they knew, only one friend once gave me a clue about what was happening and I thought he was teasing me, later I told my EX about it and what he did was to make sure I could never talk to this friend again. My EX was very protective of us, he wouldn’t allow anyone to interfere in any way. Well, a week ago I got this text coming out of the blue from where he lives, I didn’t know this phone # but I thought it could be an emergency or something because it was more than 2 weeks I haven’t heard from him after an incident that happened to me where I almost died and he suddenly seemed couldn’t handle it and he shelled which is the behavior they will exhibit when it comes to things they can’t handle, so I was worry calling him in case he could be in trouble needing my help… NO!!!! it was from a woman that when I responded her text right away called me to find out WHO I AM in his LIFE! of course we talked like civilized people because she wanted to find out about me and our relationship as much as I wanted to find out about hers with him. He has been living with this woman for 2 years now! While he continued making plans with me! You have to understand my shock, this man says he loves me, makes plans with me, he doesn’t want to quit our relationship not even when we talked about it because of all the obstacles we had to survive to keep our relationship, this woman even told me she knows he will leave her because he already told her he will go away at the end of this year, around the time when we were planning to be together! I know she reached out to me because she is fighting to keep him but I felt his betrayal and told her not to worry about me. She even offered to call me that night and put him at the phone for me to speak with him but she didn’t. She didn’t want to confront him for him to make a choice…???? What that ..F…ck! You see , I couldn’t leave it alone, I could probably ignored this conversation, pretend that never happened and wait for his phone call since him being a typical AQUA MAN we know sometimes they will not call you for 3 weeks and then call you again like nothing had happened explaining that maybe they were meditating, busy with work, blah blah….. and in his mind our relationship is OK and he still loves me as much…. But you see, I couldn’t because I’m being honest and truthful with him all the time and he knows me so well that I wouldn’t be able to hide from him anything and worse something like this! I was in so much pain that couldn’t think straight and Next thing I DID I sent him texts messages, called him and left voice mails with all these insults….First time ever I have done this…be out of control like a maniac…. We haven’t even had a FIGHT before…Gosh! I sent and said all these messages because I wanted to HURT HIM as much as he has … so he knows now I KNOW…. And copied on text messages to the other woman….I know childish! But my heart is in pieces!!! And he has not responded my calls or texts…. I’m writing to you right now and this is the day that he has not called me…. I don’t know if she has confronted him or if he has …. Obviously, he didn’t want me EVER to find out about this…. Plus this woman had to spy on him to obtain my contact info and talk to me… so she could be a WITCH in disguise, what I do know is …. my dreams with him are destroyed, he even told my Mom about our plans. It is horrible! My question is: WHY he did this if he had the freedom to go anytime, he just needed to speak with me, WHY would he stay with me (remember we have not been in bed in years) if he has been having S..X with this other woman? Apparently not a serious relationship if he has talked to her about leaving her…. ???? meanwhile making plans with me to finally be together….???? I’m completely clueless…. The only thing I care about right now is to know whether his HEART is with me or with her….. so, what do you think? Could YOU please! Help me understand this behavior of his…. WHY kept me hanging into THIS?…… Believe me when I say the last thing I care about is him having S..X only with anyone else….. because distance can make it hard for a man to be satisfied…… but what really gets to me is having S..X with someone for 2 years and told this woman he is leaving her already by December when he has made plans to be with me by then…… does this mean he loves me????? …. I want to go there and speak to him directly see his face….and no wait any longer for his call to explain this to me….. but then…. Right now, I’m Furious and don’t have the strength to face him because first I need to COMPREHEND HIS behavior ….. PLEASE SOME ONE HELP ME TO FIGURE THIS OUT!!!!!! Gigi

      1. He doesn’t love you. I know me. If I love someone I just stay loyal to that person, there’s nothing in this world that would make me hurt them. He’s just using you, first because you don’t respect yourself allowing him to cheat on you, he won’t respect you either. It’s sad reality. When Aquas play they test you to see how you feel (which is not the case here since he already knows how you feel about him) or they just play for the sake of fun cause they love to create drama and then vanish. It feeds their ego. Aquas have this God complex.They believe they’re special, above everyone else and want people to venerate them, to love, cherish, serve them even though they don’t return the same treatment. Aquas are very loyal since they’re a fixed sign, if they cheat on you they surely don’t love you. You wanna know what an Aqua thinks or feels about you? Look at his actions, ignore the beautiful speech. Words mean nothing to him. So should to you. Cheers.

      2. Hi Cris, Really appreciate your comments. I only wish I could take back that wasted time in my life. He did not deserve someone like me. I’m too good of a Woman for this parasite. Now, speaking of him being with another woman to satisfy his biological needs I wouldn’t care not because I do not respect myself but because it is a logical thing for an AQUA MAN to do, they can’t be faithful! not even being married or in Love or having the woman of their dreams next to him because they have to fill their ego always… plus now, I’ve found out he had another SELFISH MOTIVES to do this! He is USING this woman to take care of him financially, something I wouldn’t do for any man no matter how crazy or in love I could be because I believe that a MAN that is with me has to be enough MAN to support himself. Now is when I understand he had this complex with me, because I am doing really well financially, always been on my own,with a high lifestyle that I am able to keep by myself and he probably felt I was too independent and he couldn’t meet my standards. He has been accumulating his own “fortune” this way to show to me and play the role of a successful Man by Using this woman! Frankly, He is not the type of man I’ve dated in the past. Actually, he was completely the opposite in every aspect. However, he was Charming in his own ways which now I know is his Psych game. Now that I’ve find out about this,he is to my eyes a total loser and a coward despicable Man. I’m taking care of myself, moving forward, leaving that piece of S….t! in the past and starting to heal as we speak now. Gigi

        1. Hi Gigi… Come to think, I dated a man that was on a career turnaround. He was stuck having to move to another province because he got a new job. He asked me to “lend” him $$ and he’d pay me back in one year.

          When he got back 8 mths later because that job didn’t work out, he started a small company doing / refurnishing people’s back yard. decks etc.

          He made some money from that, enough to have paid me back – but somehow he chose NOT to. When we broke up (two yrs after our 2nd yr anniversary) I asked for my money back. He said: Consider it as a ‘loss’ and move on with you life.

          The only thing he was willing to pay back was the balance on the credit he used when we were together. Basically he used me for the two years we stayed together and had moved on to another girl before we broke up. He too is an ‘aqua man’ – very aloof and charming. He target woman to his advantage only. He’s disgraceful.

        2. Do so, Gigi. You deserve better. You should not regret the time you think you “lost” because you wouldn’t be the person you are today if you wouldn’t have gone through that experience, with experience comes the wisdom. Don’t regret anything in life cause everything that happens to you good or bad is nothing else but a lesson, another occasion to grow, to evolve. That’s why we are here in the end.

          Aquas are not quite MEN. It’s a soft sign for a man. Aqua guys are more like “dandy boys” they’re not the head of the family, the man to support you and your children. He’s kinda wishy washy , you can never count on them. I don’t think any woman would want that in a man.

          Of course he’s being selfish in using you or any other woman, he doesn’t think about you suffering, he doesn’t care. You know what? the love you need to fill that void within you is right in you, you need to love yourself more, to cherish yourself, to be more selfish for your own good, hug yourself, tell nice words of appreciation to yourself, fall in love with yourself. Why do we always do that with other people,but never with ourselves when we need so much love?

          You like him because he’s so detached, and the more detached he is the more you want him. If he’d be all over you all day long you’d definitely come to abhor him in no time . Why don’t you act the same? be detached, be selfish, love yourself more than anyone else and you’ll see how you’ll attract people around you.
          I’m an Aqua Moon, and I came to realize that’s what attracts men towards me, my damn detachment, I’ve got that air of ” not giving a damn on you” It’s in my way to be cause of this sign, but it works for anyone. people will always be attracted to someone they have to fight for, they can’t figure out etc. The more dependent you are to someone the more they’ll reject you, and trust me, you’d do the same with a possessive guy who takes all the shit you give. Cherish yourself if you want to be cherished. love yourself if you want to be loved. respect yourself if you want to be respected. Simple as that.

          When you feel a man is weak and too emotional or dependent on you, your first reaction will be to reject him, you’ll feel disgusted, really is repulsive having someone cheap.
          The same thing happens to men, they smell your weakness towards them and they take advantage, using you sexually, emotionally etc. He saw in you the weakness in letting him be (cheat on you, men don’t need more sex than women, that’s just bullshit, manipulation) Men are very smart, don’t forget that, they’re not as emotional as we are, so they don’t lose it as easy as we do (a man who’s been cheated will never give you a second chance, women do cause they’re stupid and emotional) . Men see the full picture, they count the advantages and disadvantages of being with you, their rational brain cuts like a knife. Be as rational and pragmatical. Don’t give in. And you’ll come to learn that the most important person in your life is yourself, the only one that will join you until the last day of your life. Why don’t you love that person? why you always put it on the last place?
          You don’t hate him now even though you call him names, you hate yourself for loving him, for being so emotional and dependent. You have to learn to love yourself cause otherwise you’ll fall in the same trap in your next relationships.

          Good luck.

          1. In couldn’t agree more . My Aqua ex. Played me .. “Loved me ” allegedly . And 2 days after we broke up was already sleeping with his “friend ” from years . And all the Love for me I guess went out the window . I will never date an Aquarius man. EVER. They are the coldest and are never honest . Only lie to themselves .


      4. Hi Gigi

        YOu do not need to figure him out or this out, You need to figure out (understand) yourself. This is all about you. That way you can avoid having this repeat in your life. YOu cna book a consultaiotn with me if you like and look at your natal chart in regards to you and relationships (30 or 60 minutes). Use the side of teh page. In the meantime, LOVE YOURSELF. You are only human.

      5. You are guilty of loving him but not yourself and it happens to the best of us. As I’m reading these posts I am baffled. What makes anybody treat people this way… It is a choice. My son is an Aquarius but the most loving and giving man I’ve ever known. He has married his childhood best friend and love. They have 2 children. At one time he worked 3 jobs and went to school to provide. She worked but her money was for her to spend on her and the kids. He recently enlisted for the army as was both their plans until the babies came. He is still in love with his wife and does what it takes, including marriage counseling. It is a choice. I raised him to be a great man and thank God he chooses to live the life of a great man. I’m sorry those things happened to you. I’m sorry your heart is broken. He doesn’t deserve you. He will call eventually. Can you accept that he will not be faithful? Can you accept that he will not marry you? Can you accept that he has chosen to be this way and finds pleasure in it? If you can’t handle that, I suggest you cry yourself through this, get counseling and move on. There is someone that can love you how you need to be loved. Until then, doesn’t settle just to be in love. Yes, there are always obstacles but when someone shows you who they are, believe them. Question is, how much can you take. Can you be OK with what he can offer your. Will it be enough. If not, bury this. I had to have a real like funeral service for mine. Wrote everything that he did to me or I allowed. I took the paper and put it in a little box that resembles a cemetary vault. A spiritual friend of mine, prayed and told me when I was ready, to close the vault. I stood there about 30 minutes crying. He had done everything under the sun to hurt me and I was still hurt. I finally closed the top. I took a picture of it to remind me in those week moments that I have to keep moving forward. I love him but he’s gone. Yes, I understand that he is physically alive but I know and finally accepted that emotionally and mentally he is dead. He can’t give me what he doesn’t have. He remains in my prayers daily but not for me. For him.

    3. I’m in this situation now. We’ve been on and off for 6 years. I would suggest that you run as fast and far as you can. He needs you. He doesn’t love you. He wants a place to lay his head. He won’t ever committ to you if he already told you that he won’t. Listen to what he says. Stop looking at the few good things and ignoring the pile up. I’m not judging you. I’m telling you from experience. You deserve the best of everything, including a man. Tell him to call you when he has his own place, own car, job, paying his own bills…it won’t happen because if he could do it he wouldn’t need you. He’ll just move to the next loving heart and feed her the same garbage.

      1. Hi Light! I thank you! for your kind words. It is actually hopeful to know there may be once in a blue moon an Aqua man that could be different and act in a decent way. Mine to my despair is a Cold Bastard without a Heart! I couldn’t see it before because I was blind folded. Not anymore. And Yes, indeed I allowed him to do this to me. One thing that I know now is that if you want a never ending drama in your life these Aqua men, most of them are actually great for it, they can play the main role in a soap opera network or even hollywood because they do have the talent, charming enough to make you believe they could be the greatest man in the world… They give credit to their sign, completely airy, undecided, can’t keep promises, they can actually kill you with their so called love and even beyond taking you to your own grave (physical or spiritual) they may still wonder whether you were their love. They can’t simply accept the fact they could have the weakness to fall in love. Isn’t that a pitty? They don’t know what they are missing in Life! I want to say also Thank you to all the other comments and words of encourage I’ve received here from every body else…Light, I will do the Mourning ritual and put it to rest once and for all! Women we have to validate each other and you have been a support for me with your words to realize many things and to get him out of my system…. One thing I do know… I don’t want to EVER… EVER…. get involved with an Aqua Man! Best of Luck to All of Us and More….One thing I do know for sure, Our Soulmate will come to Us and we will be ready for it! and you know Why? Because after surviving a relationship with an Aqua Man, we can survive anyone else! We are CHAMPIONS! Gigi

        1. Aqua’s should be cherished from afar 🙂 I was wish mine (I’m a scorpio) for 25 yr. Married 18. He has amazing traits, smart, go getter, social, helps others, confident, but very cold, independent, aloof, spends money like crazy major debt, and at the end of our marriage cheated (although he was always a major flirt). A scorpio cannot handle that, we’re quite possessive.

          We did divorce, he did leave to go pursue others and never found anyone. And to enjoy his freedom without me nagging about the debt. He didn’t want to divorce he was playing me to wait and see approach. That maybe he’d come back. I divorced anyhow.

          Almost 3 years later, we are in contact for our kids sake. He takes no interest in the kids, he just wants to enjoy his life and pays support so says I should watch them 24/7. Whatever, his loss! And I get that he is not fatherly and needs his space so fine. Accept them for who they are right!

          Recently he’s been flirting with me, telling me how hot I am and how he misses me. We hadn’t been intimate for a year..yes gave in awhile back! Anyhow, he was over one day talking about kids, life etc and how much he wanted me and the family back…we ended up sleeping together!

          Oops…it sucked! Sex used to be great but there was no emotional connection now and it was empty for me so I didn’t miss it. I thought why did I do that?! He seemed to like it still and was hurt that I didn’t. But he wanted to do it again a few days later. I had a change of heart. I know he’s full of BS and he just wants sex and not a relationship. In fact he can go a day or two without contact then see me and try to kiss flirt etc. I am not going there anymore. I’ve been burned by him and I know this is just a temp’ thing for him that he wants sex until he focus’ his energy on another girl or obstacle of some sorts (could be a goal too).

          So for me…I would rather have this Aqua as a friend…they are good friends but I feel I messed that up and it will take years to get back to the friends zone and he’s an aqua they just want sex lol so it will be hard to build that relationship with him of just friends unless he finds another sex partner.

          OK that’s about it…I messed up big time falling for his charm. Not a good match for a scorpio at all…wasted 2 decades with him and it will take so long to trust men again. I know if I could serve an Aqua I can survive anything though lol.

          All the best to all!!

  73. I’m an AQUARIUS and this is NOT (deleted) TRUE!!!! I AM NOTHING LIKE THAT! Sure I may seem cold at first but it’s only because I care too much about others and the pain of losing the one I love scares me so I have to be cold… I’m nothing like what this site says

    1. I have to completely agree with you. Even having gone through all of the above with my current aquarian partner. I think Aquarians are vastly misunderstood. They exhibit all of these traits because of how much the actually feel. I believe Aquarians are affected so powerfully by emotion that these have all become coping mechanisms. I wish someone would actually take the time to really understand this. It’s agonising being an aquarian at times, I truly believe this. They are very intuitive and unfortunately are sensitive to every aspect of a human being. They can feel subtle changes other can’t and that can’t be easy. I’m not saying bad behaviour is acceptable but I’m glad for one I’m not Aquarian. My sign is cancer. The Aquarians struggle is real.

  74. I’m so glad this was posted.. I ran across it when seeking advise from the internet last night because last night my Aquarius guy completely switched on me. I am a Gemini woman and We have known each other for about 6 years and never pursued a relationship. We met through many mutual friends. Everything between him and I were cordial, until I felt like the universe wanted us to be together, throughout the frequent running into each other in random places for about 6 years, completely unintentional, & by faith, I found it extremely odd not to try to pursue my possible soulmate. We agreed on the possibility of us being soulmate due, to us always running into each other. The last time we ran into each other, I made sure Aqua man and I stayed connected. This was about 6months ago. Throughout the six months everything was perfect we agreed on our future together, he began to call me his future wife etc, I spoke to him almost everyday when we weren’t busy, he mirrored my personality, I went on a vacation recently & he did the same. My interest became his interest. Everything as perfect until yesterday, a mutual friend of ours invited him to a function that I was attending. I haven’t seen him since we came back from our seperate vacations. Aqua man showed up to the fuction dressed casual and by himself. As he walked through the door everyone screamed his name that noticed him. He greeted them all the same casual calm cool way INCLUDING ME. I received a side frame hug and a glance. I was hurt & broken as a Gemini woman. I looked very attractive last night I received many compliments and I could feel many people eyes on me. He however treated me very casual, like everything ?we spoke about meant nothing at that given moment. Later on we were alone, and I explained to him that that’s no way to greet me because I haven’t seen him in so long and I proceeded to him to greet me the proper way. He didn’t he laughed and said that there was too much going on at that moment. Aqua man didn’t comfort me, leaving me to feel empty. I walked away because one of the females at the fuction needed my help when I returned Aqua man was sitting down with about 30 people surrounding him, laughing and talking. At the corner of his eye he noticed me. I positioned myself were he could see me, my back was distantly facing him and I actively began to engage in conversation with others. I could feel him watching me.. About 1hour later he texted me asking me if, I had anymore liquor. I turned around and told him no I don’t. He smiled, & his crowd of associated were gone, leaving only one guy sitting next to him. so I walked over, asking him if I could sit on his lap he started laughing .. I felt embarrassed, laughing was him stalling, he claimed that if I were to sit on his lap the unsteady chair would break. He continuously started to laugh his friend that was sitting next to him was laughing also. After he said that he continued to say how he was leaving soon. I was so hurt. I was only acting accordingly, we honestly spoke like a couple, he was charming when we were alone, stating how much he wanted to give me the world, attacking me with many loving kisses, telling me how much he loved everything about me, how our future together is so bright, how he couldn’t wait to have future children with me . I completely snapped out of it and walked away from standing next to him and his friend. My actions at this fuction was accordingly to how we spoke I didn’t change a bit. I acted accordingly Aqua man however changed he became cold distant and he ignored me… Still watching me from a distance. He left without saying Goodbye but, facetimed me at 5AM I didn’t answer, I haven’t called back I’m not sure if I should. I’m so confused, I don’t even know how to handle this situation. We haven’t even had sex as yet because every time we plan to some thing comes up. Last nights situation honestly made me want him more, not by the way he treated me but by the way, he socialized, he came by himself and ended up surrounded by 30 people. I find that extremely amazing and attractive. It showed how popular he was. But I’m still confused on how to approach him about the situation, Aqua man facetiming me at 5AM shows me that “he was acting completely different from how he was feeling” at the fuction …as stated in this article. I want him to completely open up to me emotionally, I really love this guy but the way he treated me yesterday was unacceptable. Please help.

    1. How can I help you? You have read the article. I wrote it to open people’s eyes to the ned to heal this kind of relationship wound. You know what you are dealing with now. Would you like to make a consultation with me and sort how this figures in with your natal chart and what toolls you have to healthily deal with this situation and have a better relationship life? If so, look to the side of the page and book a natal report appointment with me, 30 or 60 minutes, your choice.

  75. I’m a Cancer woman who has had an aquarius male best friend for 20 years. For 18 years this man was attracted to me, and at times I can honestly say the attraction was mutual, but as more years would pass I really came to value our friendship and the strong bond between us, and was not willing to risk losing my best friend for a night of sex.
    Then life hit me head on with something devasting, and who better to turn to help me through this awful time than my best friend. And it was during this time something changed, and I gave in to the attraction and we began sleeping together. Everything about us was just like a typical couple, though my aquarian made it a point to always disclaimer he was NOT my boyfriend. It was obvious to me and all our friends and family I was falling in love with him, and he was as much falling in love with me. It took an act of congress, and then finally me standing up for myself letting him know I was no longer going to keep putting up with his emotional abuse, when finally he admitted he was completely in love with me, and then proceed to confess just how deep his feeling ran for me for years! And for a brief time things were honest, loving, and the bond between us became even stronger, then the emotional abuse again. Example, he would complain we spent too much time together, so I’d give him space, then he would turn around and be angry with me for not being with him enough. It was exhausting constantly trying to prove to him how much and honestly I loved him, and trying to please him. It was as if every time things were going really well, he would find something ridiculous to pick a fight with me about. Creating issues and problems that really didn’t exist. Then another handful of months passed and seemed as if we had weathered all the storms and thing were finally coming together in a more honest and healthy way, we began to talk of our future, we planned to get married one day and I had even picked out a promise ring he claimed he wanted to give to me. Felt so loved and secure in this relationship finally! He would leave me a love note in my car every day, pick me flowers and bring them to me almost daily while I was at work. So, we go to bed on Friday night, make love, wake up Saturday and spend the entire day together, then late that same Saturday night he picked a fight with me and told me to get out. I was absolutely devastated, and I would days later find out he met someone else and wanted to see what this other person was about. How he had time to even connect with another is beyond me as we were together everyday. My entire world and all I believed was turned upside down. And even more weird, he cried on several different occasions during the break up, as if hurt for hurting me but was going to still leave me for this other person. It’s been almost 3 months now, and two weeks ago he showed up at my house after having a fight with his new girlfriend, and he apologized for hurting me and owned how much he made a mistake, and proceeded to tell me he never stopped loving me, and he admitted I was always good, loving and kind to him. So what happens, 24 hours later he goes back to this other woman. We have not seen or spoken since. I don’t get it, 20 years of a beautiful friendship, 2 years of a romantic relationship, and he threw it all way for a person who treats him awful. His own family and friends are still as shocked as I am, and firmly believe he is in love with me, but he is scared of his love he feels for me. If it was love, I’d think you wouldn’t emotionally destroy that person who loved you. I don’t know how to walk away from all our years together especially since all but the last year were happy wonderful years. I’m mourning the friendship and the relationship and simply don’t understand his actions.

    1. Hi country girl,
      Thank you for posting your story. Im a Pisces (we share similar traits to cancers) who had been “dating” (bc anyone who’s been with one knows that term is questionable) an Aquarius for about a year. Wow your story could have been my own. Knowing their typical traits and my own as a fish I was carful to give space and not require a lot of emotion. Even so, I basically have the same story. It’s heart breaking to be a water sign and love one bc you know it will never work.. Although the more I learn it seems like they might not be the best for any sign. Regardless if your not “hooked” already and start to see flags well, I’d look elsewhere. It’s hard to leave one once you get close to them and being with one is well.. extremely painful and unlikely to end well. I ended up just pulling away after multiple failed attempts at a loving relationship and even after just trying for a friendship. At the end frequently claimed he was jealous of other men but clearly stated he didn’t want to date. So I was stuck just enough to question if we had a future -hooked. Now I’m left sad, missing him and frustrated that i wasted so much of my heart and energy for someone seemingly so ungrateful. 🙁

  76. Oh wow! I have just read the above about the Aquarian male and my boyfriend is everything & more! I am a Pisces female very warm,loving,compassionate and passionate but my bf runs away from every feeling that surfaces. We are on a break becoz he said he doesn’t want to be with me! He’s the love of my life and recently contacted me and said he’d only said that as he sees that I’m unhappy?! He misses me and loves me still but is playing “mind games” with me which is crushing all the love I feel for him. He is childish and I’ve evolved must more than he has. He clings onto the past and I recently found out he has been messaging his ex who he left me for.! Don’t know if i can trust this man anymore .

    1. It’s is so important to not lose sight of what love is and what it feels like. People choose to behave how they do and others choose whether to deal with it or not. My Aquarian man is very special to me. It’s been a year and a half and he has become more distant. I have been distancing my self over the past couple of months as I refuse to live much longer with Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde. Life is too short and I don’t have time to spend hoping you will eventually love me the way I desire it. We deserve better and God desires us to have better. I will be a friend to him if he needs one. But when I meet “The One” comes that will be a wrap ! Blessings !

  77. Iv been dating and Aquarius. Man for bout 6 years now one min he talks and have sex with min he ignore. Me Put up this wall dnt responds to my texs until he wants to. Please tell me whats going on why he treats me that way we use to go together. But after a year of a relationship. We had remain freinds after that now it has added up to 6 years iv been off and on dealing. With him i try to move on but Alway end up back with dealing. With him

    1. I’m on my third year with my Aqua man.
      Be more detachted.
      Let him be free before all other things…
      Do not…
      Do not…
      Cling to him act as if you don’t need him…
      Think of him as a bestfriend with benefits to ease the confusion…
      When he’s gone don’t call or text him…
      Let him come to you…
      The thrill of the chase excited him..
      Aqua men appreciate women who have their own mind…
      I was feeling the same way…
      I wanted somehow to control him and bring him into my world…
      No,no, he’d rather bring you into his world and from there you two create a new one…
      He wants to share his experiences with you…
      The best advice I can give is to trust him and let him be who he is… YET be your own woman…
      Stand your ground…
      Give him mental stimulation by conversation and debating…
      He admires a woman who’s strong and strong minded…
      Mirror his behavior if all else fails…
      Yet always let him know he’s got your eye…
      Stare at him when he’s up doing something anything to show him he’s on your mind while letting him maintain his freedom…
      Last thing you want to do Is try to control him, set rules for him, be predictable, and emotional…
      Steer clear of those things you’ll have his heart and interest no matter where he goes…

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