The Astrology of Halloween 2014

The Astrology of Halloween 2014

lovemakingartThank you Marvin Gaye! Powerful sexual healing is on the way. In fact financial healing is also on the horizon. But let’s get back to teh sex! Sex is so powerful it can bring healing to your body and your emotional/spiritual intimacy wounds. We have a partial New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on October 23. This POWERFUL New Moon will be giving us some great aspects on Halloween and for the next month up to Thanksgiving. It is tie to open up and take it all in or give it all out because either way, the coming together and the release will open deep new portals life to you. This is the message of the astrology of Halloween

The Astrology of Halloween 2014

The upcoming Moon in Aquarius on October 27, 2014 will square Venus in Scorpio, sextile Uranus in Aries and trine Mercury in Libra. We just finished a Mercury retrograde in Libra where we were forced to deal with relationships that have been imbalanced by bad communication, misunderstanding or lack of communication. Now, we will be delving past the veil of superficiality and getting deep when it comes to love, sex and money this Halloween weekend.

With this Moon in Aquarius, which is emotionally detached energy (read: callous)  sending text messages, instant messages via chat and Twitter tweets regarding your relationship will provoke anger and perhaps surprising responses and reactions that you won’t like. My advice? Don’t do it.

It is not like we do not have some guidance from the Universe about how to communicate humanely with other people. Mercury entered retrograde station in Scorpio (2º 18′ 45″) on October 4, 2014 and slowly re-traced its journey through Libra. Say my name and say it nicely. Then Mercury will station direct in Libra (16º 45′ 36″) on October 25, 2014. The Mercury Rx concerns enlightenment in relationships via better communication. Now you are being given opportunities to communicate better with loved ones, to open up and say how you feel and better clarify the relationship. The post retrograde shadow continues until November 10, so use Halloween weekend and that entire time of October 25 – November 10 to iron out any remaining knots in your relationship communication.

Mars ingresses or enters Capricorn on October 27, 2014 and remains there for a period of five weeks until December 5. As it conjoins Pluto and squares Uranus in Aries we can expect some hard clashes. The hidden emotional, sexual  and financial corners will get cleaned out and secrets will be revealed as we are pushed to achieve important goals and overcome obstacles. Can you feel it?

Just as happened in 2013, a powerful New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio takes us through the end of October and through November, forcing us to deal with secrets and hidden agendas around sex, intimacy, personal and household spending and budgets, business finances and practices (not so?) shocking or surprising realities we might not want to face, but must. We will be heavily dealing with this energy until the next eclipse five months later in Pisces. It is time to “get in there” and do teh hard disciplined and scary work of opening and receiving , dealing with painful wounds and processes so that you can heal and allowing the deepest intimacy so that you can experience healing release. If you specifically have sexual dysfunction, this eclipse is telling you get help and do what you must do to be healed. No more running away.

The intangible energy can feel almost “other-worldly” and a bit overwhelming as we get in deep and/or approach new levels but this is our REALITY.

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