The Dramatic Rising of the Phoenix: May, 3, 2015 – Full Moon in Scorpio

The Dramatic Rising of the Phoenix: May, 3, 2015 – Full Moon in Scorpio

talentedmrripleyThe upcoming weekend, which features a Full Moon in Scorpio, will be one where we feel full with dramatic intensity. Occurring Sunday, May 3, 2015 11:42 pm ET at 13º 23′ Scorpio it is connected to the solar eclipse of November 2, 2013, which was at 12º Scorpio. Something occurring then will come to fruition now – and that could mean corrupt, twisted and hidden matters are dramatically exposed and the right things gets done. 

In the film “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, (portrayed by Matt Damon on the far left) we meet a charming,  clean-cut blonde-haired young man with a ready smile, Tom Ripley, who is struggling to make it in 1950s New York City  and does so on his “talents”—forgery, lying and impersonation. To make a long story short, he turns out to be not a nice person, despite his outward appearance. He is, in fact, a sociopathic murderer, liar, fraud, impersonator and forger. Twice we see him commit intense, violent bloody murder in the film, and then puts on a bright smile and a blazer and mingle with the golden crowd. He even manages to get a portion of the inheritance of one person he murders and presents himself as an upstanding, ethical member of society. One person intuitively knows he has something to do with the disappearances and deaths occurring, but no one believes her. He gets away with murder. And the film closes with him sitting alone after he feels forced to commit a third murder to cover up the first ones.

This Full Moon in Scorpio involves something you were working in November/December 2013. Perhaps things then involved you being bitten venomously by someone’s snakelike behavior or poisonous scorpionic words It may have meant that you had to go down, severely wounded — and wounded since that time. The situation did not really have a full resolution. People did not grasp the depth of the malice and evil action you were facing. They did not understand the depth of the abuse or the pain. You had to bear it in muffled silence and take what was dealt out to you. You had to accept the corruption and the lack of real resolution. Now unresolved matters will come to fruition or reach another level. If there was something unethical or illegal done then, this is likely when you will see resolution and justice.

Mr. Ripley’s deeds will become known and you will get justice.

News of Good Tidings

The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is Scorpio 14: Telephone Linemen At Work Installing New Connections.

This means there will be not only feelings but communication. People will be buzzing with news – sending and receiving. Expect telephones, cell phones, the internet and the postal mail to bring messages resolving things or telling of the impending resolution of situations. This will be a great emotional relief, after some deep woundedness. Pluto rules Scorpio and is it the planet of dying and death, rebirth, transformation, regeneration and revival. It is new life that comes after sometimes horrific, painful and traumatic experiences. The Moon in Scorpio is not a good position for the Moon – the Moon is in its fall, meaning it is not strong and is in fact painful. Expect intense emotions and people dig deeply, feel deeply and express themselves profoundly from their bowels.  On Sunday we will experience the Moon in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo before the Moon transits Void of Course (it won’t aspect another planet until it enters Sagittarius). Jupiter?! This is Drama Queen energy. You could experience BIG DRAMATIC displays of emotion.

It also could be that whatever takes place dramatically exposes those who did dirty deeds in the dark in November/December 2013 while it positions you in a beautiful spotlight with good fortune shining upon you in a very public manner. Stay humble!

Maybe you will want to be alone on Sunday! Go swim in the coean or at least take a walk along it (or some other body of water) and release emotions. Spend several hours out of the house doing this. Do not dump on someone ele or put yourself in a position to be exploded upon by someone.

Because it is a Sunday when this Full Moon in Scorpio occurs, the news may be sent on Sunday but not reach you until Monday. Even then it may only be a positive jnotice to you informing you that it would be another two weeks (the New Moon in Taurus on May 17, 2015 at 26º 56′ Taurus) before you will see the fruition of things and a renewal of life. The quest that this lunation is pushing towards…the energy it is preparing you for, is represented by Scorpio 15: Children Playing Around Five Mounds Of Sand.

This Sabian Symbol brings forth the image of children playing out in nature with simple mounds of sand on the beach. They know how to enjoy themselves in a simple manner. They get along and play, creating and relaxing. They are enjoying a time in life that is simple and good. This is what you are being pushed towards – light and life, the briliance of sunshine. The simple joys of being and living. It may have been a while since you have had this. It is on its way.

Release The Poison

Remember I told you back at the April 10 Lunar ecpipse that you need to release those who have already released you? If you have been struggling to do that, it may certainly happen now, about a month later. Why hold on when you can release the poison?

This is a good lunation for releasing people and situations which no longer work. It is a lunation of elimination, excellent for journaling to expel thoughts, burning sage or incense to clear energy in your space, and to get rid of physical clutter in your space. Open windows and let in fresh, cleansing air. Starting at and in the two weeks following this Full Moon in Scporpio, empty out that storage unit. You do not use the stuff so let it go. Take the important things out of it and let the other stuff go. Give away what you cannot cheaply sell to ensure it all goes! You will rise like the Phoenix from the ashes and start a new life, in the light of the Sun. But fly low and give yourself time to experience relaxation, joy and peace. After all, it is the Sun in Taurus time of year. Be calm and enjoy life.

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