The Grand Sextile – July 29, 2013

The Grand Sextile – July 29, 2013

Black_Star_of_David.svgIf you are believer in the power of prayer, today is made for you.

As we all know, we are living now in a world filled with tension, wars and rumors of impending wars), bloodshed, repeated exposure of corruption by those in power and who hold positions of authority. The greed and out-of-control secretive power abuses have pushed people to take blatant, angry radical measures to bring justice and peace. This is also occurring on personal levels. I am aware of so many personal situations where a secretive abuses of power involving government officials, work colleagues, partners or family members. So many are stressed to the point of distress. Humankind needs help!

Today, July 29, 2013, we get it. There is a configuration in the sky which gives us extra support from the heavens if we are willing to collectively pray for global and individual peace and resolutions. The last time the world had this exact configuration near the end of World War II, on February 27, 1945. Over the next six months, millions of people who were wish and praying for peace — received it. How badly do we want peace in the horrific and wounding situation in our world and in our personal situations?

I truly believe we need spiritual leadership ahead of the leaders we have in governmental, military and business positions right now. The loss of spiritual connection (and I do not mean one specific religious or spiritual expression) among our leadership has manifested as cold, calculating, secretive, bloody, vengeful, malicious, greedy, voracious, stubborn inhumane practices. There is no viable solution in the paths chosen by spiritually bereft leadership.

With Earth and Water signs composing this Grand Sextile, solutions will be found on a spiritual level: the employment of intuition, grace, harmony, gentleness, kindness, nurturance and emotional intelligence is needed. Look where the masculine principles of rational intelligence, force, power-over authoritarianism,  have gotten us.

The Grand Sextile has 7 planets exactly 60° apart around the wheel of the zodiac we use to capture outer sky in a form our human minds can grasp. This heavenly configuration takes place today, July 29, 2013 at 2:30 PM EDT in the USA.

If you would like to see how you can best use this energy in your personal life and situations for find viable, peaceful, graceful solutions, set the chart for your location, changing the time accordingly to adjust to the sextile pattern.

The chart is composed of:  Moon 9:07 Taurus; Jupiter 7:30 Cancer; Venus 8:41 Virgo; Saturn 5:11 Scorpio; Pluto 9:37 Capricorn Rx; Neptune 4:42 Pisces Rx.

The Sun at  6:47 Leo, is not an active part in the Grand Sextile, which is Earth and Water; but it is key to what we can manifest as it holds a place of authority as the midpoint of the configuration. The Sun represents the focus of the authority figure(s) at the center of it all, especially the action needed to resolve the current conflict.

For example, if you live in Copenhagen, Denmark, the chart would be July 30, 2013 at 00:20 AM CEST

Using the Grand Sextile In Your Life

A grand sextile is  a perfect opportunity of choice: seek grace, peace and abundance on an individual or collective level.  or perpetuate fear, greed and the pursuit of power and profit for only yourself of a select few. Now is when we must each ask ourselves what we must o and what we must release to attain what we desire and to regenerate ourselves after such a long period of deadly fear and emotional/spiritual enslavement and oppression of our own doing. Now, we have this very supportive and easy energy giving us what we need to envision it and to accomplish it.

The energy of Pluto in Capricorn can be used to benefit from this day in three steps:

  • Get serious about what needs to be purged out of your life
  • Prioritize what you need to be your best emotionally and materially
  • Put together a plan to accomplish these two things and commit to it with unwavering focus

If you would like to know how to use the Grand Sextile in your life or if you have anything you would like to discuss, contact me for an astrology consultation or order a natal or transit report.

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