July Forecast: The Summer of Our Discontent

July Forecast: The Summer of Our Discontent

As we begin July 2016,  the Saturn-Neptune square at 11° Sagittarius/Pisces slogs us through the Independence Day holiday. It will be a long, hard, hot summer so long as we stubbornly (Saturn) choose to live in delusions/ lies/hiding ourselves (Neptune). This is not a joyful summer.

Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this son of York;
And all the clouds that low’r’d upon our house
In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.

Richard The Third Act 1, scene 1, 1–4


Neptune is dissolving old structures, bad structures, and corrupted structures. That means the very things we thought would work or would still be there, are not. They are crumbling. Our work, our relationships, our finances, everything. Being dishonest and hiding yourself or lying outright or omitting information makes it happen even faster. Sometimes it is that people are lying to us, hiding themselves or information and we must change our course and build a new structure without them because they are drowning in their delusions. A drowning person can take you down under the murky water with them and suffocate you to death.

Some of what has been happening under this long transit is about confusion and disorientation.

Overall, nothing will ever be the same. We must learn to flow with the change of guard and build new structures in our lives.

Disappearing Acts and Dissolves

People leaving your life, relationships breaking and having nothing but confusions and questions in the aftermath is the Saturn-Neptune square. Change is hard (Saturn) and even harder when it is impossible to get a grip (Neptune) on the problem or a solution. If you have been holding onto a situation or a person and things are not rock solid, Saturn is breaking them down and Neptune is dissolving away the rubble. Saturn rules structures and Neptune dissolves them. Let it all go because when Jupiter leaves VIrgo and enters Libra in the late summer, Jupiter and Saturn will then be sextile and you will have an opportunity to clean up and create a new and perhaps larger structure, a more suitable situation or a better relationship.

For the first 11 days of July, Mars sits at 23° Scorpio following it’s June29th direct station. This is a LONG station. The aspect is harsh as it forms an inconjunct with Uranus in Aries. Adjustments are demanded or anger ensues. Mars-Uranus translates to unexpected, angry and explosive events. Use caution during this period and take note as Mars moves to a powerful 24° Scorpio in an exact inconjunct July 12-17.

For the remainder of July, Mars will continue its second and last journey through Pluto-ruled Scorpio, the sign which governs the 8th house of transformation, money and sex. Deep-seated issues may arise as Mars transits and people with personal Water sign placements (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) will benefit the most The retrograde post-shadow ends August 21 so expect that there will not be much of a noticeable effect until then.

Independence Day? Not So Much

We experience a Cancer New Moon on July 4th, Independence Day in the USA. It occurs at 12° Cancer (nearly 13°) at 7:01 AM EST with a theme of home and family, security and safety. Opposing Pluto a few hours later the dark side is unveiled with issues around control,  deep anger and obsessions — likely focused on the home, our emotion and the women in our lives. This could be a turning point for some as Moon-Neptune trine will give an opportunity to release the anger in a softer expression, to cry, to get some sleep and release your emotions in the way. This tension will last until Leo New Moon on August 2 gives opportunity to tie up loose ends and start anew.

Drive Safely!

Wit a Sun-Mercury opposition on July 7 we could find something it to be a cranky time. There will be a Venus-Pluto hangover from June 30 still lingering and the Sun/Mercury-Pluto opposition provokes obsessive behaviors, critical words, travel/transportation problems and road rage. People want to show they’ve got the power.  People want to change people. There will be joint finance issues, business problems, bullying and deep-seated anger. Be careful of pushing someone who you think will just lay down because this time, they won’t do it. They will push back and you will be the loser. There may be changes in governments (coups, wars launched) or a transformation in how a government or governmental process runs. Both the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention will occur during July.

Important July Days

July 1, Venus sextile Jupiter. This is a transit indicative of love, social activity and positive financial transactions.

July 3, Sun trine Neptune. This is spiritual, creative and great for a reading!

July 5, Mercury trine Neptune. Another creative and spiritual transit. Dreams may be vivid.

July 6, Venus trine Mars. Great for love, your social life and meeting new people. Also the Sun conjuncts Mercury and this can be ego centered and willful.

July 8, Mercury sextile Jupiter. Generally this is positive and expansive, but don’t overdo.

July 10, the Sun sextile Jupiter. Another positive day good for expansive opportunities.

July 11, Mercury square Uranus. This is an erratic day full of surprises or unexpected communication. The energy can be nervous and irritating. Mercury rules travel, so beware of road rage and employ defensive driver skills.

July 12, Venus ingresses Leo. Venus shifts from a theme of home, baby-making and family to fun, creativity, romance and children.

July 13, Mercury ingresses Leo, adding humor, lightheartedness, charm, romance and fun to  the conversation. Leisure travel also gets a boost — time for a roadtrip!

July 16, Sun square Uranus. WHOOMP there is was! Change happens NOW and repeatedly. Be ready for the unexpected and stay very flexible. If you don’t expect explosions and anger the Sun will trine Mars during this so there could be some accidents.

July 19, Full Moon 27° Capricorn, at  6:58PM, EST. The focus is on women, business, family, security and practicality. With this Moon square Uranus, there will be some unpredictability. and maybe instability in financial markets.

July 20, Venus trine Saturn, a good transit for business relations and dealing with people from your past

July 22, Sun ingresses Leo, the ruler of the 5th house, creativity, romance, taking risks, fun, and entertainment

July 27, Mercury trine Uranus. Positive for communication and expansive new ideas.

July 29, Mercury square Uranus. Drive defensively, beware of road rage and take your time. Be careful around sharp objects and things that can burn. Stay away from gossiping and question the veracity of everything you hear before repeating it. Be especially care about anything online from opening and sending emails to social media. You do not want viruses or to send something to the wrong person.

Uranus Rx in Aries. Uranus stations retrograde 24°30″ Aries. Internally, you will become very aware of changes you need to make, but externally it will be very difficult to make them until the planet stations direct at the end of December.

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