There’s No Place Like Home: Mercury Square Chiron

There’s No Place Like Home: Mercury Square Chiron

In the famous Frank L. Baum book, “The Wizard of Oz” the heroine, Dorothy deals with many dramatic situations in the Land of Oz where she has landed after being violently ripped from her home and all that is good and safe in the world. She is far from home and all that she knows and she desperately wants to be safe, secure and home again. She tries to get home through the Wizard of Oz, helping three others along the way. Eventually her ride home, The Wizard, noplacelikehomeproves himself to be an illusion and flies off into the sky in a hot air balloon, leaving her with three “crutches” to help her: The Scarecrow, The Lion and The Tin Man.Suddenly Dorothy realizes her belief in the external power of The Wizard was, in fact, preventing her from returning home.

This is when Glinda the Good Witch tells Dorothy directly that through the magic in her glittery ruby red shoes, she had the power to use her mind to escape form the Land of Oz (with its delusional poppy fields, flying witches and munchkins) and return home to Kansas. She had the power all along to return home but it took a laborious, dramatic and sometimes dangerous journey for her to be ready to believe in herself. Now, all she had to do was click her heels three times and say “There’s no place like home”. By her thoughts, she created her reality and transported herself out o Oz and back to her home and family in Kansas.

Thoughts become things. We create our reality with our thoughts. This week, Mercury in Gemini squares Chiron in Pisces, driving home to us a mental awareness of our wounds and how we can bring healing to ourselves. In the “healing crisis” that is provoked by transiting Mercury square Chiron, your mental alertness could be so exacting that you can create the reality you desire and heal your wounds so you can return “home” to yourself. You can make that healing, and anything you want, become reality, solely with the power of your mind. You can actually “do magic”.

Thoughts become things. What things do you want to manifest this week to come home to yourself – to bring healing and wholeness to your self and stop wandering around, disassociated from the seat of your soul? This is a week when you have the opportunity to do it, with the power of your mind. That is a lot of power, but you can handle it.

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