Threshing the Grain: September 1, 2016 – Solar Eclipse in Virgo

Threshing the Grain: September 1, 2016 – Solar Eclipse in Virgo

The solar eclipse on Thursday 1 September 2016 at 09°21″ Virgo  is all about taking control of your mind through positive thinking and maintaining faith (Jupiter) to harvest good things for your future through hard work. You must do this to overcome the paralysis of fear brought by Saturn square Neptune. This is one of the BIG eclipses, especially if you an outer planet (Saturn, Uranus or Pluto) near 9° Virgo. I do. 

This lunation will exactly occur on my Uranus and conjunct my Pluto This is a generational impact. This thing is also driving home a Mutable T-Square that will shake us all.

Mars-Saturn in Sagittarius is square this configuration. Think stroke, heart attack, earthquake, dynamiting a building, scorching a field with fire.

Whatever happens, however, this is the beginning of the END of the Neptunian fear mongering that we have been dealing with for so long. Nestled in this eclipse is a lovely transition to the harvest of a more honest, authentic, safe and positive future over the next 6 months. This eclipse energy will be strongly felt and active until February 2017 when the next solar eclipse occurs. .

Separating the chaff from the wheat is what we do to reap the good harvest. Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and start writing down a to-do list on a blank sheet of paper. The impulsive and enthusiastic nature of a solar eclipse means that not all new projects will succeed, but through a solar eclipse in not only one point in time. Separate out the people and circumstances that no longer serv eyour spirit.

We have two weeks to experience the revelations, explosions, collapses and curtain droppers that will reveal the new beginning. Then, in two weeks time, the September 16 lunar eclipse in Pisces will give us the impetus to begin clearing the rubble and putting an end to that which must end so the good new stuff is ready to be harvested.

A quick glimpse of the chart below for the September 1 solar eclipse shows a very distinct T-square aspect pattern. At the base of it all we are each facing a stark red reality of tests, challenges and conflict.

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Virgo Aspects

Saturn square Neptune is the fear mongering aspect that has bene weighing us all down for a very long time. A year, in fact. It reaches its climax on September 10.

Sun opposite Neptune – beware of vague insecurity, discouragement and other people’s attempts to manipulate you with lies and hidden information. If something sounds too good to be true, then it is. Walk away. People will be looking to victimize people. Especially because Mercury Rx is in effect during this eclipse, do not agree to anything, do not sign contracts and do not put your name to anything until after Mercury stations direct on September 22. Even if they tell you that you must do it now, don’t worry because nothing will happen on time anyway.

Sun square Saturn will bring a strong element of depression if you are not aware. It may seem you are being limited in some way and that you are being tested. Meet your challenges with integrity and you will be fine in the long run. Saturn works well with time. The results may not show today but eventually they will and right wins in the end. Accept the hard responsibilities. Do the thing that is constraining and down the road you will realize you have achieved a new freedom.

Mars conjunct Saturn pumps up feelings of resentment, anger and vengefulness. Do some HARD physical work (see below) to push through this aspect. Find a creative project that demands your time and put your sweat and focus into it. When someone attempts to provoke you, smile and “remember” you have something you must go take care of immediately and simply GO! Get away. Flight instead of fight!

Mars square Neptune deepens the nasty and aggressive nature. Those who try to provoke you will not like it when you try to escape nor if you ar not around for their manipulations. This will be in aspect through the September 16 Full  Moon lunar eclipse in Pisces. I am telling you right now, announce to everyone that you will be working on a project (give no details) from September 1 through 22 and then use that time to be alone. Work on some project but keep to yourself. Or take a vacation and relax away from the very maddening crowd. We have Sun square Mars and Moon square Mars during this so anger and aggression will certainly be an overriding factor.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter is the most supportive aspect. It gives the power of a positive outlet for the energy. Positive thinking and gratitude can overcome fear mongering, warmongering and manipulations. Free your mind and daydream a little about the bright future you want to have under the coming Saturn trine Uranus aspect in late autumn!

Threshing the Grain – Positive Eclipse Solutions

The way to handle a T-square configuration is to release the stored tension of the opposition (New Moon solar eclipse in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces) through intentional hard work at the focal point (Saturn in Sagittarius) using the “missing leg” – which in this case if Gemini. Because an eclipse is powerful the Sun/Moon eclipse is exerting the strongest influence here. I suggest taking a lighthearted approach, staying out of the details (teach don’t preach, give/take information not dogma). This will empower you to focus on the harvest(Virgo) at hand.

When you harvest a field of grain, you must thresh it — separate the good from te bad. Threshing is the process of loosening the edible part of a crop from the scaly, inedible chaff that surrounds it (“separate the wheat from the chaff”). It is the step in grain preparation after harvesting and before winnowing. This must be done for a successful, healthy harvest. That is what you must do with this eclipse. It is giving you the opportunity to prepare your life to reap the benefits of a large, satisfying and fulfilling harvest. You will have a new opportunity to recognize and separate out liars and lies, bad people, manipulators, false information, half-truths, tricky people, things that looks good but smell bad, that which is rotten to the core, people rushing you, people who want you to obsess on details and forget the BIG PICTURE. So here are some tips for you to get through September 1-16:

Be Positive and Start Something New:  Rather than remain stuck with the same people and solutions, start something new and make new associations. Have faith, great faith, in yourself and the Universe/God. Jupiter is still in Virgo under this eclipse and faith is about believing in things yet unseen. Those who practice positive thinking and gratitude will fare best.

Relax. Take a vacation. Stop DOING and start BEING during this time. Do something new to relax and pick things up again in mid-September.

Avoid Angering Conflicts. You must stay positive and manipulative people will insist you engage with them while they try to force their solutions on you. Watch carefully all that you say and do. Silence is golden. Smile a lot and have somewhere to be — and you must move NOW. Avoid too much contact with people. The pressure can be immense. Rather than stroke out, take a break. Get out of the fiery inferno.

Get Physical. Do physically demanding exercise. Hard exercise. Get sweaty. That includes sex. If you cannot get it from a partner, then masturbate!

Focus on The Big Picture. Stay positive and see the ultimate end goal and its glory. Avoid obsessing on the minor details. If you focus on the detail you will get depressed.


Special Note on Uranus and Pluto

As I noted earlier, the Uranus/Pluto in Virgo Generation born in the mid-60s to early 70s is getting special attention during this eclipse. This aspect of  9° Virgo will bring the eclipse exactly on or conjunct many people’s Uranus and/or Pluto. This could bring fast-moving surprises, changes and shocks (Uranus) and/or take you deeply into some issue you have been learning lessons about — perhaps about sex, death, and deep psychological stuff. Yet I do not think this will be negative.


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