Time For Action: August 13, 2016 – Saturn Stations Direct

Time For Action: August 13, 2016 – Saturn Stations Direct

The future is NOW! Saturn in Sagittarius stations direct and moves forward Saturday August 13, 2016, giving us a heavy and serious push to take action in some area of our lives.

Saturn in Sagittarius stationed retrograde on March 25, 2016, at 16° Sagittarius, slowing us down primarily in one area of our lives and secondarily in another area related to it. We were too immature, overblown, arrogant, irresponsible or ineffective. Saturn has been admonishing us about those behaviors. Those resisting the lesson are depressed and feeling resentful.

Saturn Stations Direct

Now we have spent five (5) months learning where we went wrong, what we did wrong, what attitude or action needs to change, how we need to mature, what we need to take seriously, where we must stop being fake, what we must do to be effective adults, where we need to employ some planning and skill and where we need to show some humility. Saturn, the planet symbolizing the Lord of Karma or Lord of Death, planning, structures, responsibility and maturity stations direct at 9°Sagittarius on August 13, 2016 at 2:50 AM PST/ 5:50 AM EST/ 11:50 AM CEST in Central Europe.

Reviewing Spring 2016 Lessons

Let us examine what we have been taught so far this year by Saturn in Sagittarius. This past spring, we had five (5) planets retrograde at once, including two of the personal planets:
  • Mercury, the planet of communication;
  • Mars, the planet of action and drive;
  • Uranus, the planet of shock and changes;
  • Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions
  • Saturn the planet of commitment, structure, responsibility and maturity

Humble Love

Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is a sign known for having a huge over-inflated ego and big mouth with a sharp tongue. Saturn in Sagittarius will tame that tendency before the transit ends.
This Saturn station will occur square Venus in Virgo and that means the lesson this month and going forward is to get rid of arrogance and ego and get real. Get real about what? Get real about love, money and what is truly valuable in life.

Have you messed up and made a big mistake in love or with your finances? Fix it now. There will be some breakups because people will realize they have been fooling themselves about their relationship to a group or a person. In many other cases, it is time to humble yourself an apologize to person you love and heal things. Saturn in Sagittarius has been teaching you about love and commitment.

Guaranteed: those who make marriage proposals and get married soon or just do it and get married now, will find themselves reaping financial and relationship rewards over the next 7 years (and every 7 year cycle from there) that they could not have imagined.

Saturn Return in Sagittarius

If you are about 30 and have been experiencing your Saturn Return, you are especially in the spotlight about this. No question, marriage is on the table for you. Run from it now and suffer in 7 years again in about 14 years, and again in about 21 years. In the last several months you met someone who symbolizes your call to commit. You can be immature and resist, and suffer depression or grow up, get real and take action in this area of life.

Manipulations and Projections

As I have told many a 30-year old — you aren’t 27 anymore and the pain you have is because you are still trying to hang and party with the same people who were in your life before you turned 30. 

For those who want to run and hide, get serious. No human is manipulating you or attempting to manipulate you. You are afraid of commitment, immature, ineffective and stuck in life. Topping it off, it is all YOUR FAULT: You are projecting YOUR stuff on others and getting angry at them. You are the one who runs from what you should be doing in life. You are the one dissolving your life by lying to yourself, lying to others and living in an immature deluded state instead of planing a real and serious, mature life. No one can manipulate you into anything. You put yourself in the corner. You can get yourself out by taking action and taking right steps.

Fixing Finances and Broken Relationships

If you have a problem (Saturn) in money and/or love (Venus), fix it now (Virgo). We currently have Mars, Venus and Jupiter in Virgo so you have great support from the Universe. While the work is serious, everything you do in the direction of resolving problems in these areas will work and be long-lasting. Jupiter enters Libra in less than a month and people will be partnering. You will be left out and you will feel the loneliness and weight or your error very heavily.

Saturn Will Kick Your Butt

Saturn admonishes us when we are not doing what we are meant to be doing, and it busts us when we are not in line with our own growth or have heavy lessons that we ignore. Whatever you have been avoiding in your life will be kicking you in the butt this autumn. You will be forced in a painful way to face your lies and delusions and then deal with the truth. You will be in much pain as you are forced to restructure your life around what you SHOULD be doing now while you should have done in a mature and right manner this spring and now.


Mars and Saturn will have both had stations this year at 8° and 9° degrees of Sagittarius, driving home a for all of us in some area of our charts about taking action to structure our goals around a long-lasting, solid plan for the future.  Those with planets at 5° – 11° degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) are getting pounded the hardest with the lessons. So how are you to handle this?
  • Face  the truth you must face
  • Structure your plans, goals and work in some area in an effective manner
  • Keep the big picture out there — what REWARD will the hard work bring?
You will get a clear message about what must be changed and restructured in your life. Life is not all a party and Saturn will show it to you. The party is getting shut down and you need to go home and handle your business. Stay alert for the big lessons or themes that come up in the next few weeks with the Saturn station, because you cannot run or hide any longer.

Mars and Saturn: Serious Meeting

Mars, the planet of how we take action, originally stationed retrograde in April within a degree where Saturn is now stationing in August. Mars and Saturn will be conjoined at 9° Sagittarius at 4:25 AM PST / 7:26 AM EST / 1:36 PM CEST in Central Europe on August 24, 2016. See how the Universe is telling you that some certain thing in your life is important. What do you have at 9° Sagittarius? If it is a personal planet like (or especially Venus) get REAL and SERIOUS about LOVE. 


Those who ignore the message will feel frustrated, angry, heavy, delayed and blocked. Those who act with a commitment to make things work (not just playing at it with no details, dates, real actions etc) will find that they benefit. Taking action with consistent, steady, patient, reliable behaviors will bring reward. The man who gets married will “miraculously” find he gets a financial and/or status promotion at work. The woman who decides to get pregnant will find she gains a new and beneficial circle of trustworthy friends and associates. The woman who decides to finish the academic degree she quit years ago will see doors opening to career possibilities she never imagined. The man who starts focuses on his relationship instead of his friends will find his life enriched.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 1, 2016 is at 9° Virgo.  Change is demanded and it WILL happen.
Saturn conjunct Mars this month provides an aspect and energy, which can feel extremely frustrating, delayed, and slow to move. However, it is excellent for focusing on the keen, minute details and for having patience, consistency, and commitment to make things work, which is the ultimate goal.  Saturn and Mars aligned together can be excellent for painstaking detail to work that needs sheer focus. Make it work for you!


Face Your Fears

Fantasy time is over. Neptune will continue dissolving the false structures we have placed around our lives. That group of fake friends you hang with will turn into an exploded sticky mess in your face if you continue hanging out with them. You have already been warned. Wait until September 10, 2016 when Saturn-Neptune has another exact hit. Drugs and alcohol, lies and delusions will come to a head in this doomed cocktail. Boozing it up, sniffing it up, smoking it up…all those things will get you deep er in the infected pus of delusion and life will get even harder to navigate. Face your fears by taking action. That is courage. Courage will be rewarded.
What ACTION can you take to improve your life with a Saturn in Sagitaius flavor? Order a 30- or 60-minute consultation and let’s see what tools you have to work with and what rewards you can manifest.

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