Toasting Marshmallows and Telling Stories – March 23, 2016 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Toasting Marshmallows and Telling Stories – March 23, 2016 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

sabiannewmoonlibra2016We are experiencing a Full Moon in Libra on Wednesday March 23, 2016 at 3° Libra 36′ at 5:01 AM PDT, 8:01 AM EDT and 1:01 PM CEST in Central Europe. The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is Libra 4. It reveals to us a collective theme regarding our relations and communication within our social circles. It calls us to end disharmony and create better relationships. Toast those marshmallows together and sing “Kumbaya”.

Sabian Symbol – Libra 4: A group around a campfire


That song is a staple around campfires and it was not exception in my childhood. I remember those singalongs at camp and at church, holding hands and sway with people within whom I was in spiritual communion.

It was a moment in time where we put aside our differences and focused on our commonalities. It was a time of drawing near, creating intimacy and harmony. It was a time of unity, calm and peace. It was powerful and deep.

Toasting marshmallows and telling stories around the campfire is a ritual also known to many around the world. There is something to this seemingly mundane custom. Lighting those sweet balls of sugar and eating them is a shared experience of sweetness. The stories we tell are ones designed to have us all share in a common experience (albeit usually scary!!). In telling these stories, we create better social relationships, spiritual connections and harmony in our communities. These rituals of commonality raised in this Sabian symbol asks us to examine our relationships and find a way to connect with others. Find the commonalities. Bring the disharmony to an end.

Creating Harmony

Sometimes doing this, ending disharmony, can only be done through release. Maybe it means you must release a person and allow a relationship to fully end so that a new spark can begin elsewhere. Maybe it means you must make peace with another person, with yourself or with a situation, so new beginning can spark for you or someone in your life at the New Moon in Aries coming on April 7.

Part of the Healing – March’s New Moon Solar Eclipse

This lunation is the first Full Moon and lunar eclipse after the powerful New Moon solar eclipse in Pisces we had on March 8. That one called for healing wounds and this Full Moon lunar eclipse is part of the healing process. Whatever healing moves were started or completed then — you will harvest the results now. Full Moons bring fullness, ending and fruition. Now things can be fine-tuned or completed. Whereas the Sun (male) energy was reset/removed/cut out/blotted out under the solar eclipse, this lunar eclipse is about the Moon (female) energy that will be reset/blotted out/cut out/removed. This is about an emotional baggage clearing having to do with the last six month. All that went down between September 2015 and March 2016 is getting cleared away so there is no need to carry that negative energy into the future. This is the healing.

A client with Sun in Libra told me that at the New Moon in Pisces that the man she had been trying to get to marry her for the last three years told her he did not want to marry her, that she was tired of him not giving her the marriage comitment she wanted and that he wanted a break from all the pressure of it. They decided to “take a break” but, she admitted to me that they were done and the “break” was simply cowardice and fear of admitting it. She knows she is not the woman of his dreams but that he did not want to hurt her. She knows now they will never marry and that he has moved on with his life. She has wanted to get married to someone since she was a little girl and now, she told me, she already has a plan to find another man and start the process again to find a husband.

Powerful Communication

Mercury in Pisces is opposite this lunation so we have Sun in Pisces conjunct Mercury in Pisces opposite Moon in Virgo. Chiron in Pisces was a major player in the solar eclipse and now it is Mercury‘s turn. The healing continues with words — thoughts and communication. Now you will be able to reset those old emotions and clear them away so you can experience new emotions and communicate better. Your decision-making, planning and relationships will have opportuity for improvement. Now is the time to attain emotional balance in your new situation and/or relationship and further evolve your new healing path by having lots of clarifying conversation. I recommend you have many of those conversations while walking. Or take a trip somewhere for a day or two and do the talking there. Go for a weekend camping and canoeing trip and talk while rowing the boat….talk around the picnic table, share your personal stories around the campfire while toasting those marshmallows, talk in the tent under the stars. Communication will bring powerful heling to all parties in the conversation and strengthen the connection.

Because the Moon will oppose Merury there could be the stereotypical logical man vs emotional woman argument — but now that you know it, you will avoid it, right? It will only hinder the healing and block the love, so don’t do it. Make an effort to let the emotions in and integrate them while understanding that rational thinking and logic is the better choice right now in your planning, decision-making, and relationship issues. It will bring harmony and deepen the healing in your life.

With Jupiter currently transiting in Mercury-ruled Virgo, this will bring positive and expansive opportunties to your life, too!

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