TODAY’S TAROT: Knight of Cups – Emotional Offers and Messages

TODAY’S TAROT: Knight of Cups – Emotional Offers and Messages

Knight of Cups - New people and experiences entering your life -- including marriage proposals!The Knight of Cups is emotionally sensitive, loving and dedicated but he has a problem with commitment. He wants adventure and can spend his time flitting from one person (drinking in everything he can) to another person (drinking in everything he can, once more). In the end he can get drunk on loving and taking love from other people — yet never quench his thirst.

He enjoys family and friends and can be nurturing towards them but his love is not a mature love. He is on the way to maturing (to becoming a King) but he is not there yet.

Th Knight of Cups generally has light brown hair and hazel eyes.  In many decks he is wearing the dual sexed helmet of Hermes and may seek sexual and emotional relationships with people of all sexual orientations out of curiosity. It may also be a helmet with dual colored plumage. He can seem charming and magnetic as well as graceful while still being awkward and immature. He can also be a person who communicates well, bringing messages to others. Or in a reading it can indicate that you (the Knight of Cups) will bring to someone a message or a romantic nature (even a marriage proposal in the case of a King-in-the-making. Look to see if the Knight of Cups is facing another taro card depicting a person, and you will know who is the object of the Knight of Cup’s love and affection.

 The Knight of Cups is past the immature youth of the Page of Cups but has not attained the financial and emotional maturity of te King of Cups. He does have some emotional security and maturity. When this card shows, you will likely be suddenly offered an invitation to an emotional experience or relationship that offers a lot for both of you. The Knight of Cups has a certain degree of grace and is growing in strength. He represents karmic love or destined relationships. He can be too passive and it is it reflected in something he must learn to overcome in order to mature and be a success: his inability to commit.

In sum total, the Knight of Cups reveals the start of new emotions or emotional bonds in your life, a new person entering your life  or the possibility of a new romantic relationship (but make sure he or she is serious).

Love and the Knight of Cups 

This is the person who can create a bad reputation for himself as a user and serial dater. He cna break many hearts and not truly care about it. He chooses instability rather than to conquer his fear of commitment. If you are involved with a Knight of Cups, get away from him. He is not worth the wait nor the tears. Find someone deserving of you. If he returns and commits before you marry someone else, great, if not, let the Knight of Cups have his lonely and empty fantasy life. If you are single right now, this is a positive tiding that you have someone graceful and beautiful entering you life. Open your arms and receive the love.

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