TRANSFORMATION: 13 Degrees of Separation and Connection

TRANSFORMATION: 13 Degrees of Separation and Connection

 Death (Transformation). The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. Used by PermissionThe Cardinal Grand Cross that we are in the midst of, is occurring at 13 degrees (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). The number 13 is the number of the Death card in the Tarot and death is about transformation.

Inevitable, Unavoidable Changes

This Cardinal Grand Cross is part of a long cycle, begun in 2012, that will give us the ability to gain better skills, gain control over ourselves (not others!) and live a more authentic and fulfilling life in four areas:

Aries (Cardinal Fire): self, ego, individuality, courage and pioneering actions

Cancer (Cardinal Water): home and family, roots, safety and security, emotions

Libra (Cardinal Air): partnerships and relationships, including marriage and divorce, interpersonal matters, mutuality, negotiation, diplomacy and compromise

Capricorn (Cardinal Earth): work, career, public life, name and reputation

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13 Degrees of Separation and Connection

In order to grow and evolve under this Cardinal Grand Cross, we must ask ourselves questions. The bold and scary questions we must each ask ourselves under this rare celestial event are – What beliefs or patterns of behavior are no longer serving me? What is not longer for my highest good? What and/or who must be released? What must come to and end? Who must leave or be removed from my life?

Conversely we must each ask ourselves these questions during the Cardinal Grand Cross: Who must be brought closer into our lives? What new beliefs or patterns of behavior better serve me and better fit my life? What must be renewed in my life?

It is time to clean out your closets and change direction. It is time to get unstuck and lead a more authentic and joyful life. It is time to take charge of your life and healthily integrate self and relationships with others (especially around marriage and divorce) . It is also time to balance and integrate the life areas of home and work.

Death, symbolized by the number 13, does not promise us a painless journey. On the contrary there may be great suffering and losses along the way (breakups, divorces, resignations, firings). But then the transformation comes and you are renewed and enter a new life, a new way of living.

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Cardinal Grand Cross: Finding Your Way to Renewal

Prayer, solitary contemplation, meditation and play will be your best friend during the Cardinal Grand Cross this week. This will help you stay centered. Cut back on or eliminate your social media and Internet usage. Avoid making or taking phone calls unless necessary. This time alone will keep you grounded and centered so you navigate the uncomfortable, unsettling or disturbing feelings that will crop up within  you this week. Situations of the same tone will crop up externally around you and you best method of handling things is to give yourself space and time to think before you act.

Relax and play. Find some “mindless” things to do such as blowing soap bubbles (Libra 13 in Sabian Symbols is Children Blowing Soap Bubbles). This does not mean get online or play computer games. Leave the computer games alone as they will only prevent you from accomplishing what is important now. Stay home outside of work or take time off and be at home and “nest”. Make yourself comfortable. Issues regarding marriage, divorce, your spouse or partner, your mother and/or father, your public reputation, your career direction or your home/place of residence may arise and you will need to address them, even if only in your mind at this point. Now you have time and impetus for the emotional and psychological processing necessary to create new ways of handling those relationships and issues.

I also want to note that this Cardinal Grand Cross can herald births and conceptions (especially with Jupiter in Cancer), sudden marriage proposals and healing of broken relationships.

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