Transformation And Ascension

Transformation And Ascension

flyingabovecloudsSummertime is a glorious time of year to me. People shed their clothes and let their skin breathe. They let their emotional selves out and enjoy life. They let it all hang out.This summer will be an emotionally. Spiritually and psychologically purging summer as people let it all hang out, push it all out or deal with what forcibly comes out/gets exposed. It will be a karmic summer!

This summer will be one which cleanses and heals wounds in our lives and it begins this week. This week is a significant and karmic one that will teach you many important life lessons. You will find yourself in emotional quagmires – but each time you do remember that wherever you find yourself is where you are supposed to be and it is where and how you are to learn karmic lessons that have been on your plate since October 6, 2012. Karmic shifts, opportunity to reflect and make decisions and navigating your way through to the end of problems will happen between now and June 15, 2015.

Scorpio 29: An Indian Woman Pleading To The Chief For The Lives Of Her Children

Saturn the Lord of Karma, re-enters the final degree of the fixed water sign of Scorpio on June 14, 2015. During summer, Saturn returns to the anaretic degrees of Scorpio, which are the final degrees at 29º and 28º of Scorpio. Saturn was last in Scorpio December 23, 2014. Saturn in Scorpio, as you may well know from experiences, is about murky, mysterious, hidden situations that are quite wounding. Saturn forces us to deal with sex/sexual intimacy, power and emotional intimacy, taxes, shared resources and psychological intimacy. I know many people have experienced a lot of psychological wounding and emotional suffering under Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is, in part, about karma, chickens coming home to roost, breaking down and rebuilding new structures, taking responsibility and accepting that you must deal with the past.

This week brings Saturn retrograde at 29º Scorpio. Saturn leaves Scorpio in September and will not return until November 11, 2041. The Sabian symbol enlightens us that this will manifest as encountering seemingly impossible situations, resulting in you being a position where you are helpless/powerless and must unceasingly beg or plead in anguish to somehow change the circumstance to something more workable. It seems there only hardness and inflexibility, but gentle movements will achieve release. It seems there is no door out and no possibility but there is…and it will come to you. You may be dealing with inflexible powers but be gentle and resolute and you will win out and move forth. Can you recall what you were dealing with in December, up until Christmas? What power issues were you facing? How has death appeared in your life? In what way was emotional intimacy being demanded in your life and how did you respond? Saturn in Scorpio forces us to face our fears and wounds around power, sex and emotional intimacy. If we do it, then we find healing! Through healing, we become empowered!

How can you use this week where Saturn re-enters Scorpio? How can you take in the lesson, apply it and grow so that you can heal?

Use this time wisely. How?

Reflect on what has happened, what you have learned, where you need to heal and how you can heal. Take responsibility, take ownership. Look to yourself first as the source of your wounds. How are you hurting yourself? How are you sabotaging yourself in matters of sexual partnership, emotional intimacy, taxes, death, psychological patterns and thought processes and relationships. What people, situations, things and habits do you need to purge from your life (eliminate/remove)? Are you being asked to deal with and accept death (a very Scorpio thing!) as a part of life – and maybe not for the first time?  Or maybe you have been playing with death, having unsafe sex and exposing yourself to disease and death? Having an affair? Lying to and/or about people? Creating discord between people through manipulation behind someone’s back? Not handling taxes or joint finances as you should? It will catch up to you now even if it does not appear visibly – yet.  Have you been playing games with someone’s emotions by selfishly insisting that all or most things must be “yes” to you and “no” to the other person? You will get purged…eliminated from that person’s life this summer and YOU will be the worse for it in life. You will have proved you are of no value to the person and the worthless non-relationship will be permanently discarded. It will be a wound you will never be able to heal in your life…at least not until Saturn in Scorpio again in 2041.

If you are a Plutonian person (meaning Pluto figures strongly in your chart, and Pluto rules Scorpio), you may well need to admit that death and transformation in some form is a major theme in your life, and embrace it.  This Saturn retrograde in Scorpio placement will be a major actor in the summer theatre play that is your life this year!   

Gemini 4: Holly And Mistletoe Reawaken Old Memories Of Christmas

There is, however, more than one thing happening this coming week. Mercury retrograde is finally coming to an end, having reigned down three weeks of breakdowns, confused and missing elements of communication, slowdowns, breakdowns and general chaos. Because Mercury co-rules Gemini and Virgo, communication, mental processes, mechanical and electronic items and transportation has been quite disheveled, confused and broken.

I have a friend whose daughter ignored her direct communication and took her cell phone into the bathroom, then dropped it in the bathtub water. It was plugged in and it was ruined. Trains have been delayed. I was on a flight just three ndays before the retrograde in which we were intentionally delayed for nearly 5 hours and a passenger got so off schedule he nearly died from diabetic shock on the airplane. Meetings have been delayed. I began working on launching some online courses and due to repeated necessary changes and technical delays, I realized the other day that I will not get to put them online until June 11 or 12, after the retrograde ends. Other people I know have had numerous computer issues for the last few weeks since the retrograde began, all involving communication and computers.

We have been reminded to reflect on the good things in life and to savor them. But we also have reminded that we may be clinging too hard to the past and it is time to release. The cosmic messenger stations direct on June 11, 2015 at 4º Gemini and things slowly begin moving forward. Expect no noticeable change until June 13, 2015 because of Neptune and even then….I advise waiting until June 27, 2015 to launch or start something, or even to continue with something you have been reviewing/re-forming, if you do not want to deal with more delays and other problems. 

Leo 29: A Mermaid Emerges From The Ocean Waves Ready For Rebirth In Human Form

Aquarius 29: A Butterfly Emerging From A Chrysalis

Venus and Jupiter are both in Leo this coming week. Venus, the planet of money, values, love and beauty, recently entered the fixed fire sign of Leo. Due to a retrograde, it stays there for the next four months. Venus in Leo wants you to highly value yourself, have strong self-esteem, love yourself, surround yourself with others who love and admire you and do what you love. Venus in Leo wants you to open your heart. When it retrogrades it will ask you to re-examine these things and make decision about how you are doing these things and what you need to do in order to achieve happiness. On August 4, 2015, Venus retrograde will be conjunct Jupiter at 28º Leo. Jupiter in Leo wants to expand your happiness – your authentic happiness, and so you will be invited to reflect and make changes that bring about happiness and joy into your life. This conjunction will be square Saturn retrograde in Scorpio so you will be eliminating people from your life who simply are not giving you the love you deserve. As I wrote earlier, this is a week of encountering seemingly impossible situations, resulting in you being a position where you are helpless/powerless and anguished pleading with others to somehow change the circumstance to something more workable may seem to be the only resource. It seems there only hardness and inflexibility, BUT gentle movements will achieve release. The mermaid sheds her tight skin to grow legs and walk on land. The caterpillar becomes a chrysalis, shedding its cocoon and becoming a beautiful butterfly, flying free.

Rebirth is also a theme. If it is not you that is rebirthed, watch for someone else to be rebirthed into your life as a new, beautiful and humane person.

Often in life the only way out is through. It seems there is no door out and no possibility but there is…and it will come to you. You may be dealing with inflexible powers but be gentle and resolute and you will win out and move forth. Those cold, detached, distant, selfish, cruel people must go.  Isn’t it about time you did that? Purge those draining, toxic people! Situations that are harmful? Those will be eliminated, too, as you restructure what you value. All that actually begins THIS WEEK.

Pisces 10: An Aviator Pursues His Journey, Flying Through Ground-Obscuring Clouds

Finally, Neptune, the planet of confusion, delusion, abandonment, dreams, creativity and asceticism, stations retrograde on June 12, 2015, preventing us from feeling much immediate impact of Mercury’s direct station. Clarity will be a challenge. But here is why: The Sabian symbols shows that it has to do with where we are heading. We are so intent, so intensely intent, on moving forward, that we rise above the murky clouds. Nothing can hold us to the ground, not even turbulence and obscurity.

My advice? Adopt the practice of saying nothing at all from this week through June 27. If you must break silence this week, say very little because confusion and misunderstanding will reign. Your words could hold you back from soaring. Stay focused on your destination and enjoy the journey, rising above the clouds.

It all begins this week!

I will share more as the weeks go by, but have a beautiful, transforming summer!

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