Transiting Saturn in Scorpio Opposite Natal Jupiter in Taurus: Authority Smackdown

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio Opposite Natal Jupiter in Taurus: Authority Smackdown

saturnoppositejupiterWhen Transiting Saturn opposes your Natal Jupiter you can expect trouble from government authorities, courts and people who can affect whether you make money or not. The Taxman cometh! If you have debts, your creditors will come banging on your door, trying to kick it in. None of them will be understanding. compassionate, kind, or try to work with you. They intend to rain on your parade and drench you. Protect yourself now by doing what you KNOW is the right thing and remain confident in your abilities and assets!

The way to handle this is about 5-7 degrees before this aspect (check your ephemeris) be honest with them about your situation and make an offer to work out a deal. With debts, do something like make a one-time payment offer for 50% in a lump sum and pay it. With legal situations, work out a compromise.

If you have natal Jupiter in Taurus between 20º-29º, you can expect the period of September 29, 2014 – December 24, 2014 to be harsh, maybe even crushing. In fact, as Saturn is now at 17º Scorpio, you are beginning to feel the heat if your natal Jupiter in Taurus is at 20º. Get into a safe position immediately by doing the right thing with tax issues or credit/debt issues, put aside large amounts in savings, and cut down your expenses to the bare necessities. Plan to do this until autumn 2015 because Saturn will visit the early degrees of Sagittarius for a few months but be back in the latter degrees of Scorpio opposite the latter degrees of Taurus, from June 16, 2015 – September 18, 2015

Reality Check

If you have Natal Jupiter in Taurus, Saturn in Scorpio either has been, is currently or is about to get ugly and painful with you. This is a time when you will learn that authority figures or entities you trusted are hypocrites and thieves. They will attempt to take everything they can from you and it will be harsh. They will steal your time, waste your time with demands for activity form you that they know is just a way of making you bow down to them. They will use unscrupulous means, devious means and harsh methods. They do not care about your feelings. They want what they want and dammit they intend to get it, even if it is only control of you. They are fixed on that goal, just as you are fixed on your goal.

If you have been greedy and irresponsible, unchecked growth will encounter resistance — the chickens will come home to roost. harsh circumstances will prevent you from making progress in life and blessing and bounty may seem to disappear with a hard bang.  If you doubt yourself and your abilities, you will be crushed. The only way out is through and you will need to make hard adjustments. Events will occur that make you clearly and painfully aware of where, when and how you have gone too far, to excess or in some cases not far enough. 

It is only if you have lost a sense of proportion that this period can bring such strong measures.

Consider this a warning to use this preparation time and the upcoming period to re-balance whatever is off center by setting limits and assuming responsibility, especially for whatever has grown unchecked.

 Ground yourself and protect your money — and I do not mean in a bank account.

Cut back on expenses and spending.

Put aside cash – a large amount of it.

Pay off small debts in full

Make payment arrangements on medium sized debts so you can get them paid off in 3-6 months

Restructure your budget to the bare minimums so you can pay a lump sum and then affordable/reasonable (for you) monthly payments on the larger debts.

Cut up the credit cards and/or go without them for 6-12 months

Avoid getting into conflict with government agencies, courts authority figures and anyone who has  a position of power over you, to whom you must answer, if at all possible.

Caren: Not Your Dream, But Still It Works

With Transiting Saturn Opposite Natal Jupiter, you ut adjust your dreams in order to get the same ultimate outcome — and maybe even something better

Let us take the example of Caren’s wedding as quite a few consulting clients have told me they are trying to plan nuptials for the autumn season of this year. Caren’s fiancé took longer than expected to become mature in life, and start saving for tings. Not only that, he imishandled his finances. Caren insisted they talk opnely about money, start seeing a professional to learn how to budget, save and spend. She demanded total honesty and openness abotu oney in thier relaitonship adn they creae a written agreement detailing it. Then Caren had to adjust her dream for their wedding and honeymoon to have something smaller and very affordable so their marriage and home life would be financially sustainable for the long-term (Saturn in Scorpio).

If you have a wedding planned during these time periods, Saturn (restrictions, limitations)  in Scorpio (money) demands that it MUST be a small and inexpensive wedding. You cannot splurge, go big and exceed your budget for a luxury wedding (Jupiter in Taurus) and you must limit your spending (Saturn in Scorpio) or you will be heartily sorry for a LONG time to come as the consequences of creating imbalance appear over time (Saturn) — and not only in your finances. Finances are the #1 reason for divorce. What you do now with this cost of a wedding can be the groundwork for either a future bitter divorce and fight over money OR an abundant lifelong partnership because you shared the burden of tight finances and got through this period together (Saturn in Scorpio).

You must re-structure (Saturn) your wedding plans so you can maintain balance in your finances (Scorpio).

You can have a beautiful small wedding now and then when Saturn is in Sagittarius in late 2015/early 2016  and no longer opposing your natal Jupiter in Taurus, you can splurge on a grand reception and the honeymoon trip of your dreams. Do not break the bank and your relationship over one day. A small wedding in a friend’s garden, some homemade music CDs, a friend with photography skills and some party trays from Costco can make for a wonderful wedding day. There are multiple ways to have an inexpensive honeymoon. Then start life together with a bank account that is in the black!

Nanna: Displays of Power and Muscle-Flexing

 Here is another example: This one demonstrates the raw power plays you will face under Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Jupiter. Nancy, who was great at teaching and coaching, decided to create and launch online courses to create passive income. In fact, she was great at it. She already had the content and quickly turned it into course material lectures- She created three courses very quickly, in less time than the content platform company prescribed AND she charged what the courses were worth. BUT……with Saturn in Scorpio transiting opposite her Natal Jupiter in Taurus in her 10th house (professional fame, name and reputation) the  team of people reviewing it were upset with her competency, initiative, and knowledge so, they intentionally slowed her down. How? They criticized (Saturn) all her courses and refused to allow the second and third courses to be visible in the online marketplace. Each demand for a breakdown, restructuring and change (Saturn) took 4 days for her to receive and then when she completed it immediately (sometimes within a hour) the new review and subsequent criticism took 4-5 more days for them to handle. She realized the changes were unnecessary and that they were intentionally sabotaging her out of unhappiness that she did not need their assistance to succeed.

Rather than continue to butt her head against the wall of muscle-flexing authority and roar and rage against them, she used her Jupiter in Taurus energy to slowly and methodically figure a way out the situation. Suddenly she began getting offers from people who saw her social media advertisements for her courses, even though they were not publicly listed. She realized she was still able to draw people to the course herself and in fact nothing was dfferent than if the courses were publicly visible and no only unlisted. She got offers to teach seminars and do speaking engagements based on her online courses. With that in hand, she sent a polite and diplomatic email to the course review team thanking them for their assistance and explaining that she has finished making any changes that would be made to the courses. She would not be busy with speaking engagements and seminars he had attracted through having an online course on their content platform — even if they claimed the courses were of such low quality they could not be publicly offered. She revised her plan and began creating courses on a that content platform and simultaneously used other free content platform software on her own website to offer and promote the same courses. Her business boomed, her finances increased, she maintained confidence in her knowledge and abilities  and she grew in professional name and reputation — all while avoiding a confrontation with people who were flexing their muscle and playing a power games.

Slow And Steady Growth Protects You

In either case, it is necessary that you move slowly (like the Bull of Taurus) to preserve and increase your finances during this transit. If you have Jupiter in Taurus and are dealing with Saturn in Scorpio right now, it is especially recommended that you create a plan for slow progress and ultimate growth (a bull market in the stock market!) that will get you through the second half of 2014 AND June 2015 through September 2015. If you do that, you will see great results beginning in October 2015 that will last for 12-28 years.

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