Making Transits Work For You in 2018

Making Transits Work For You in 2018

It is always so easy to blame others for what you don’t like in your life, what catches you unaware, is uncomfortable or painful or inconvenient. However all transits are YOUR transits. Nothing is ever happening TO you or outside of you. Even transits involving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron) are happening in your life. and how you work with them is your responsibility.If you forgot that, let me help you remember it for 2018.

Now that we have survived the Uranus/Pluto square that set us afire, took us down to Hades and back and radically changed us in some way, we are facing some more major transits that will empower us to further grow in ways we may or may not like. To that end, here is a short rundown of  SIX of the major transits coming our way in 2018 and the life issues they will bring to the forefront:

  • Jupiter in Scorpio: this transit is about educating yourself and expanding your world in the areas of intimacy, sexuality and your philosophy of life. It is also about learning the dangers of excess, power abuse and lack of boundaries. The consequences of excess, abuse and lack of boundaries will be greatly embarrassing and painful
  • Saturn in Capricorn: this transit is about doing the right thing and being mature in business, authority, finances and any area in which you need to grow up in your life. The consequences of not getting it right between now and December 2020 will be that you will lose in a way that hurts your bottom line
  • Neptune in Pisces: this transit is about truth-telling, respecting boundaries, reaching higher notes of spirituality and avoiding lower notes of escapism and avoidance (like lying, passive-aggressive behavior, drugs, spiritual abuse and alcohol).
  • Pluto in Capricorn: we have had this transit since 2004 and will until 2025. The banking and corporate realms have been affected and will continue to be so. When the Saturn/Pluto conjunct  in Capricorn transit occurs, expect earthquakes that will break you to your very personal foundations around finances and values
  • Chiron in Pisces: we have been dealing with this transit since April 2010 and will until February 2019.  We have seen changes occurring in our lives around spirituality (i.e: misconduct by yogis/gurus) , organized religion, drugs (i.e: the opoid crisis) and truth-telling around wounds that have been festering for decades in our human social groups (i.e. sexual assault, rape,  and misogyny by powerful men against women) and now can be healed or at the least be handled with justice

Reveal Your Transits

So how will these play out in YOUR life on a personal or professional level? Order a personalized report. Right now I am giving short but detailed reports focused solely on these transits in people’s lives. They are only $37.50 per report and you can order  any number of the six reports. Send your payment via PayPal today (CLICK HERE) and specify which of the above transits you desire in your report. I need you full name, date, exact time and place of birth.

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