TRAVERSING THE UNIVERSE: America’s Surprise Pregnancy With Migrant Children

TRAVERSING THE UNIVERSE: America’s Surprise Pregnancy With Migrant Children

motherlandpregnantbellyIt is quite interesting that there is a huge problem now with all the children whose parents have sent them across the U.S. border so they can live a better life. This is certainly Jupiter (expansion) in Cancer (children).

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Here is an article that attempts to explain the facts:

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But one fact that is not explained is that the United States of America is a Cancerian country born on July 4, 1776 and destined to be a Motherland. Jupiter in Cancer is still in transit and even though it comes to an end in two weeks, this issue is significant. As it ends, it presents the U.S.A. its heritage as a Motherland that wants to reach out and take control of other lands. Sometimes in life there are surprise or unexpected, unplanned pregnancies.. This surprise expansion of the U.S.A.’s belly, as it were is like a surprise unplanned pregnancy.

This is a country where legislators do everything in their power and beyond to force a woman to keep a baby once she is pregnant. Well, now the USA is pregnant with all these new children and could be forced to give birth to them as citizens and raise them. Deporting them could be compared to an abortion. Political conservatives are against women having abortions, even, for some of them, in cases of non-consensual sex such as rape.

I wonder if the political conservatives who are pro-life (meaning no abortion), forget-the-free-birth control proponents can see the similarities.

The other countries of the world have, against its will, inseminated and impregnated the U.S.A. with these migrant children. Perhaps it is hypocrisy and a contradiction if we deny any American woman the right to affordable/free birth control and degrade and harass and legislate her into carrying pregnancies to term even if they she has been impregnated through rape, incest and other forcible means — but then expel these children out of the belly of the U.S.A. and back across the border to starvation and death.

If we follow the political line of the pro-life lobby, then we the U.S.A. as Motherland are obligated to carry the pregnancy to full term and raise these children as citizens, as one of the family.

As it exits, Jupiter in Cancer is leaving the U.S.A. a legacy. We will see the interim results in 2019-2020 under Jupiter in Capricorn when Jupiter is in the same sign as Pluto (death, transformation) and the final results in 2025-2026 when Jupiter in Cancer is again in effect and these children are adults.

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