Twilight Zone and Tarot (Day 4) – Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Twilight Zone and Tarot (Day 4) – Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

saturn-3Today we have the solar eclipse in Scorpio and an opportunity to put an end to that which is stagnant, rotting and not serving us well — not bringing any benefit to our lives.

It is about dealing with our collective and personal money/finance issues and our professional and career life, our sexuality and how we use sex in our lives, our public reputation and how we each allow ourselves and our legacy to be presented to the world. It is about calling us to account for our actions and attitudes in these areas, making decisions to change that which must be changed and staring out on a new path in these areas so we can evolve into a better, stronger, more secure place in life.

For many this is a crucial relationship weekend and for women in particular this is about a man being eclipsed (removed) and a new man coming into their life. This will, for many put an end to bad relationship garbage and give and opportunity to have a stable, steady, sexually satisfying, psychologically merged and deep, materially abundant relationship with a good man. You will need to decide — keep the rotting garbage in your life or take out the trash, clean and deodorize and arrange a new clean empty space in your life for something loving and beautiful. A whole new dimension is opening up to you.

Your New Dimension of Life

While we may know what might be changing we do not have all the details. That will unfold over the next six months. Six months seems like a long time to wait for changes and there is the desire to hold onto the familiar, even if it is pungent smelling, rotting garbage in the midst of our lives. But this is where I have been urging you for the last few days t release and let the rebirth take its own form. By living in and accepting the reality of your life and what needs to be released (then doing it), you open yourself  to a marvelous rebirth. Like a baby being conceived with a sperm seed and an egg in the darkness, you wait expectantly while it is growing and then you help it work its way through the vagina, where it emerges into the light and life covered in life-giving blood. Your twilight zone life-changing opportunity is here. You do not know what the baby will look like as an adult but you know it is beautiful. You know it is new life, new love and will grow and blossom. You welcome this new life. You welcome this new and abundant opportunity.

So, take out the trash in some area of life, clean, deodorize and prepare the empty space to be filled by someone one or something marvelous. Wait expectantly and with hope. Be ready because it is about to walk through the door. Do not stop your life, just be ready because with this solar eclipse, you have a new beginning. How you prepare for it (because it is coming no matter what, just as a baby is inevitably born after a period of gestation) .

While you are waiting today, enjoy some more Twilight Zone episodes (check out Twilight Zone on Hulu, too, where the series is being streamed), and take the advice of Rod Serling to open your mind to another dimension where not everything is as you think it is or thought it would be. As the last day of Twilight Zone and Tarot, we will be waiting by the phone to give you a Tarot reading to empower you to make changes in your life and to open your spirit.



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