Understanding the Venus Return

Understanding the Venus Return

What will your love life — and both your finances and social life — be like in the next year? If you want an accurate portrait of the potentials and opportunities, look to your Venus Return chart. This chart reflects the moment that Venus returns (each year) to its position at birth and what will lays ahead in the next 12 months.

Once you have calculated it (or had an astrologer do it for you). there are some key points to examine and interpret.

Key Venus Return Points

  1. The position of Venus by house and aspect.

  2. Planets on the angles (the cusps of the first, fourth/IC, seventh, and tenth/MC houses).

  3. Strong configurations (aspects) in the chart, especially when Venus is involved, such as oppositions, squares, trines and sextiles.

  4. Natal planets and points that conjunct Venus Return angles.


The Venus Return doesn’t occur predictably. it will change every year. The frequency will depend on the Venus cycle and any retrograde periods. If Venus is retrograde around the time of your return, you may have three (3) returns in that year. Each return will only last until the next.

Closer Examination

Here are some key questions to ask for a closer examination of your Venus Return

What house is it in?

The house in which uour natal Venus is located tells you what areas of life will be more prominent or affected in your love and money situations

What aspects are being made by Venus?

Do you have any aspects? Many aspects? None at all?

Are there any trine or sextile aspects indicating ease and suport? What about oppositions and conjunctions indicating challenges?

The planets aspected by square and opposition will be the ones whcih will help teach you lessons, through pain, about love and money. The trine and sextile aspects will influence positive experiences around love and money. Remember the house that these planets are in will also be involved in the Venus Return

What sign is on the Return Ascendant?

That gives you an overall theme for the next 12 months

What part of the natal chart is brought to the Return Ascendant?

Is it the half concerned with Self or Other?

What is the ruling planet of the Return chart?

That will be the planet ruling the sign on the Ascendant

Are there any planets on the angles?

Those planets will have apowerful effect on the next year for you in terms of love and money

Check out what’s happening with Mars

This will tell you about sex, sexuality, sexual expression, assertion, initiative and drive.

What about the Moon?

This will tell you about how you emotionally express and approach love, money and your social life.

Watch for repeating themes across your various return charts

This is important and interesting.

Are any natal planets being brought to the angles of the return chart?

Check your Ascendant, Descendant, IC (4th house cusp) and Midheaven (MC or 10th house cusp

Are there any extreme positions?:

Does the chart contain any planets at a critical degree —  0° or 29°.

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