What Does the Universe Want Me To Be? (Tarot)

What Does the Universe Want Me To Be? (Tarot)

A client seeking to make changes in her life wrote this:

My life is stuck. Things have been stagnant for a long time, a few years. In fact, it has been 5 years. I have had the same persistent problems with housing, my relationship, my non-existent sex life, physical problems and imbalances, depression and unemployment. I am starting to think I would be better off dead because I am doing nothing and going no where. I have no idea why I am “here”. Everything I wanted has turned to dust or eluded me. I am out of ideas  The life I wanted to live — a married mother who works from home or part-time outside the house and has a good family life with a good man doesn’t exist. I am nearly infertile. I do not have a serious relationship or any relationship at all. I am long-term unemployed and have only a few dollars I get under the table.  What does the Universe want me to be? What is the plan?


gildedmoonLife has been stagnant for many people, particularly in this current economy, so I get this questions fairly often.  People want to make a change and get their lives back on track and often it is not possible to get back on the same track or you must make many detours to get there. But one thing I do find as I do these readings is that there is always a way out. Do not continue to despair.

What the Universe wants you to be: Queen of Pentacles

The Universe wants you to be a fertile, abundant, nurturing, expanding woman. You must continue to put in hard work and be prepared to go the extra mile. You want to give up now but you should not do so. You may be a bit inflexible so beware of that; otherwise, continue seeking work and trying new ideas to bring money to yourself. Be practical, wise and frugal with your money and while you should give to charity, be careful about loaning or giving money to other individuals. You are also meant to be a wife and mother so that part of your dream is not out of the question.

as Queen of Pentacles the Universe wants you to be down-to-earth and practical. You are to be the Earth Mother who make s business out of things such as home gardening, organic living, home improvements or interior design, handcrafts such as knotting or crocheting and homemade foodstuff (baking cookies, canning jams, home chef delivery etc. You have great potential to be rich and famous.

As Queen of Pentacles, take charge of your money and become skilled in handling your own accounting. When you get money, furnish your home, whatever it is, with high quality items or natural wood, metals and earth colors. Dress immaculately with class and poise. 

The personal qualities required: 3 of Pentacles

This suggests that not only hard work bit teamwork will benefit you. is there someone with whom you can partner ? It also indicates you must make plans, draw up blueprints for your success. with accomplish something? It indicates you will soon see success as a result of your efforts and may even receive recognition for your hard work. Things will begin to pay off.

The Universe wants you to be a woman, as a hardworking Queen of Pentacles, a person who is a keeper of family traditions and who tends to her family. They may or may not have about but they do have what they need. Be sure to maintain a strong moral code.It will benefit you. When you embrace and embody these characteristics, you will also attract a man who is worthy of you and who will be your partner. Your sex life with this man will be satisfying and your relationship with him will be fruitful and intimate.

You must be a planner, steadfast, hardworking, willing to cooperate with others, patient and frugal. 

Specific action required: The Moon

Finally, the action you must take in order for this forward progress and success to come is to 1) be silent 2) listen to your intuition and gut instincts and trust them 3) say nothing to anyone about what you come to know through your gut and intuition 4)stay calm as emotions run high around you 5) do not jump to conclusions because what you see with your eyes is not the truth or full truth of what is really happening and 6) take your time until situations around you have completely unfolded and revealed themselves more clearly.

Things around you may seem confusing or to be a mystery. Things may even feel as though someone is deceiving you or doing something devious, malicious, criminal or foul in some way. That is because they are — and you need to steer clear of it and them.

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