Uranus Change – Lisa Garcia

Uranus Change – Lisa Garcia

As you all know from articles that are appearing on this site, I (Specialwoman) have been going through my own transits and undergoing transformation. The outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus are collectively and individually hitting us all in significant ways. You also know Jupiter is now direct and it is time to expand areas of your personal and professional life. I share all of it with you in order to be a healing presence in your life. Currently I am work on on the Chiron material having not only known the information intellectually and from client files, but having experienced it myself. I need to be free to focus on putting this in e-book and book form and I have not had the time I would like to handle everything on my plate. However, I am steadily, behind the scenes, putting all this together for you so that knowledge Chiron and in particular Chiron in Pisces, will be a clear and present powerful healing force.

Uranus Conjunct Mideaven – Lisa Garcia

If you have been reading lately then you also know another Big Player for me and for this website is Uranus. It is all over my Midheaven and coming up on a trine of all my Virgo planets including Natal Uranus. That means change around something to do with the internet — and it will give me more freedom. It is this last piece that brings me to introduce to you Lisa Garcia. Lisa is a stunning woman in looks, presence and personality. I have gotten to know her as a businesswoman and an intuitive professional as well as on a personal level. She is newer to astrology than me and she is coming to a strong and powerful understanding of it. I want step back and give her some room to grow and learn and at the same time, offer her gift to you. So she will be writing a monthly astrology column for you.

With Transiting Uranus conjunct my Aries Midheaven, you know something big must happen, big CHANGE, with my professional life and that means with Healing Universe. Lisa Garcia also is a professional gifted in using numerology and I am considering expanding this site to offer numerology which is a healing methodology offered in the initial Healing Universe website. We will see how it goes and how we will configure things. Lisa is a breath of fresh air and a gift. The flow is starting and we will sort it as we go. But for now, look for some great adtrology from Lisa, beginning with July 2017 (maybe sooner).

And expect some more changes and expansion in the coming months!!

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