Uranus Retrograde 2016 Through The Houses

Uranus Retrograde 2016 Through The Houses

I adore Madonna. No, I did not say I love all her music. I adore Madonna — Madonna Louise Ciccone who is a businesswoman, and entertainer. Why? Because Madonna is The Mother of Reinvention.

The Reinvention Tour

Uranus Retrograde 2016Madonna pushes boundaries and has always taken chances and reinvented herself. She is The Mother of Reinvention. I knew it when I first heard her and danced to her music. I watched her break free of all the rules and knew I could do it too — and thrive. She has changed type so many times and done unexpected things that, well, I just adore her. I have from her entrance into the public eye until now. I do not follow her personal life or care about her sex life. I care that after being sexually assaulted by two men at the age of 20 in New York City, she reinvented her life and became so much more than those two men, going on to revolutionize the music industry and became both the Queen of Pop and a cultural icon in the world. I care that she has been an outspoken role model to females about taking control of their bodies and sexuality and being confident in both — the same way males are taught from birth. I admire that she does not wait for people to give her permission to be who she wants to be.

She simply changes and revitalizes her career, revamps her musical style, reinvigorates her public image, re-styles her look and in general reinvents Madonna. Long before her 2006 Reinvention Tour, Madonna was simply doing it with the way she lived her life.

This is the message of Uranus in Aries.

Uranus Retrograde 2016 Through the Houses

Uranus is about revolution, rebellion, change and reinvention. It is about awakening and changing. How a rose looks is not the way a rose must be. See tings a new way, do things a new way, open to the unreleased parts of yourself. How will Uranus’ transit in Aries possibly affect you? Examine the Aries-ruled natal and/or solar house/s of your uranusariesreinventionnatal chart. Match the sign with the house cusp/s on your birth chart. Depending on which house Uranus in Aries 2016 is transiting AND where Uranus sits natally for you, here are some suggestions for ways you can take charge and reinvent or revolutionize your life

  • 1st House ~ reinvent yourself by being bolder and more confident. pursue your dreams; be more assertive; open up and release dormant talents and skills
  • 2nd House ~ revolutionize your income by redefining your values; it may mean changing a job, becoming an entrepreneur or having more confidence in your value
  • 3rd House ~ revitalize your mind through writing and speaking; perhaps take some community college courses.
  • 4th House ~ redefine your home and family role and the home and family itself.; maybe it is time to get a new home, get a smaller place or make an addition
  • 5th House ~ revitalize and shakeup your love life by finding a new and true love(r) after a long period alone or bar relationships; reconnect with your inner child or the children in your life and reinvigorate fun and pleasure in your life; recommit to your creativity; learn to take more chances.
  • 6th House ~ revitalize your health by taking things seriously and making changes. change your nutrition and exercise habits; choose a healthier lifestyle; revamp your work routine and even your routine around the home so it fits better
  • 7th House ~ redefine your marriage or business relationship and that may mean a divorce is there is a resistance to change; marry a Uranian person.
  • 8th House ~ revolutionize your individual and joint finances through purging unnecessaries (materially, emotionally, spiritually); reinvent your psyche and assert your power
  • 9th House ~ re-educate yourself; revitalize your life through contact with other cultures, university level learning experiences and philosophical pursuits; reinvigorate your spiritual life through study and practice; start writing and/or publishing books; advocate for others on humanitarian issues; who says you can’t start law school at 55?
  • 10th House ~ revamp and revitalize your career; redefine your purpose in life and then revamp your professional/public reputation by aligning with your new values. retire and start living a new life as a self-employed entrepreneur; open a new business/company
  • 11th House ~ revitalize your social life by breaking off harmful and restrictive relationships. redefine your true friendships; purge your social circle circle then expand it with true friends and associates
  • 12th House ~ reinvent your spirit by delving deeply into your intuition and spiritual thoughts; allow yourself room to uncover mysteries and explore them to see what fits for you. allow inspiration to fill your being; open yourself to faith


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