Uranus Transits the 10th House

Uranus Transits the 10th House

Uranus Transiting the Tenth House

This is typically through to be a time of change in your vocational life and more specifically your career. True, people do quit their jobs or get fired during this time. Change is inevitable. However, there is more than a superficial layer to this part of your human journey.  The Second House is about money we earn related to work. The Tenth House is about more than how we earn a living; it is about the lifestyle we create around that work. It is about how what we do to earn money is presented in the world and how we shape our name and reputation. Our family life, marital status, parenting status, routines, our personal style (the clothes we wear)  etc come into the public light. During this transit, sudden and unexpected changes occur (being fired, quitting, changing position) in our world.

When Uranus transits to this house, the message is that we must close the gap between our authentic selves and our lifestyle. There’s an evolutionary purpose for that prediction: a gap has widened between our lifestyle and who we really are. Uranus wants us to get real and be open to what truly benefits us. We get jolted from human relationships, expectations and spiritual lies.  It comes through innovations, new inventions, technology and the unusual. We are forced to step into the chasm created by the earthquakes occurring in our life; to embrace ambiguity and learn to quickly get with the new program. We are put through changes that push us to reach for the one thing that will bring peace to us: telling the truth to ourselves and living in it.  We must be willing to start over as many times as it takes to shake us out of low expectations and life in status quo mode.

Both your 10th and 4th houses can be impacted. It can transit your 4th house but primarily bring radical changes to your home and family (4th house). It can, of course strongly impact primarily your 10th house and bring large career and public changes.

WIth Uranus in Taurus at the time of this post, it may well involve your economic life and more specifically how the stock market affects your finances.

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