Uranus Trine Sun – Exciting Changes, Unstoppable Progress

Uranus Trine Sun – Exciting Changes, Unstoppable Progress

Have you ever thought someone has a magical charmed life filled with showers of blessing that seems to come out of nowhere?  That will be be and anyone else with Virgo or Capricorn planets. If, like me, you also happen to be experiencing Uranus trine Sun the boost of Uranus will affect you positively in that you will become distinctively awakened to and prouder of your eccentricities and your unique individuality.

Uranus in Taurus

From today, May 18, 2018 and (for the successive five years) I will be experiencing a trine to my 2nd house Virgo stellium and it begins with an exciting boost to the core of my being, my Sun. In the midst of it I will have an exact Uranus trine Uranus aspect.

If you have Uranus trine your Sun right now, (with Uranus in Taurus) that means your Sun is in Virgo or Capricorn.  A trine aspect is 120° or four (4) signs. What marvelous positive, progressive and grounding energy this is in Earth signs!

This is the stuff of great, new, exciting structures with strong foundations and lasting influences.

It will be an exciting progressive ride into the future but it will not be without some bumps along the way. Like the building of the beautiful and now historic Sydney Opera House, there can be challenges.

Explosions, Shocks, Changes and Challenges

The construction of the Sydney Opera House in Australia was a controversial progressive undertaking. There were cost blowouts, construction problems and the designer, Jorn Utzon, even quit the project in 1966. But it is now over 40 years old and one of the most iconic buildings in Australia. It is also  one of the great architectural wonders of the 20th century. This is what Uranus trine Sun does and will do now with Uranus in Taurus – for people with Sun in Virgo or Sun in Capricorn.

Uranus Trine Sun

Uranus trine Sun transit is a one year period that allows you to make very important and necessary changes in your life without the usual disruption that Uranus often causes. As this transit approaches (within 3 degrees) you should feel the anticipation and excitement building, sensing better things on the horizon.

Uranus is The Great Awakener and rules higher consciousness. The Sun is your conscious self. When Uranus acts on your ego/self it empowers you to envision a more positive and individualistic road of progress for your future. Creativity is enhanced and you mind become more open to new methods, people and situations.

Dare To Be You

Feeling fewer inhibitions and more freedom, you will be able to express the gregarious and lighthearted side of your personality. You will feel more mentally stimulated and more internally excited. It may feel a bit unusual but that is the effect of Uranus. Being more comfortable in your unique skin, you will be more available to yourself and the world. That will also affect your relationships as you find you are encountering more people of diverse backgrounds. If you have a romantic partner, that relationship will also benefit as you open to new and different experiences, deepening the commitment of the relationship in exciting ways.

Uranus trine Sun presents the opportunity, using the tools from the house Uranus is transiting, to make adjustments in your core self. You have become hampered by human expectations, human associations and human demands. Now you must think outside the box and re-adjust your attitude to your own unique drummer. You have been on this journey all your life, coming to turning points and reality checks every seven (7) years. When you are about 42 you hit the midpoint (early midlife) and you feel the freedom urge quite strongly. The Uranus Return is at age 84. Ever wonder why people in their 80s have NO filter? They say what they want because they have reached the point of knowing that their authenticity is not worth sacrificing.

Evolution of Change

Uranus trine Sun will call you to make a change and/or release a limiting stagnant relationship, a restrictive unfulfilling job, a constrictive damaging pattern or habit. Where you experience pain and shock is where you are not being true to yourself. You cannot conform to other people’s version of who you are. You must be you. Uranus trine Sun will help you evolve over the hump to a new you.

You will like the new you and it won’t be a temporary change. This is lasting.

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