Uranus Trine Uranus – Free Speech and Evolutionary Actions

Due to all the decimation of Uranus/Pluto since 2012, I have been looking for some bright spots. I was hit hard by Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn as have been many people. This search for some positive aspects? This is what you do when there has only been doom and gloom from the skies outside us that have been reflective of turmoil within us. You look for the relief and blessings that do exist to balance the heavy and harsh. I have found something – Uranus trine Uranus.

From May 2018 and (for the successive five years) I will be experiencing a trine to my 2nd house Virgo stellium and in the midst of it I will have an exact Uranus trine Uranus aspect. Have you ever thought someone has a magical charmed life filled with showers of blessing that seems to come out of nowhere? That is what this massive rolling multi-year transit will be like for me and anyone with this transit — particularly with the Uranus trine Uranus aspect. This aspect won’t awaken in my life for another two (2) years but I am preparing for it now.

It Is All About YOU

Uranus trine Uranus is a period of time that signifies an important stage in the development of your individuality and there will be the unmistakable knowledge that you are both ready and capable of making changes in your life that give you much more freedom than you have experienced. The first time this occurs is in your late 20s and the next time this occurs is in your mid-50s around the time of your second Saturn Return. The first time around you are leaving young adulthood and entering full adulthood. You are ready to face the world as an adult and a distinct individual. You strike out on your own and have more confidence about making decisions that fit you and your life. You may want to become more independent in your career or try a new direction that you may have felt unsure of in the past. In your 50s, this Uranus transit, your transit, finds you considering retirement and other changes that give you more personal freedom. Perhaps it is a change in schedule or a move into entrepreneurship. In either cycle, the next few years after the Uranus trine Uranus aspect will bring a significant process of re-evaluation of your life direction, and the events of this year can prepare you by making you more aware of who you really are and what you need to continue to grow as an individual.

Authentic Love

This one-year Uranus transit has one aspect that is super-powerful —  it is all about making positive changes in your love life — ones that will open you up to the love you’ve been seeking all along in your life. You may have been involved in relationships that held you back in some way, such as dealing with a parent who did not reciprocate,  a love affair with someone who was depressed or a relationship with a person who tried to control your behavior or your time too much. Now, you’re being offered the chance to break free from all those old restrictions. You know the ways in which you’ve allowed yourself to be held back in the past, and you’re no longer willing to put up with the restrictions. Now you undferstand what you must do to change the area of love in your life — new ways that you’re going to spend your time and live more closely to who you are as a person. Do you want a mother of father-figure who loves you for who you are and supports you in general? It is easy to get a coach or mentor now. Do you want to go out and learn salsa dancing? Then do it! Have you always wanted to be a writer? Join a class, or better yet, join NaNoWriMo (www.nanowrimo.org) and start writing. In fact, Camp NanoWriMo’s summer session starts online every year on July 1. Whatever you do now will be beneficial for your love life, either directly or indirectly. You’ll be able to ask that special someone on an interesting date, or at the very least, your new confidence and energy will attract and impress them.

Walk A Different Path

Being different is often easier than following the crowd, and circumstances may allow you to be yourself. Seeking a new direction is appropriate now, and you typically can find what you want, especially when you take a chance. Some risks can work out very well for you during this cycle although they may require instantaneous action. While good things can come to you unexpectedly, the gifts that this period can offer are sometimes off the beaten path, a path which you have to discover. Fortunately, you are more likely to seek what is out of the ordinary and thus put yourself in a position to experience surprising advantages.

Live Without Expectation

Uranus brings sudden changes now is no exception. The changes will feel good and not be painful this time, unlike at other Uranus periods. In fact the best way to handle it is to live without expectation and expect the unexpected. Then be ready to go wherever the river takes you. If you stay conscious, you will be given signs that make you certain about where you need to go. Such a vision can help guide you now and in the future, although no matter how plainly you see things, you likely will alter your course over time. The benefit comes from providing an unequivocal picture of what to do at a particular moment, motivating you to take an unusual step. Sudden marriage proposal? Just say YES!

Be Original

When Uranus trine Uranus is active in your life you tend to succeed by being original rather than imitating what already has been done, and conditions favor unconventional approaches. No matter how conservative you are, the urge to experiment and be independent takes over and you do something(s) new. Being free of restraints internally and externally feels fun! Watch — people are more prone to appreciate the individuallistic positions that you may uphold.

Progress, Progress!

Important changes may happen during Uranus trine Uranus. Watch for the changes to occur around technology, the internet and humanitarian ideals and programs. That is Uranus in action and it will empower you in the present as prepation for a new future. You will find yourself looking ahead with pleasure to new changes, new poeplem new situations. You will be more open to alternatives and go with the flow more than you have before. This may seem very radical to some observers but it will feel good to you and in general the people around you will support you making the changes, whether passively or actively. So, go for it!

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