Valentine’s Day Weekend – Haters Gonna Hate!

Valentine’s Day Weekend – Haters Gonna Hate!

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and I have heard SO many complaints, lots of whining and negative statements about relationships, the day itself and what people (falsely) think about the day’s origins and history. However, I have been smiling and ignoring them because as my friend Karoline says, “haters gonna hate!”.  This is a weekend where you will either spend it in misery or in happiness, all depending on YOUR choice.

You cannot blame anyone else.

Looking at the astrology, I can see the influences. Friday is tough energy because Venus is in Capricorn and that can be about coldness or lack in love. Venus is square Uranus in pioneering, independent Aries and the Moon in Aries. Mars, the ancient ruler of Scorpio, is square the Sun in Aquarius. We have the ingredients for a fight over freedom in a relationship — or freedom to not be in a relationship. Someone is feeling taken advantage of in some way. Someone is not feeling loved (enough). Someone is ANGRY.
sophialorenvenusvirgo These internal feelings are hitting hard Friday and don’t dissipate until Sunday.

Check yourself and look for your unfair attitude, your jealousy or your insecurity. It is not the either person; it is YOU.

Or how about remembering this: do not dump your bitter baggage about love and relationships (lack thereof) on other people, trying to force them to feel your pain. That is YOUR choice and your life, not someone else’s. Do not dump on other people’s positive flow, turning it into another angry St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Sunday, Valentine’s Day (which was once the middle day of the three-day holiday Lupercalia (The Feast of the Wolf), looks full of love and sex.

We have a delicious lump of celestial love on Valentine’s Day to give us some good feeling!

With the Moon in Aries and Mars in Scorpio, sex is a perfectly satisfying way to indulge on this Sunday  — even if by yourself.


Buy yourself some flowers. Clean your space and make it lovely in some way that appeals to you. Buy that sexy novel or sex manual you have always wanted. Enjoy yourself sexually if no partner is willing or available. Line-up some Netflix, Hulu or DVD rental films and make some popcorn. Enjoy a delicious meal. Buy some condoms and share the love (safely)!!!


For over two decades my tradition has been to spend St. Valentine’s Day with about 10 women friends ranging in age from the 20s to 80s. We buy ourselves flowers, dress to kill and bring those flowers with us to a 3-4 hour dinner at a restaurant (usually) overlooking the ocean. We eat well, laugh and talk, drink wine and have luscious chocolate desserts.

Hate dries you up and burns you out. Love, especially loving yourself, makes you JUICY and alive.

Meaning…take practical steps to make it a good Valentine’s Day Weekend and you will see it will become so!

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