Venus conjunct Neptune in Aquarius 2008

Venus conjunct Neptune in Aquarius 2008

Venus in Aquarius conjunct Neptune in Aquarius

Friday March 7, 1:02 am CET

We have been dealing with the cool, detached emotions and fears of Venus in Aquarius for almost a month. People have been putting up emotional walls, denying their true feelings and running from intimate relationships. Relationships have been breaking up, especially spurred on by the Full Moon lunar eclipse of February 21.This is the Uranian aspect of Aquarius. The breakdown, breakups and escapes from love have been prefaced by cool, controlled, and sometimes sharply critical rationality (to mask fear). At the same time we have all had the celestial support to stand back, detach, gather facts and information and reflect upon WHY we may want to get involved in a relationship with someone or WHAT we like about the relationship in which we are currently involved. This is the Saturnian aspect of Aquarius.

Now, as Venus is on its way out of the constellation of Aquarius, it encounters Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune in Aquarius can encourage compassion, spirituality, creativity and idealism. It can also promote deceit, lying, withholding of self and information. Brought together today, Venus and Neptune is a soft energy that dissolve the unnecessary walls and encourage people to work together to fulfill their common and separate dreams out of love for one another – being it a platonic love for another human being or a sexual/romantic love for a special someone.

How are YOU experiencing this aspect today? Please feel free to share!

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