Venus Enters Sagittarius: October 18, 2016 – Wild Love

Venus Enters Sagittarius: October 18, 2016 – Wild Love

We began 2016 with Venus in Sagittarius and we are approaching the end of it with another transit of this planet-in-sign combination. However this time, the energy will not be muted and confused by the Saturn/Neptune square. Saturn is in Sagittarius but this time Venus will have the freedom (Sagittarius) to express its wild heart more freely and inject some adventure, spontaneity and lightheartedness into relationships. But this Venus transit could also signal some serious commitments as Saturn sojurns in the same sign. If you have personal planets in Sagittarius there could be wedding bells!

Venus in Sagittarius

Adventurous, impulsive and independent Sagittarius loves getting to know new people, and starting new ventures, such as relationships. They may not last, but they can be fun initially in the eyes of The Centaur (a lusty and wild creatures who also had a great healing abilities). Love takes on a fiery, spontaneous tone! You may never know where and when they are taking you for date – but it will be fun! They bring on teh fire and passion, like Aries, and want room to move (some form of independence).

They play the field and can find it hard to commit but can be loyal once they find the right person. This is the sign that is willing to do spontaneous activities or spend hours fiercely debating a subject and think of it as a great date. They like people of a different culture, ethnicity, religious faith, etc. The more different, the more exciting and interesting. There is something new to discover and an adventure to be had. You will find lots of plump, juicy articles about Sun in Sagittarius people and sex.


The person with Venus in Sagittarius is seeking to form relationships that are based on the basic pure pagan delight (think Pan) and faith of love. They want a relationship to open their world and broaden their perspectives. In past lives they have experience sexual oppression and restraint, stagnancy and boring routine.

They like to have long philosophical discussions, and enjoy someone with whom they can have not only wild Saturday morning sex but stimulating after-sex conversation over brunch in bed. They also tend to like sex outdoors. Camping with a Venus in Sagitarius person can be quite delicious! If you can inject joy, spontaneity, individuality and sexual freedom into your relationship the person with Venus in Sagittarius will be greatly attracted.

Ruth Gordon

Some notable Venus in Sagittarius people include: Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix, Ruth Gordon, Jane Fonda, Derek Jacobi, Robert Duvall. I especially note Ruth Gordon, an actress who won a Golden Globe for her role as Maude in the cult classic film “Harold and Maude”, playing a 79-year old woman in a relationship with an 18-year old young man, who she marries at the end of the film. Harold is obsessed with death and Maude, who turns 80 at the end of the film, is bright, quirky and obsessively carefree. She teaches Harold about living life to its fullest every day and that life is the most precious gift of all. Now that is Venus in Sagittarius. It was one of Gordon’s wildest and most famous roles.

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