Venus Enters Virgo – July 18, 2015 – Practical Prosperity & Love

Venus Enters Virgo – July 18, 2015 – Practical Prosperity & Love

Virgo rejoice! You are about to begin a very good TWO years (and if you work it right, a dozen years!). Yes, this wonderful news for Virgo is a welcome thing after rough time Virgo has had since 2007.

Venus ingresses or enters Virgo at 3:36 pm PDT on Saturday July 18 / 12:36 AM CEST on Sunday July 19. Pay attention because there is something to learn! It will remain on the first degree of Virgo, just before stationing retrograde a week later at 2:29 AM PDT, 11:29 AM CEST on Saturday July 25. The meaning of it all?

This entrance into the Virgin marks the breaking of a threshold. It is the beginning of a new thsophialorenvirgoeme that will dominate late July, all of August all of September and the beginning of October. If you have a Sun or Ascendant in Virgo, this is when you will reap the benefits of working hard and doing everything possible and necessary to profit in some area(s) of your life. Employ practical strategies and hard work behind the scenes, dealing with the tiny details. and you will be GOLDEN! Yes, you will have the Midas Touch.

We have had Venus in playful, creative Leo and now it moves into analytical, practical, hardworking Virgo. Venus in Leo is dramatic and Venus in Virgo is more reserved. Venus in Virgo is all business, wanting to take care of the tiny details that will produce a perfect launch, a perfect product, a perfect service, a perfect performance.

Think Sun in Virgo actress Sophia Loren, whose perfection in acting made her an international superstar.

Venus is exalted in Pisces and in Virgo is in its “fall”  — but that ONLY means that Venus can be limited by Virgoan tendencies to analyze too much, worry, be fussy or focus too hard on the details.

However, Venus in Virgo is excellent for organizing, and valuing the finer things in life. Just hold up on the criticism of a partner, colleague. co-worker etc because that will only slow down progress and profits. Appreciate relationships and do not try to make them into perfect entities. They will naturally get where without your criticism.

sophialorenvenusvirgoVenus rules Taurus and Libra, so look to the houses containing Taurus and Libra for these are the houses/areas of life  which will be affected by Venus in Virgo — and later (and much longer) Jupiter in Virgo.

Venus is at 1 Virgo between July 18 and July 31 before re-entering Leo. Venus’ retrograde back into Leo will put is conjunct Jupiter as it leaves Leo but it will benefit Virgo because it will lay the foundation for what it come starting September 6 (Labor Day weekend in the USA).

July 18-31 – Take Note!

Venus will begin to express more practicality, and in many ways anticipate what we can expect when Jupiter enters Virgo on August 11.

The time between July 18-31 when Venus is retrograde in Virgo will reveal these things about what will happen in your life once Venus stations direct in mid-August:

  • What the Sun will enliven and revitalize in your life
  • What Mars will activate in your life
  • What Mercury will explore in your life
  • What Jupiter will expand in your life

All of these things will happen between August 11 – October 9. Look for them. Take notes every day between July 18-31, to see what areas of life are changing and how things are changing in your life.

So now we are about to experience a major shift in energy for Virgos. Virgos who have been quietly dealing with lots of tragedy, loss and deprivation will have opportunity to regain and reap. The things on which you work will produce results — perhaps for the first time in 7 years or so.

Why has it been so challenging for Sun in Virgo natives? Actually look back 14 years to when Saturn entered Gemini. That put the Saturn square your Sun and began a 14-year process of breaking down and removing false friends (really, anyone false in your network who did not have your best interests in mind and/or who simply wanted to take from you and criticize you) and any structure in your life that was not mature, lacked integrity or was harmful to you. If yo are holding onto anyone or anything from that time and the person or association is not profiting you well, walk away from the person or situation. If anyone has any criticism or complaint about this, tell them to take it up with themselves because it is none of your business what they think of you. People like to heap criticism and guilt on Virgo for doing what they themselves do. Often people do not want to allow a Virgo to live their own life the way they wish, while they have that expectation for themselves. It has been a rather lonely journey since then because 7 years after that, Saturn entered Virgo and sat directly on your Sun — your identity — YOU. But things are about to grow and expand rather than become smaller and die/end because Saturn has entered Sagittarius (last December 23, 2014) and although it is retrograde for seven more weeks in Scorpio, and that brings it square to Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter and Saturn will bring you profit for your hard work for the first time in 14/15 years.

Everything you refine and work hard on, everything to which you pay attention to detail, everything to which you turn your fine Virgoan sensibilities, will be rewarded and expanded. Anything you “lose” will not feel very painful because you will see almost immediately that it is because the dross (the people and situations that add NO VALUE to your life and therefore have no value to you) are being removed from the bars of gold in your possession.

Look at your love relationships and your money. Now, if you are practical about things, you will achieve your goals in love and money. You will find what fulfills your heart and satisfies you. You can finally find true love, meaningful work, financial profit and emotional support Sophia_Loren_in_London 2009under this influence. All you will need to do is put in your usual hard work and this time, yes, it will work. You will reap good results and not have to watch your efforts all go for nothing.

I know it has been very hard for people with Sun in Virgo, Virgo Ascendants, and 2nd/8th house Virgo placements. For the latter, It began to be hard in 2005 when Saturn was in your 1st house during Saturn in Leo. Life got smaller and harder. Then, it got worse in September 2007 when Saturn entered Virgo.

In fact, I know it became horrible and depressing because none of your service and hard work brought any reward and you have had nearly unbearable loss. People dumped criticism on you by the truckload. Many Virgos have suffered a lot of sabotage and debilitating insensitive invasions of your very self. You have worn yourself out worrying and trying to decide what to do to change things because each time you thought you had a solution, it was ripped from your hands.

Virgos DO love and love hard.  Virgos are not sexless. Virgos are reserved and proper in some way for the world but have sexual and emotional feelings and desires for intimacy like everyone else. Venus is an Earth sign. It is earthy. It is simply private. Think of Sun in Virgo actress Sophia Loren and the much older director Carlo Ponti — who was married when they first hooked up and when they first married!.  Loren, a beautiful and talented women with her own intelligence was private about their relationship AND certainly no squeamish sexless virgin. She was most passionately in love with him. What Virgo does behind closed doors to serve their partner will now be rewarded. The Virgo woman’s love only need make logical sense to her – not to anyone else.

Your love life and your finances will now expand and abundance will be yours.

Virgo — you, the Harvest Mother — are GOLDEN

Everyone should keep this Venus in Virgo information in mind as July 25 arrives and look to that weekend to inform you about where you need to analyze and take action regarding love and money.

 After all, it s only practical!

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