Venus in Virgo: August 5, 2016 – Denials, Delusions and Dramatic Exposures

Venus in Virgo: August 5, 2016 – Denials, Delusions and Dramatic Exposures

Bullsh*tters beware! The Universe is dishing out some empowered truthtelling. Venus enters Virgo today, joining the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in the same sign.  Mars and Saturn are in Sagittarius. Neptune is in Pisces. Truth meets lies. 

This is a clash of mutable energy and that means there is a lot of crap flying around. There is hot air, stubborness, volatility, lies, delusions and smooth-talking. Beware of tricksters, people lurking around you (especially on the internet), people hiding to avoid revealing their true feelings and/or motives.  People are defensive and easily irritated.

Jupiter In Virgo

With Jupiter in Virgo (currently at  22° Virgo), this energy is magnified.

Churches and religious entities and charitable agencies should clean their houses and do something about any devious things they have hdden away behind the scenes. It can come out now in a BIG (Jupiter)  way with dramatic exposure.

Venus in Virgo empowers truthtelling and getting to the heart of matters. Virgo wants to penetrate the Pisces fog. Neptune in Pisces has been the underlying energy behind so many deceits and lies that have been harming poeple these past years.

Bully: Saturn in Sagittarius

The danger this month with this transit is that people will use Saturn in Sagittarius (which square Venus in Virgo) to mock, oppress and punish a person trying to clear away the fog. People are also prone to sabotaging and undermining that same person who tries to bring out the truth (Neptune in Pisces). Sagittarius likes to bully Virgo, berating and belittling it. With Venus backing Virgo, this is a David and Goliath battle that Virgo can win.

Venus in Virgo: Karma Bites

But if this happens, there will be some retribution. You people in denial, hiding behind lies and manipulations will find oyourself abandoned by truly loing, honest people. Some of you will be exposed and publicly, for your behaviors. Those of you hiding in the dark assisting the liars and deluded folks with your silence will also lose some love.

Venus in Virgo is a pure love. Venus in the sign of Virgo wants the best in love and delusions, denials and sabotage is not tolerable.

We will likely see some wild stuff in the news during this transit. Don’t be shocked.

Venus in Virgo Transit

  • Aug 6th: square Mars in Sag (1°)
  • Aug 6th: opposite Pallas Rx in Pisces (1°)
  • Aug 8th: trine Ceres in Taurus (3°)
  • Aug 9th: sextile Juno in Scorpio (4°)
  • Aug 10th: sextile Vesta in Cancer (6°)
  • Aug 13th: square Saturn in Sag (9°)
  • Aug 13th: sextile Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio (9°)
  • Aug 14th: opposite Neptune Rx in Pisces (11°)
  • Aug 15th: conjunct the North Node (12°)
  • Aug 17th: trine Pluto Rx in Capricorn (15°)
  • Aug 24th: opposite Chiron Rx in Pisces (23°)
  • Aug 25th: inconjunct Uranus Rx in Aries (24°)
  • Aug 26th: inconjunct Pallas Rx in Aquarius (26°)
  • Aug 27th: conjunct Jupiter (27°)
  • Aug 29th: conjunct Mercury (29°)
  • Aug 29th: ingress Libra

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