Venus Square Sun: Avoiding The Hard Stuff

Venus Square Sun: Avoiding The Hard Stuff

I won’t think of it now. I’ll think of it later when I can stand it.

~Scarlett O’Hara, Gone With The Wind

scarlettohara-1It is summer time and the season when they sing of lazy, hazy days. That is a perfect description of Venus square Sun.

You know must do certain things and that there are deadlines but you do not feel like doing it. You have not interest in doing hard work, or any work. Everything around you is burning to the ground but you smile and say you will deal with it later. You only want to feel good — so you indulge yourself to protect yourself from the ugliness of reality. It may be sex, relationships, flirting, eating too much food  or spending money.

Venus square Sun is a natal placement that loves the good life and expects it to come easily. As a transit, this is a time when you may find yourself distracted and irritated by even the thought of anything that is not giving you pleasure. All you want is a good time. All you want is to feel good. Like Scarlett O’Hara you want to put those “nasty” thoughts like work, commitment, discipline, dealing with problems and facing obligations out of your head.

Scarlett’s entire way of life disappeared. Her house was burned down. The man she loved as a young girl married someone else. Her beloved father was traumatized into dementia. Her beloved mother died. She faced starvation and had to dig carrots out of the dirt with her hands to find something to eat.  Her daughter died and the man she later married who was her true love left her. Instead she made a dress out of the parlor drapes, said she would think about it later and carried onward. Today, that avoidance looks like saying “Uh-oh deadline/problem…time to buy a new set of golf clubs or eat a whole pie or spend a few days in bed. You are, as the Danes say “konfliktsky” – you don’t handle conflict well, even internal conflict, so you do anything possible to avoid the negative or bad feelings.

But since these things always karmically come back to haunt us through things like pulled muscles and weight gain, it is wiser to deal with the hard stuff. The Sun will still shine and if you work a few hours in it, you will actually enjoy it more in the long run.

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