Virgin, Mother and Wise Elder – September 28, 2015 – Aries Lunar Eclipse

Virgin, Mother and Wise Elder – September 28, 2015 – Aries Lunar Eclipse

The Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries on Sunday September 27, 2015 (EST) / Monday September 28, 2015 (CEST) is at 4 degrees Aries, in Aries decan 1. This lunar eclipse represents polarities within ourselves and between our partner and us.

The Moon represents our psychic, instinctual, sensitive and emotional side, or specifically, the woman in a relationship. The Sun is our ego, conscious self and pride, or the man in a relationship. This lunation is all about relationship dynamics and more specifically the role of women and the three feminine archetypes, the Virgin, the Wife/Mother and the Wise Woman/Elder  or Crone. The asteroids Juno and Vesta, plus Black Moon Lilith, align with either the Sun or Moon, giving the Triple Goddess theme to Lunar Eclipse September 2015.

Bluntly (and Aries likes directness) this lunation is one which provokes men to wrestle with the role or mix of roles they prefer in a female partner. Some woman is likely to be removed from their life because of this. Eclipses blot out or remove and lunar eclipses focus on female energy.

For women, this lunation is one in which they will come to understand how they greatly desire to be and identify with either the self-sufficient single Virgo, the partnering, nurturing and other-oriented Wife/Mother or the experienced, strong Wise Woman who has become and Elder/Crone in her sphere of influence. The struggle comes in balancing these desires through relationship dynamics. I use the word “struggle” because with Aries energy as the focus this is not going to be easy. There will be some blood shed! LOL – well, it is more like angry words coming from the heart will be expressed. However, the final result appears to be positive for you in your relationship if you have been doing the right thing all along.

This is when you could find yourself SUDDENLY with the man who is your soulmate because he just really “fits”. This is when in society the role of women will receive a boost through the ending of something masculine (patriarchy) that has been holding them back. Have you heard about the House of Representatives in the USA passing a bill to ban federal funding for Planned Parenthood for a year? It will be vetoed by President Barack Obama if it passes the full Congress; nevertheless, it it is a Saturn in Sagittarius attempt to restrict, limit and diminish a woman’s right and freedom to control her own body, sexuality and life. It is an attack on the Triple Goddess. The Full Moon lunar eclipse will empower the woman’s position and anyone standing up for it. This lunar eclipse also portends ROMANCE — particularly romance that has a strong element of karmic soul unions and long-term commitment. Something that was destined but which has been held back a long time will either suddenly come together and work or totally end.

Clearing Emotions

Whatever you began at the New Moon Solar Eclipse on September 13 can now be refined or brought to completion. It can be harvested now because you are able to look at it objectively while taking into consideration the emotions and needs of not only yourself, but others. Imbalances, deprivations and excesses can be clearly seen and addressed. The emotional baggage of the previous six months since March 2015 can be removed. The next six months, until March 2016, will be an experience of final change and the healing of broken hearts which have experienced great pain over 2015 and earlier.

Now you will understand how your relationship(s) went bad and how you can correct them with positive, healing, right actions.

Transits to the eclipse degree of 4º Aries will bring more noticeable experiences as events relating to the eclipse will likely occur.

The Struggle of Love and Intimacy

Relationship expectations and roles between you and your partner will be up for discussion at this eclipse. The healing of pain and brokenness will come through the clarity of acknowledging how different feminine archetypes play out within your relationships.

Women – How do you expect a boyfriend or husband to treat you? Are you seeking a Daddy, a lover or an equal intimate total partner in life? Is it time to accept a marriage proposal? How are you balancing being a wife, lover and mother?  Are you resisting letting your boyfriend/husband provide for you out of fear? As a woman do you consider yourself done with being a desirable, vital female and are settling in for a life as an old woman, an experienced wise elder or crone? Are you accepting or abdicating the societal responsibility to be a wise elder or crone?

Men – Who is your ideal girlfriend or wife?Is it time to make a marriage proposal – without making excuses? Are you providing something significant to your relationship? Are you still living in your mother’s house, feeding off your mother’s financial teat, being your mother’s substitute husband, looking for a woman to be your Mommy and financially support you (under the deceitful guise of equality), seeking a woman to be only a sexual release or are your a mature man looking for a woman to be your intimate intellectual, emotional and otherwise total partner in life? As an older man are you treating the woman in your life as though she not a desirable, life-giving, wise woman? As an older man are you not seeing the value of your crone partner?

Ask yourself these and other blunt questions and give yourself blunt and honest answers.

In that way you will bring completion and fullness to relationships in your life.

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