Virgo’s House Party (Buy A Dishwasher and Hire A Maid)

Virgo’s House Party (Buy A Dishwasher and Hire A Maid)

One summer in college I had this great apartment that was built on the top of a building — so it was a penthouse, with a deck and a view of the Charles River. Of course, it being college, my place became Party Central. Young, but chock full of Virgo, I let the party flow 24/7 and circled 1-2 times a day, cleaning the place. This is what we must do for the next year with Jupiter in Virgo

The forecast for sweet analytical, burdened, worried Virgo is good. In fact, the outlook is quite full of sunshine but there are some things to do in preparation for the party, dear sweet Virgos. Prepare and plan well and it will be a great year!


The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are all in Leo on Friday. Saturday Mercury leaves the Lion’s party and shifts into Virgo. Mars takes his place, however moving from Cancer to Leo at the same time. The roaring and feasting go on until Tuesday when a marvelous thing happens for Virgo.

The Harvest Queen Celebrates

On Tuesday, August 11, Jupiter leaves Leo and enters Virgo where it will expand and raise the roof on good times for the Queen of the Harvest until September 2016.
That puts Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo so it is strong. Now we will see the creativity, idealism and fanfare of the last year be put into action with hard work and brainstorming around creative solutions and artistic expression. Now we will see the ideas for books become actual books. Now we will see the ideas for films become actual films.

Jupiter in Virgo: Balance With Reality

Now we will see more realistic focus on maturity and not an imbalanced focus on youth — so much “Millennials are the most intelligent people ever to have existed and all their opinions are original new thought” bravado has been floating around for a year under Jupiter in Leo. I think we will see a shift to the hardworking Healing Generation (usually called Gen-X) who have lived in the reality of life and picked up the pieces after Baby Boomer’s went to excess on youth, beauty, environmental destruction, damaging financial practices and other ego concerns.

Jupiter in Virgo: Good Party Planning

Leo is only days away from a massive cleanup effort that will need to take place because in the last year of partying the walls were blown out, the roof was set no fire and it was a general bacchanal of ego. People got so ego-bloated at the end of Jupiter’s party in Leo’s house that Cecil the Lion was dramatically hunted, tortured, skinned and beheaded!! The dirt and garbage remains and a lot of cleaning up must be done after this year of a Jupiter in Leo party. It will be 12 long years of it!
Now everyone is preparing to move from Leo’s house party over to Virgos and Virgo has only a few days to get ready. So that means planning organization and preparation must be done. There will be work that needs to be done if Jupiter’s expansion, abundance and blessings are to be enjoyed to the full without causing harm and wounds.


The issue is that planets transiting the early degrees of Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces. This brings a scenario where people want to run away and escape the boring, details and the little things of life that need to be done (the mundane). But if you have a party and think the dishes will magically wash themselves or that you will later get more energy to wash them, you are lying (Neptune) to yourself. That is a delusion (Neptune).

When you have a party inevitably:

  •  the dirty dishes, glasses, cups, etc. must be washed
  • the rugs and floor need vacuuming and mopping
  • the bathrooms need to be frequently cleaned and restocked
  • the garbage must be put in secure bags and taken out


Jupiter in Virgo: Cleaning Time

Someone must do the mundane, hard work each day. That is the only way the party can flow. Those two summers, at any given time there were 10-30 people milling around and 4-6 dishwashersleeping over each night. I let my friends party and I would dance to the music while filling a garbage bag, sweeping, mopping the floor, running the dishwasher and washing some remaining dishes that I put back in the cupboard and running a vacuum. I let my guests party while I did my once a day planned cleanup, with the exception of cheerfully asking a male guest to help me carry everyone’s laundry to the laundromat around the corner so we wouldn’t have funky clothes stinking up the apartment. People chipped in for laundry money, food household essentials. I assured them I did not mind doing the cleanup and that I wanted them to have a good time. We all stayed in great spirit, partied 24/7 for three and a half months straight and enjoyed ourselves.

Chock full of Virgo that I am, it gave me pleasure to clean and organize for 40 minutes once a day while they danced, sang, smoked, barbequed, ate and drank, chatted, romanced, read books, listened to separate music with headphones, watched television etc. At the end of the day, the place was clean and fresh for the next day.This is what must happen with Jupiter and Mercury opposition Neptune in Pisces. Until the planets reach the mid degrees of Virgo, it is best to create and implement a plan:

  • have a great party and work with all the creative ideas that were generated during Jupiter in Leo
  • hire a maid to clean
  • buy a dishwasher
  • keep fire extinguishers handy

A Sample Plan

I will use myself as an example. This aspect of Neptune in Pisces Opposition means that I must have a plan to finish and publish all three children’s books I have in the pipeline which are planned to be completed by August 1, 2016. I must also organize the online courses, products and services I have planned that are divinely (Neptune) inspired concepts and ideas (Mercury)  and have a support plan behind them:

  1. It means I must either buckle down and stay tightly focused on the financial aspects OR hire a trustworthy assistant who will tend to the details.
  2. It means I must take care of personal hygiene  and environment and not begin letting my health care and personal care slip — so I must have a solid meal plan each day, grocery shop for it and make time to prepare the meals and eat OR find a way to have healthy meals prepared.
  3. It means I must make time for cleaning each day OR hire a maid to do it for me.
  4. It means I must stay on a schedule of working and leisure that does not allow things to get imbalanced.
  5. It means I must avoid promises/offer of ways to get the work done quicker, easier etc. They are delusions.
  6. It means I must have an emergency plan. If I go more than 2 days without taking care of personal hygiene (i.e. showering) or writing at at least 3 pages, I have an accountability buddy I can call.

Jupiter-Saturn: Planned Expansion

If you do not create structure and limitations (Saturn) and organize yourself (Virgo)  around this expansive (Jupiter) party you find out that too much freedom (Sagittarius) will cause you to suffer (Pisces). Saturn in Sagittarius will be square Jupiter in Virgo and that means hard work, strong effort and solid structures must be created around matters of health, work routines, faith and spirituality, higher education, justice issues, humaitarian concerns

Virgo is an Earth element. Stay grounded through hard work Use Mercury in Virgo to organize, write, create and produce. Get your hands into earth. Do some gardening, even if it is container gardening. Communicate with others to get the ideas out of your head. Join a Toastmasters group and practice public speaking. Volunteer with your church for something — maybe start a group around an interest of yours. Avoid people who even seem elusive, shady or dishonest.



Neptune will be handing over some inspiration. Spiritual work that transcends ego is always welcome. Think Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa


Some Final Wise Words

**Warning — if you do not take this advice seriously, one day soon you will find yourself stinky, disheveled, off-track and having not produced anything nor met your goals. Awakening to find you are in a pool of vomit and your house is a foul mess of funky clothes, drugged out dirty delusional, deceitful people, garbage bags being overflown by flies, dirty dishes and foul air is not what you want but what you will  get.


Make a plan now and stuck to the plan, no matter what happens. Have a raincoat and galoshes in case it rains.


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