Weekend Forecast: Expect The Unexpected – September 12, 2014

Weekend Forecast: Expect The Unexpected – September 12, 2014

virgobeauty-1A weekend of delays and changed plans, brilliance and innovation, inspiration for writing and having lively discussions and the energy of violence and upheaval! That is what is ahead of us with a void of course moon on Saturday and the Cardinal Grand Cross being set of with a punch from Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation/travel.

But remember that Mercury rules Virgo, and the Sun is still journeying through Virgo, the sign of orderliness, cleanliness, perfection, organization, details, and harvesting of results. Virgo energy will work to kep things moving along in an orderly fashion and to examine the details of situations as a measure to prevent things from getting out of control.

Moon in Taurus

The exalted Moon in Taurus that we have had since Thursday evening will remain until tomorrow when it moon goes void at 6:31 AM PT/ 9:31 AM ET / 3:31 PM CEST in Central Europe.  Luxury and pleasure is the name of the game when the Moon is in this sign. We like to treat ourselves and our partners well: dark chocolate, soft silky pillow and sheets, wine, lots of sex, beautiful art and objects and other earthy pleasures

Expect The Unexpected: Mercury Opposite Uranus/Pluto

Mercury opposite Uranus and Uranus square Pluto will set up more of the violence, upheaval, awakening, impulsive actions and words, unexpected news, anger/rage, accidents (especially fiery ones), chaos and change that we have seen since the Uranus/Pluto square began in June 2012. Now we have a terrifying global battle against terrorism with the ISIS terrorist organization. Expect the unexpected

At the same time, we could see brilliance and innovation step to the forefront so maybe there will be some news around technology, computer software or the internet. us also represents brilliance and innovation. With Mercury in play, it is a good weekend for writing that novel or non-fiction book, blogging, writing job applications or brainstorming ideas.

A Break in the Tension

Last but not least, Mars leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius, the sign of adventures, travel, positive attitudes, higher learning, philosophy and justice. We get a break in the tension that Mars in Scorpio has driven for the last six (6) weeks. Soon it will square Neptune in Pisces, and challenge us to speak the truth and do away with the delusions and lies we tell ourselves and others. Meanwhile, it will lighten up the energy this weekend.

Use the Sun in Virgo to help balance the energies of the weekend.

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