WEEKEND FORECAST: Navigating Dark Skies with Moon in Capricorn

WEEKEND FORECAST: Navigating Dark Skies with Moon in Capricorn

partywelcomeWe already know that something has had to come to an end in our life — be it a relationship, a job, or a situation. Saying goodbye is inevitable. We have already been given clear sign that the ending is now. It is better if we willingly release rather than have it wrenched from our grip in an angry manner. It is good to try to separate on amicable terms. What better way to to that, especially on a Friday evening, than with a “Bon Voyage Party”?

Right now we have a T-square of Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn (June 11-June 17)  with Uranus in Aries opposite Mars in Libra —  life feels rough and mean. The words we want to speak are harsh. The feelings inside us a very uncomfortable and deeply so.

For others, there may have been a completion of something this week. Something very positive may have come to fulfillment or here may have been a decision in your favor (such as a job promotion or a school graduation) and now you must close the door on that time of life .

What can you do?

You can turn on the music, set out the snacks and drinks, arrange the seating, clear space for a dance floor, turn on the party lights and gather family and friends. You can release all the negative feelings in a hot mess of a dance, and wash them away with a cool drink. You can break out the sparkling cider and dance like everyone is watching! You can immerse yourself in the pleasure of superficial party babble and storytelling. You can allow the good vibes to reveal to you that  win-win is possible when everyone has their freedom.

With Saturn in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces, we have a heavenly guarantee that there is healing available for all situations and an opportunity to rebuild another, different situation or relationship.

Navigating Dark Skies

The sky outside us is also the sky within us. That is, what is happening in the Universe is also happening within us. We are interconnected and affected.  The weekend is challenging with the dark skies of the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries at the head of a T-square with Mars in Libra opposite it and square to the Moon and Pluto. It is dark skies. But we have guidance through it.

Moon in Capricorn

When we have Moon in Capricorn, we tend to be more serious, even to the point of depression. We do not want family and friends around us and we desire to be solitary, (to have our dark funk alone). At the same time, we are willing during this time to work hard, especially to achieve a common goal.  Hard work is, in fact, an innate Capricorn skill and it empowers the ability to push past obstacles such as depression, disappointment and despair. This is a time when having meetings is good, as well as working with collaborators, doing traditional rituals and customs and taking control of a situation – especially your life. (Not taking control of another person to force them to be in your life or be who you want them to be!)

The best position is to remain open, be friendly, be ready to form new relationships based on allowing others to have their freedom and be themselves. Stop trying to control others and forcing them to be who you want the to be or sefl-defensively attacking them (slander, badmouthing, sabotage etc) when they do not bow to your control. Under a Sag Moon influence they could verbally rip your head off your shoulders and go bowling with it.

This weekend, be gentle with yourself, stay active in some outdoor activities even if only walking, and keep a gratitude journal to maintain some positive focus. You could also keep a regular journal to write down the darker feelings and maybe the conclusions you come to because of it — but do not spend a long time dwelling in a harsh angry space.  With Uranus in Aries at the top of this T-square, we may want to shock someone or shed their blood (Uranus in Aries) even if we express it only with thinly veiled angrily polite words or passive-aggressive behavior (Mars in Libra). Aries does not like to be controlled and wants to be allowed the freedom to be independent and with Uranus in Aries, revolutionary or radical.

We want to dig deep and get dirty about the relationship or situation, feeling we deserve better or are owed something. However no one owes us anything, in a sense. We cannot manipulate someone into staying with us. loving us, talking to us, associating with us etc. The Full Moon in freedom-loving Sagittarius is letting us know that as a lead-in to the weekend. The Moon in Capricorn on Saturday and Sunday will take us through some depression, despair and doldrums if we are not careful.

You can relieve the pressure by turning the T-square on its head. Party and dance on Friday night and release that rough energy (but do not party too hard!!). Get up early Saturday morning and get walking or running. Make arrangements to meet people to do some strenuous physical activities (work off that Moon and Pluto in Capricorn energy)  where you can hit things — HARD.

Jupiter in Cancer

Use the joyful, expansive, free-flowing energy of Jupiter in Cancer to find ways to make home, family and good friends a source of comfort in this time when you feel abandoned and disappointed. Create a group social activity (Libra) like a movie night featuring comedy or adventure films. Have family or friends gather for a Sunday Game Night. Have a group cooking evening with dinner, or just a potluck. Keep a journal and write those deep rough feelings on paper. By the time the weekend ends and you climb in bed on Sunday evening. you will be tired but on an even keel. When the Moon in Aquarius comes on Monday, you will feel the fresh air of freedom and release you have also set yourself free for a new beginning!

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