WEEKEND FORECAST: You Don’t Always Need to Share the Pain

WEEKEND FORECAST: You Don’t Always Need to Share the Pain

goldzodiac-2What a beautiful day!

The Short Report:

Look to get some good news today as Jupiter conjoins Mercury in Leo!  That means plenty of commuication, energy, activity and expansion and a party mood for this Saturday.

Some might have a bit of a challenging time because Mars in Scorpio will square Jupiter and Mercury in Leo. Venus in Cancer is also square the Moon in Libra, which is on a long void today. 

Someone might feel likely spitefully raining on other people’s parade and may be irritated at someone else seeming to be hogging the spotlight and/or talking too much of too flamboyantly. But hey, lighten up and it will be a good day for all. You don’t always need to share the pain. If you feel that irritated because of your own deep stuff, go home and be alone.

Other people have a right to be superficial some of the time.

It is a good day to read, study, speak and write…as well as attend presentations, lectures and classes.

The Long Version

The moon went void of course in Venus-ruled Libra, the sign of marriage and partnership, Friday night and will be so for 24 hours until 7:57 pm PT / 10:57 pm ET / 4:57 am CEST Sunday August 3 in Central Europe. At that point it enters the passionate and intense water sign of Scorpio.

Venus is in Cancer right now, and Venus in Cancer is a VERY sensitive placement. It brings Venus square to the Moon in Libra and with a long void of course moon on Libra, is means nothing happens in love, money, romance, partnership…things you value. It gets temporarily put on hold.

With the moon void all day and night on August 2nd, you must be very flexible with your Venusian ideas and plans about partnership marriage, relationships, romance, finances, art, beauty, and love. Things simply are going to be ON HOLD and not go as planned. What seems to be happenng on Friday…if it did not happen by Friday night, forget about it — at least for now. There sill be no point in pushing it on Saturday because it will not change. Void=nothing and nothing will happen. Let it resume on Sunday.

When the Moon is void of course, do nothing. Yes, relax, Do nothing. Lay out, read a book, make no plans except to stay put and relax. Pray, meditate, sunbathe, take baths and cook showers. Swim. Take mud baths. Play games. 

Put everything important, like contracts, agreements, plans etc on hold until 8:00 pm PT / 11:00pm ET / 2:00 am CEST — meaning ,forget about it until Sunday after a good Saturday night’s sleep.

Get involved in lighthearted social events and let life just “be”.

There will be plenty to talk about and lots of Venusian socialization happening on Saturday because Mercury, which governs thoughts, communication and travel, will cozy up onto Jupiter’s lap in the sign of Leo. Jupiter is all about blessings, expansion, abundance, enthusiasm and doing things big  so it is a prime time for a party. People with Sun in Gemini and Sun in Virgo will especially benefit from this fortunate and expansive energy. It is great for meeting new people.

Enjoy this lazy, hazy, crazy day of summer, summer summertime! It’s time to sit back and unwind on August 2nd!

Venus in Cancer trine Moon in Scorpio will occur once the Moon changes signs and that is a WONDERFUL aspect. Sunday looks good! With Venus and the Moon in a water sign, things are more likely to get emotionally deep and connected on Sunday and Monday. Since it occurs late Saturday night (overnight Sunday morning for Central Europe) just let things ride until Sunday morning. Do not give up hope, get angry and frustrated or say something you have even a small possibility of regretting on Sunday. 

Call me if you have something on your mind or need to vent a bit because you cannot move forward with some plans or desires. Then afterwards, with some good insight and advice, you can move on to enjoy yourself!

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