WEEKEND TAROT (August 24, 2012) – 9 of Pentacles

WEEKEND TAROT (August 24, 2012) – 9 of Pentacles

WEEKEND TAROT (August 24, 2012) – 9 of Pentacles. This is a magnificent card to have appear when you have financial questions or situations in your life! If you have been dealing with financial issues this is guidance to you about how things will begin to change this weekend.

9 of Pentacles. The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. Used by permission.Some of us have attained great success and material wealth and other abundance through hard work and planning. Now you can enjoy it, even to the point where you might feel a bit bored by the lifestyle it affords you. Rest, take joy in the peace of not having to work so hard or of being able to pay the things you want to pay so you can be financially free.

This card also warns that you should be careful not to overvalue work or money in place of your family and friends. Remember that abundance is about having richness in all areas of life, not only money!

The good life is a good thing. You know the phrase “filthy rich? Eliminate it from your vocabulary and thought. Money is not dirty. Money is GOOD.  It is an exchange of energy. You pay it to get a service and you receive it to give a service. It empowers you to buy things which expand your enjoyment of life and expansion in the universe if a good thing.

This card may also indicate you are close to completing something you must complete and so you must have a little more confidence, a little more determination and put in a little more hard work –but the fruits of your labor are about to appear and you will be able to rest and put your feet up, soon.

Surround yourself with flowers and get out in nature. Surround yourself with beautiful things and enjoy life!

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