Weekly Tarot: What is Needed for Success?

Weekly Tarot: What is Needed for Success?

May have asked me what they can do to be successful under this New Moon solar eclipse in Taurus. That led to me to do a Tarot consultation for the collective, asking the question “What is necessary in order to be successful under the energy of the New Moon solar eclipse in Taurus?”
Here are the cards:



The first card is Death, the second card is the 7 of Swords and the third card is the Queen of Swords

The first card is not surprising. The Death card is not about literal death. It is about releasing and letting things die or come to an end.That make room for transformation and new life. New beginnings and new life come from death. The second card, the 7 of Swords, is about communication and spirit. It shows someone stealing from someone who is looking directly that them. Its a forewarning about things. It says that you should keep your eyes open and be conscious and alert about everything around you. Communicate clearly about any new deals, and make sure you are getting your fair share rather than one person taking more then they deserve. The final card, the Queen of Swords, signifies being happy, confident and capable in your own right. She is capable because she uses good reasoning and organization, efficiency, and strength of mind.  Do not have blind trust but do not be overly critical and distrustful. Analyze things before taking action.

So, what is needed for success these next two weeks?

  • Release the past
  • Be alert and aware of who and what you are involved with in your new beginning
  • Use good reason, organization and strength of mind before taking action

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